Summer Movie Roundup: Blended to 22 Jump Street

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Today is the first official day of summer. In honor of that, I wanted to share some quick thoughts about the last four movies I saw in case you are interested in checking them out too!


Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler are both single parents who end up on a blind date together, though the outcome is not great. They wind up in Africa on separate family vacations, that are really together, and have to come to some kind of understanding in order to enjoy themselves. This was a sweet romance, and I liked their kids as well and how they had their own “stories” within the main story. It really is a blended film of families coming together.

The Fault in Our Stars

I saw this one at midnight with a friend and my sister and we all loved it. I think John Green is a fantastic storyteller and he really makes you feel for his characters. Therefore, having the movie stay so close to the book really did it justice. Most of you will cry if you see this, regardless of whether you have read the book beforehand or not. It’s just a very emotional film. But it’s also about living life, loving those around you, and being a good friend. I would definitely pay to see this again in theaters.

X-MEN: Days of Future Past

To be honest, I haven’t seen the original X-MEN trilogy…however, I did see X-MEN: First Class so I was really excited to see the two worlds meet. Now that I’ve seen that, I really need to go back and watch the original films. Regardless, I think you could see and enjoy this movie if you’ve only seen First Class, but it will make you want to learn more about the future characters. The basic idea is that the future X-MEN are being killed off easily by a new weapon. They send Wolverine into the past to stop the moment where these weapons truly become the menace that will eliminate them. If he succeeds, the future will drastically change…as well as the past. Again, I really enjoyed this one. It was a longer film, but it keeps your interest. I saw it on father’s day with my sister and parents and everyone liked it. It’s a big deal if it keeps my mom’s attention since she doesn’t watch a lot of superhero/action films, so the fact that she really enjoyed it is a good sign!

22 Jump Street

I loved 21 Jump Street, so I was really excited to see the sequel. Now we all know that comedies don’t always come out with the best sequels, but I did enjoy this one. 21 Jump Street is still my favorite, but I thought the sequel was funny in a lot of places and Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum just work really well together. I’d see them in anything together, pretty much. The overall storyline is basically the same, except the boys are in college this time. The joke throughout the movie is basically about the “second time being the same but less so.” Of course this is a play on sequels in general, and not just the previous case. Anyway, I would recommend if you’re really excited to see the movie. Otherwise, it would be a good one to rent. I’m glad to have seen it in theaters though. It was fun!

26 responses to “Summer Movie Roundup: Blended to 22 Jump Street

  1. So I've only seen The Fault in Our Stars and it was such an emotional rollercoaster! I went and saw it with a friend and she said she loved it even more than the book.

    Lovely reviews! <33

  2. I really enjoyed TFiOS and though I've yet to see the previous X-Men movies, I'm glad this one was excellent — I've heard the same from critics as well. Lovely reviews!(:

  3. I can't wait to watch X-MEN: Days of Future Past! I really want to re-watch the trilogy at some point. Also looking forward to 22 Jump Street, the first movie was a great laugh!

  4. I love Sandler and Barrymore together, they are such a fun team.

    I want to see all of these but I know most of them I will be waiting until they come out on DVD.

  5. I loved The Fault in Our Stars, too! I've seen it twice and both times it was amazing.

    I'm curious about X-Men, too. I haven't seen any of the movies, but this sounds like it'd be a good one to start with. The plot definitely seems pretty cool 🙂

  6. Oh such great list. I'll go to see TFIOS soon and I cannot wait. I'm dying to see it. I watched X-Men last night but the original trilogy. I still haven't seen this one. Great post, Lauren 🙂

  7. I would like to see TFOOS even though I hate sad movies/books because I've heard it's excellent. I'm happy to hear you felt the same way. I loved the X-Men series. I still need to catch up with the last movie, but I'm usually a fan of superhero movies! Great reviews, Lauren! 🙂

  8. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on these.

    Whilst the first and film don't really appeal I'm hoping we'll get to see the other two hopefully at the pictures but if not then on DVD but first I have to read the Fault In Our Stars.

  9. I'm looking forward to Blended because Drew Barrymore usually guarantees a good time! Love her! And I'm excited about the new X-men movie but will have to wait until it hits cable as no one else wants to see it with me and I hate going to the movies alone.

  10. I saw the original X Men trilogy and was still confused, aha. Agree that it keeps your interest! I haven't seen the first 21 Jump Street but I want to-I love a good comedy.

  11. I loved TFIOS and I'm really excited to see X-Men! I haven't finished the original movies but I did see First Class so I think I'll still be able to enjoy it. Lovely reviews!

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