That Time of the Month: TomBoxes Review

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TomBoxes Review

By Lauren

Source: box sent for review; all opinions are my own

Review: TomBoxes is a subscription service for that time of the month – so it’s obviously only available for the ladies! I love the idea because you not only get what you need (your choice of pads or tampons) you also receive fun items that you would want (jewelry, makeup, etc.). It’s a win-win!

What I really like about this service is that they offer brands that you already know and love. Instead of going to the store every month, have your choice of feminine care sent to you. As you can see from the above photo, I chose Playtex, but they also offer the following:


Now that you’ve seen the needed item, it’s time to dig in and see what fun “wants” you have been given too. This is what the bottom of my box looked like before I opened everything up. Nicely packaged- and I like the felt bags!

The gray bag had these cute bracelet/hair ties. You wear them on your wrist until you need to pull your hair up. I’ve seen these around before but never owned any, so it was cool to get a couple colors in my box!

The black bag contained these simple, silver earrings. My ears aren’t pierced, which I probably should have told the company, but it’s okay! My sister said she would love these. Another great thing about TomBoxes is that you tell the company your fashion/jewelry type so they can customize what they sent you. I let them know that I am pale and relatively simple with fashion.

I opened up the final little box (lovingly labeled Beautiful.) to find a mix of fun beauty items. I like the various chapstick and lip balm – definitely good for this time of the year and easy for someone like me who doesn’t wear a ton of makeup. Please click the picture for a close-up look at everything that was included!

Some final, brief information:

-they only ship to the U.S.
-you can buy a one-time box for $24
-their standard tombox is $16 a month
-when you want to subscribe, you will go through a quick quiz first (to determine beauty/fashion type)
-please read all the FAQ’s for more information


I thought this was a really handy subscription box! Who actually enjoys going to the store every month to get what you need? This makes it a lot easier, plus you get some additional fun items to hopefully make things seem a bit brighter. I think this would be a great subscription box to get a younger girl who might just be starting her period, as long as you don’t mind her wearing a bit of makeup, etc. Maybe it will make it less scary for her!

15 responses to “That Time of the Month: TomBoxes Review

  1. Talk about originality! And you know, now that you mention it, I do tend to be a bit conscious when I am at the store purchasing my feminine products πŸ˜› Plus, who wouldn't like the additional pampering of makeup and glitz anyway? πŸ˜‰

  2. So many subscription boxes I've never heard of! I do like the idea of this, what a great way to kind of have an uplifting thing come about at that time of the month.

  3. Well, this is certainly original! I wish I could come up with ideas like this, I could make good money πŸ˜‰

    I don't think this would be useful for me since I don't get my period (I mean, I am not complaining, but I imagine it also is not a healthy thing? I digress.)

    BUT I love your idea about it for a younger teen! That would be AWESOME. I know I felt SO awkward when I had to ask someone to go buy tampons, so talk about a great way to make a "newbie" feel better about this! Plus, maybe I wouldn't have been so mad if I was getting cool gifts every month πŸ˜‰

    Seriously, this is so cool! I really hope this sort of thing still exists when my daughter needs it. Thanks for sharing, I LOVE you getting these boxes to review (and I am sure you do too πŸ˜€ )
    Shannon @ It Starts At Midnight

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