Glossies Made Me Do It: Smoothie Project

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Welcome back to the first Glossies Made Me Do It of 2020! I’ve changed the link-up to the Second Friday of Every Month. I love reading magazines and I subscribe to quite a few every year, which is how this link-up was born. Has a magazine inspired you lately – think about something, read something, try something, etc.? Whatever you want to share, you’re welcome to join!

Health Magazine: January/February 2020

I think this is the only new magazine that I subscribed to for this year. My work gets this one and I’ve enjoyed flipping through it there, so I figured it would be fun to get it at home. I like that it focuses on a variety of health topics, but it’s not preachy or designed to make you feel like you need to be a size 0 – which I will never be.

Glossies Made Me Do It: Smoothie Project

In the magazine, there is a section called Health Book Club and it focuses on four cookbooks that help with different aspects of your health. The one that really stuck out to me was Smoothie Project by Catherine McCord – they have this one labeled under “To Reboot Your Daily Diet.” I’ve been thinking of trying to drink smoothies for awhile now, especially since I know it’s a good way to get some veggies in my diet. I’m not a vegetable person – not really – so if I can drink something that tastes good, but is also helping my diet, then I’m in.

This cookbook sounds like a great way for me to learn more about smoothies and how they can benefit me, as well as get some recipes to try. I tried finding this at my local library, but they don’t seem to have it, so unfortunately, I don’t have a more in-depth review. I do want to try and buy this cookbook when I have the money though, and once I do, I’ll be sure to write more about it and what I think of the recipes.

Have you heard of this cookbook? Do you drink smoothies, and if so, do you have any recipes that work for you? I’m open to ideas! I have an older blender, so getting a new one will also be on my list of things for this year – I know they can be costly though, so we’ll see when that happens. Hopefully my old one will suffice until then! What blenders do you have, and would you recommend? 

I actually read about Smoothie Project in another magazine, so it seems to be a popular recommendation choice. A lot of my monthly magazines focused on health and New Year’s Resolutions – eating better, moving more, etc. and since these are things I want to do more of in 2020, it’s been interesting to see all the tips and ideas!

Alright, it’s your turn! Have you read anything in a magazine lately that you want to talk about? Link up posts below, or share in the comments!

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20 responses to “Glossies Made Me Do It: Smoothie Project

  1. I’m kind of with Sam on this one in that I’ve never been much of a smoothie person. I know many (most?) smoothies are basically meal replacements but I feel like I need to actually chew/eat something for it to count as an actual meal. Drinking my calories has never appealed to me. On the flipside, I know some smoothies can be super healthy. I hope the new ideas work for you!

  2. I drink smoothies as a way to kind of get back on track and jump start my weight loss. Only drink them for one meal, usually lunch. And I use a protein powder mixed with fruits and baby spinach, which has no taste when it is blended with the protein powder and fruit. Amazon has a lot of different protein powder flavor options. In the winter I tend to use chocolate or choc-peanut butter. In the summer, when fresh fruit is better, I use a strawberry protein powder. And I just have a standard blender – no Bullet or juicer – to mix it in.

    Leslie Susan Clingan recently posted: Creative Writing 01.2020: Short Story Prompt
  3. I definitely should be making more smoothies or soups in my blender! I invested in a really good one a few years ago with the intention to be more creative in the kitchen and I haven’t really done anything other than make shakes which doesn’t really require a solid blender anyway. I have never really subscribed to magazines in the past, but this year I subscribed to the New Yorker!

  4. I love smoothies, but they are so hard to handle. .. like, I cant take a blender to work. if I make them early & take to work, they’re all like “deflated” at lunch time. I enjoy them though – just when I can get to drink one.

  5. I haven’t heard of this cookbook but I do make smoothies sometimes. I have a harder time with recipe books because they rely on orange juice or citrus a lot & I can’t have that anymore.

    I use hemp or oat milk a lot and dragon fruit is yummy in smoothies.

    I have the Ninja blender because the Vitamix was out of my price range. It works really good and crushes ice. I had an inexpensive one before and it had trouble with the ice.

    I also have The Art of the Smoothie Bowl cookbook but haven’t tried anything. it had some fun combinations I want to try though.

    Do you like roast vegetables? That’s how I eat most of mine.

    Karen @ For What It’s worth

  6. I used to love smoothies! I haven’t really had one in a long time though. I especially love them in the summer with fresh fruit, yum. I might have to get back to it, especially since we started making our own yogurt!

  7. I rarely read magazines these days but I just heard about this cookbook on a podcast I listen to and I immediately put it on hold at the library. I got a Ninja blender for Christmas so I’m hoping to try out some new smoothie recipes!

  8. I’m actually anti-smoothie… Or be super super cautious with smoothies. They’re a whole load of calories without substance so they don’t make you feel full for very long and thus can lead to weight gain. They also tend to be packed full of sugars because of all the fruit in them… Then that has implications with acid-erosion and your teeth…

    I know there are many different kinds of smoothies. I know you can add protein and fibre to them so they’re not just fruit/veg juicey puree but I like chewing my food not drinking it…

    That said, I DO wish you luck. Finding something that works for you is super important and if you think this could be a good choice for you you should give it a try! I look forward to seeing what you think of it all as you try the recipes.

  9. I have a Ninja blender and love it! It was expensive, but has lasted a long time. Just know that the blades are really sharp! When I was washing by hand I cut myself a couple different times when I wasn’t careful enough. I love smoothies. Need to make more of them! My latest thing is that I bought a bacon cookbook magazine and made a yummy breakfast casserole recipe from it.

    Lisa Mandina (Lisa Loves Literature) recently posted: Blog Tour Review: Just Kidding (SWAT Generation 2.0 #1) by Lani Lynn Vale
  10. I’m on a raw fruits and veggies cleanse right now, so I’ve been having a lot of smoothies. I think they are a great way to sneak in more veggies in to your diet. I have a bullet and it works really well for making smoothies. This sounds like a great magazine!

  11. I really enjoy smoothies in the summertime! One of my coworkers has a smoothie every morning for breakfast… I’ve been interested in trying that as well, but I get up much earlier than my husband and I don’t think he’d appreciate the loud blending that early.

    Erica Metcalf recently posted: My 2020 Literary Horoscope

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