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If you’ve been reading my blog recently then you know that I tried to see the new Spider-Man film the day it came out, but there was a bad storm and all the power went out at my local theater. However, I finally went back this past Saturday and saw the movie with my mom, dad, and sister. End result? We all loved it!

Tom Holland isn’t a complete newcomer, but I assume, like me, most of you didn’t know him until you saw the last Captain America film. His version of Peter Parker/ Spider-Man is back in Spider-Man: Homecoming and he’s just as fantastic in a feature length film. Holland has an easy-going, likeable quality about him, that is essential when playing geeky high schooler Peter Parker. What I especially love about Holland is that he’s young – around 19 when he got the role, I believe – and he pulls off a 15 year-old well. I appreciated that a lot because it made some of the other non Spider-Man related plot points more intriguing and believable, like Parker falling for an older girl or being teased by his Aunt May.

Another great aspect of this film is the villain, played wonderfully by Michael Keaton. What is so interesting to me about this villain is that he’s someone people could probably relate to. He starts out as a construction worker, who is forced off a job he put money into because Tony Stark wants to clean up the mess the superheroes made. Sure, it might sound like a nice idea, but like I said, Keaton’s character already got trucks and more men for the job…and now he’s out. Because of superheroes. You can see where this is going. So, yes, he’s someone I could empathize with to an extent, even if I didn’t agree with what he ultimately does throughout the movie.

Along with Holland and Keaton is a fantastic cast of secondary characters. I feel like everyone did an amazing job. Zendaya, as MJ, doesn’t have a huge role in this one, but I can’t wait to see more from her in a sequel. She adds a lot of humor in Homecoming, not that it’s lacking in humor. I’m always a fan of the superhero films that can keep me laughing, and this was definitely one. Plus, we get some Tony Stark here and there, and he’s always bringing a chuckle wherever he goes.

I really enjoyed this one! It’s got action, humor, friendships, and a nice dose of life through the eyes of a teenager. It’s a superhero film for all ages.

18 responses to “Movie Review of Spider-Man: Homecoming

  1. RO

    I’m a hardcore fan of Superheroes so I was thrilled to hear about this new release. I love them so much that I collect action figures and other memorabilia which includes Spider Man. I love, love, love Michael Keaton who’s such a great actor. Every time I see him in interviews he’s funny and so laid back, and of course he was brilliant as Batman. I’m glad you all had fun and enjoyed the movie! Hugs…

  2. Jen

    My teen daughter and her friends are sooo in love with Tom Holland right now. I think wall posters are the next stage… I loved the movie too!

    • Yeah, we’ve had a lot of Spider-Man reboots. I think the reasoning behind this one is that they wanted a new Spider-Man connected to the Avengers, so they needed someone new for that as opposed to using Andrew Garfield again.

  3. I haven’t seen this movie yet but I feel like I’ll love it more than the others. Mainly because the actor (like you said) was still a teen when he got the role. I’m tired of watching 30 something year olds play teenagers. Plus, his take on Peter Parker seems more true to the comic book version and less forced liked previous movies.

    Kristin (Book Sniffers Anonymous) recently posted: Sneak Peek Wednesday: The Special Ones by Em Bailey [Giveaway]
  4. Sounds like a really great movie! I’ll admit–Superhero movies aren’t always my thing, but Bryan took me to see Deadpool when it came out (HELLOOOOOO, Ryan Reynolds!<3) and I was shocked by how much I enjoyed it. I'll have to look for this one, too! Glad you enjoyed with your family and that you were finally able to get in 🙂

  5. I did not realize that Michael Keaton plays the villain in this! I have been wanting to see Spider Man Homecoming since it was released but haven’t had a chance. Now I DEFINITELY have to go!

  6. Grace @ Rebel Mommy Book Blog

    I’ve only heard good things about this one!! Definitely on my must see list!

  7. I haven’t seen it yet, but was wondering if it was too over done. I am glad to hear you like it! I will put it on my must see list!

  8. So glad this was a hit for you! (Especially after it taking two tries to see it.) I rarely go see movies – and I’m not into the superhero movies – but this sounds like a lot of fun. And I had no idea Michael Keaton was in it. Haven’t seen him in a long time!

    Tanya @ Girl Plus Books recently posted: This or That Book Tag
  9. I didn’t even realize Michael Keaton was in this. I guess I hadn’t paid too much attention since it seems like we’ve had so many versions of Spiderman out there in recent years. This does sound good though. Might take my son to go see it. Glad you enjoyed it!

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