Supernatural and the Definition of Family

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In the series pilot, Dean and Sam Winchester lose their mother to a demon. At the beginning of Season 2, the brothers face an equally tragic loss when their father, John, sacrifices himself to save his children. Throughout the season both brothers deal with this loss while coming to terms with what it means to be a family through humor. What does family mean to you? Feel free to share a funny story about something that brought your family closer together.

I don’t really have a funny story of something that brought our family together. I know that I have a pretty great family though, and I’m super  close to some of them. What does family mean to me though? More than anything, it means people that are there for you no matter what and with who you  can be your complete self. My mom always says your home is meant to be your sancturary, and a big part of that is the people that inhabit it.

We might not have amusing stories of togetherness, but we do like to have fun and be together. I suppose one slightly funny story would be the time we woke up in the middle of the night…say around 3 or so…and we all went to Perkins. We ate a complete mail, hung out, and just talked. It was fun and goofy. We went home, watched a bit of TV, and went back to bed. The place is open 24 hours…why not have fun with that sometime? I recommend it!

What are your thoughts on the family and/or good memories?

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4 responses to “Supernatural and the Definition of Family

  1. Hang on. Stop the presses. I've never seen the show, but isn't the guy on the right Rory's boyfriend from Gilmore Girls? If yes, then I definitely have to see this show. Or, you know, own it. Whatever. 🙂

  2. I love the Supernaturals. If they are not brothers in this show, I'd mistaken their characters as gay, and that would be too bad, so i am glad they are brothers.
    I love Dean.

    I am not close to any of my siblings, it is sometimes sad but I learned to live with it. I am close to my in-laws, though 🙂

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