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Love Arcade is a Pop/Alternative band out of Detroit, Michigan. With dance-y beats and members that often sport angel wings during shows; this is one band that shows they like to have fun. Lauren talked to vocalist Snowhite Christian, who was more than willing to answer some questions for us!

SSM: On your myspace, it says that you all like to receive mix c.d.’s. Do fans often make them for you? What are some of the songs people put on them?

Snowhite: Yes definitely! They put a lot of the bands that we play with on the cds! heh heh

SSM: Your name is actually Christian, so where did Snowhite come from? Which one do most people refer to you as?

Snowhite: snowhite came from a nickname i had in high school. I think its half n half on what people call me!

SSM: So, what exactly are the wings all about? You have them all over the album, website, in the Passenger video, and you even wear them live. Is there a specific reason for them?

Snowhite: Its just the imagery of the name snowhite in my mind

SSM: You all came in second place for the Stage Contest. Was being able to play Warped Tour a big thing for the band?

Snowhite: Yea we were very excited for the oppurtunity!

SSM: Where did the name Love Arcade come from?

Snowhite: My hippie aunt gave us a whole sheet of name ideas and that was the first one. We didnt even look at any of the other names! heh heh heh

SSM: Any interesting stories from being out on tour? What is one of the nicest or funniest things a fan has ever given you?

Snowhite: Yea we got lots of gifts but the best are the pictures of us that are drawn by fans they’re always so good and realistic! i love it!

SSM: If you had to describe your music in one word, what would it be?

Snowhite: inconsistent! heh heh heh

SSM: What is one of the best things about being in a band?

Snowhite: being able to play shows! of course! heh heh

SSM: I love how the Passenger video looks. Who came up with the treatment for it? What is your favorite out of all the videos?

Snowhite: thank you so much! i did that video all myself! it took me a very long time and its def my favorite!

SSM: What can people expect when they see a Love Arcade show?

Snowhite: A black eye.

SSM: One of my favorite songs is Moses. Do you find a lot of the fans having the same favorite song? What would it be for you, out of your own songs?

Snowhite: a lot of fans like different songs. its crazy how many different favorites there are! my favorite would have to be passenger!

SSM: In the C.D. booklet, you only have certain lines for each song instead of all of the lyrics. Why is this and why did you include the parts you did?

Snowhite: Its The Chorus’ because thats the most important part of the song

By: Lauren and Ashley

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