Show Us Your Books (June 2022): Anastasia, Graphic Novels + Pride Giveaways

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Show Us Your Books: June 2022 

My thoughts from Instagram: The Power of Fun: How To Feel Alive Again by Catherine Price was one of my book club reads in May. ⁣

I think the premise is really interesting- and I do believe that finding True Fun in your life is important. 🥳⁣

My favorite parts are the examples she shared from other people and how they found fun in their life. ⁣

However, it felt a bit too repetitive and that slowed things down. ⁣

copy for review; all opinions are my own

I think most people have heard of Anastasia Romanov, but to be honest, I don’t really know a lot about her actual history. Daughters of a Dead Empire takes place in 1918 Russia, where once again, Anastasia survives the assassination against her family. She meets a girl named Evgenia, who agrees to help her find safety for a diamond that would go to great lengths in helping her family.

Their journey together is not always easy, and they often find themselves in very real danger, since Anastasia is still being hunted. Evgenia doesn’t know Anastasia is the Tsar’s daughter – as she’s very pro-communism and probably wouldn’t have helped Anastasia if she knew. However, I liked that they two slowly begin to understand each other’s point of views and see the world through different eyes. I also liked that I got to learn a bit more about this time period and Anastasia, though obviously the main story is fiction.

4 stars.

I really enjoyed this graphic novel about Miles Morales. He’s a Spiderman, but Peter Parker still exists in this world as the main Spiderman. I liked how the author brought in the earthquakes that hit Puerto Rico, and how even in Brooklyn, the shock waves affect a lot of people. There is a mystery throughout the book where one of Miles’ new classmate’s dads goes missing. It’s a quick, fun read, and I’d definitely check out more adventures with Miles.

Pet is a really fascinating YA book. I don’t know if you’d call it fantasy or magical realism, but it follows a transgender girl named Jam, who ends up bringing a creature from her mother’s paintings to life. This creature is named Pet, and he tells her that her town has a monster that it needs to hunt, and that monster lives in her friend Redemption’s house.

It’s a relatively quick, but very powerful read. Pet tackles some tough topics so definitely check out trigger warnings. I think it’s handled – and written – well though. A great book any time, but definitely during Pride Month!

I absolutely loved this sequel to Marion Lane and the Midnight Murder.  The book takes place in 1950’s London and Marion Lane is Inquirer apprentice, essentially learning to be a private investigator of sorts, though the company she works for is pretty secret among even most law enforcement. In this second book, Marion is getting notes telling her that one of the new apprentices isn’t who they seem to be and then she’s also put on a case that she has to keep relatively quiet. I really enjoy these books. They are kind of like cozy mysteries in a sense, and it’s fun to read about Marion doing this job in the time period the book is set. I do recommend!


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12 responses to “Show Us Your Books (June 2022): Anastasia, Graphic Novels + Pride Giveaways

  1. I have heard really good things about Pet. I enjoyed The Death of Vivek Oji by the same author, and want to read more from them. I checked out the Spiderman graphic novel for Jona recently, but he had a lot of other books so didn’t get to it–I may try again, I think he would love it!

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