The Lunar Chronicles…So Far

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The Lunar Chronicles (Cinder, Scarlet, and Cress) by Marissa Meyer

Review by Lauren

source: copies from library; all opinions are my own

Review: I assume most of you have at least heard about Cinder. If not, the basic idea is that this is the future, and Cinder lives in New Beijing. She’s also a Cyborg. While Cinder is the main character, each book focuses on a new female character that will help save Earth from the destructive nature of Levana, the Queen of Luna (a country on the moon). After Cinder, we get Scarlet and then Cress. All the books are told in third person and follow a mix of point of views. The book Cinder is mostly about her, but with each new book, you start to get even more point of views, from the girls to Kai (New Beijing’s Emperor).

Normally these books might not stick out to me as something to read, because I haven’t really read that many fairytale retellings. However, I had read so many reviews of this series and I eventually realized that I had to check these out, and I’m so glad I did because these books are fantastic. I love books told in first-person, as I feel you get to know the characters better, but third-person really worked for this series. You still feel connected to everyone, but you also are able to learn a lot more about this world and the characters within it without being relegated to just one point of view, like most first-person novels.

As I mentioned above, these books are based around fairy tales and I loved that. Each book is broken up into sections and at the start of them you get a quote from the original fairy tale that book is based on. Cinder is Cinderella, Scarlet is Little Red Riding Hood, and Cress is Rapunzel. The final book comes out later this year and will be called Winter, so I believe it’s based on Snow White. We meet Winter in Cress’s book and I’m already fascinated by her. These ladies are all vastly different, but they are all just as important to overthrowing Levana. Cinder is a mechanic, determined and strong. Scarlet is feisty and loyal. Cress is an amazing hacker and a character that shows that being brave doesn’t mean you aren’t also afraid.

Overall, I love these books and I can’t wait for the final novel, Winter. I suggest giving these a chance, even if you aren’t sure they are a right fit for you. You might just be surprised. It’s an imaginative world that wonderfully blends fairy tales and unique concepts into one action-packed series.

15 responses to “The Lunar Chronicles…So Far

  1. I own Cinder, but picked it up early last year and only got a few chapters in before I put it down. At the time I just wasn't into it, but been getting to fantasy lately and want to give it another go, especially seeing how much you've enjoyed the series so far. I actually had no idea the first three were all focused on a different character all with a common goal. Do they crossover at all?

    Brilliant review Lauren, going to have to move this back up my list soon <3

  2. I always love the use of tales in books, it's always so fun and I'm curious to see the ideas of the author. I've only tried the first novel in this series but I really enjoyed it. I really need to try book 2 now… I'm a little late lol. thansk for the review!

  3. SCARLET is my favorite of the series but somehow, despite the fact that I didn't enjoy CINDER too much, these books have grown on me. Definitely looking forward to WINTER and I'm glad you enjoyed these!

  4. I am so glad you finally jumped in and read this series. I saw a girl get out of my daughter's elementary school this morning with a copy of Cinder and a smiled. I just got Fairest today, and I can't wait to dig in and see about Levana.

  5. I haven't given this series much thought, but I guess I really need to keep them in mind for when I'm in the mood for something different.

  6. I started the first novel and for some reason I really couldn't get into the series. I never been able to get into rendition of fairy tale books like Cruel Beauty and alike. I'm so glad you enjoyed them overall though. Great review! 🙂

  7. I'm not too keen with fairy tale retellings, because there are so many out there, but this series stands out amongst its peers! I LOVE IT!

    Cress, is my favorite by far, although personality wise, I tend to connect more with Scarlet. Did you know that Marssia Meyer is writing a 4th installment titled Heartless? I can only imagine it has to do with Alice in Wonderland!

    Great review 🙂

  8. I read an ARC of Cinder so I got in before there was hype. But when I picked it up I was super unsure about it. However, I was immediately drawn in. I'm so glad you enjoyed these!

  9. I have never heard of this series! I love re-tellings and I'm definitely going to check these out once I am off my book buying ban. (Oh yeah…post coming soon about my challenge. lol)

    I won't lie… the covers? To die for. I am a sucker for a good book cover. LOL

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