The To Be Read and Seven Deadly Sins Tags

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This tag was created by Rachel @ A Perfection Called Books and Dana from Dana Square and I was tagged by Montana from The Book Belles.

How do you keep track of your TBR pile?


Honestly, most of my TBR books are simply in my room or somewhere else around my house. I try not to accept too many review books anymore, so a lot of my TBR pile is the tons of books I just need to get around to reading. 


Is your TBR mostly print or e-book?


I have an e-reader with some books I need to read, but most of my TBR is definitely in print.

How do you determine which book from your TBR to read next?


It tends to come down to whatever I’m most interested in. Sometimes I just really want to finally read something, while other times I pick a book based on how quick I think it will be. Without too many review books, it’s a bit easier to just pick and choose. 


A Book That’s Been On Your TBR List The Longest


Since I don’t have a huge TBR list online, I don’t know what book I’ve had for the longest amount of time without reading. I can say that one book I hope to read soon that I’ve had for what seems like forever is Holly’s Inbox by Holly Denham (it’s fiction, by the way).

A Book You Recently Added To Your TBR


The most recent book I bought and just recently finished reading was Isla and the Happily Ever After. However, I just picked up Horns by Joe Hill from the library and hope to read that soon.

A Book In Your TBR Strictly Because of Its Beautiful Cover


I tend to count my TBR as items I’ve bought and still need to read, so I don’t usually buy a book JUST because of it’s cover.


A Book On Your TBR That You Never Plan on Reading


Again, I do hope to read all the books I currently own. I know I probably won’t as I do have a lot, and I weed them here and there. I can’t currently think of something I’ll weed though.

An Unpublished Book on Your TBR That You’re Excited For


I’m really curious about The Walls Around Us by Nova Ren Suma. It comes out in March of 2015.

A Book On Your TBR That Basically Everyone’s Read But You


Probably things like The Fifth Wave and Eleanor and Park. I own both of these and I do want to read them. I just haven’t found the time yet!

A Book On Your TBR That Everyone Recommends To You


I can’t really think of anything! I don’t personally get recommended a lot of novels.

A Book On Your TBR That You’re Dying To Read


Again, out of the books I own, I really want to read Eleanor and Park and the first Sandman graphic novel ASAP.

How many books are on your Goodreads TBR shelf?


I have 16 on my TBR shelf on Goodreads; I don’t use it a ton! 


I’ve also been tagged to do the Seven Deadly Sins Questionnaire Tag (created by BookishlyMalyza) by Aylee from Recovering Potter Addict.


GREED What is your most inexpensive book? What is your least expensive book?


Oh, I don’t think I have a most expensive book to be honest. I mean, I don’t have a special edition of anything. My least expensive books are things I bought from book sales and the like, so a dollar or less each.

WRATH—What author do you have a love/hate relationship with?


Can I say Stephen Chbosky? I love The Perks of Being a Wallflower but it’s the only novel he’s written! I love him, but come on! I need more! 

GLUTTONY—What book have you deliciously devoured over and over with no shame whatsoever?


Definitely The Perks of Being a Wallflower (I used to read it once a year) and the Harry Potter series! You had to re-read those things when waiting for a new addition. 

SLOTH—What book have you neglected reading due to laziness?


I really like Shakespeare, but I love reading them in a class setting. Therefore, Antony and Cleopatra by William Shakespeare would go under this setting. I really want to read it but sometimes I’m lazy with these type of books because I know it will be a slower read.

PRIDE—What book do you most talk about in order to sound like a very intellectual reader?


I don’t really discuss novels all that much outside of school. I guess I would say any Shakespeare play, because I do like Shakespeare and some people think that makes you sound smart. 

LUST—What attributes do you find most attractive in male or female characters?


I really like sweet guys who are a bit dorky or into music. So many people love the bad boy, but I don’t find that as attractive. As for girls, it depends on the novel. Sometimes I like the dorky girl, sometimes it’s the sarcastic/funny one, and other times it’s the tough one who knows what she wants. 

ENVY—What books would you most like to receive as a gift? 

I would really like all the Harry Potter books with the new U.S. covers. I just really love how the books match up in the back. A whole set is about $70, which isn’t too bad considering it’s basically $10 a book, but it’s still pricey for me. If anyone wants to gift me it though, I’d totally accept!! 


Tag, you’re it!


I never know who to tag when these things come up because I know some blogs don’t do them. Therefore, please do this if you’re interested and let me know in the comments so I can come read your answers!


18 responses to “The To Be Read and Seven Deadly Sins Tags

  1. The TBR pile is a dirty word in our house as my husband is convinced one of the various piles will fall over and he'll come home to find me crushed by a pile of novels.

    Loving your answers to the Seven Deadly Sins Questionnaire Tag. I may well have to hi-jack this meme.

  2. Woo, yeah I'm so glad you decided to participate because I loved reading your answers 🙂

    Oh and I totally get you on Stephen Chbosky! I do wish he'd write something else! Though it was very nice having him write the movie screenplay (as well as direct).

    Also totally with you on liking the sweet, nerdy guys! Bad boys are way overrated.

    Those new HP editions – totally gorgeous. But I don't think I can really justify getting them either because I already have a set in good condition. But when you put it that way, they ARE only $10 a book… maybe I could ask for Christmas 🙂

  3. Omg yes I'm stoked for The Walls Around Us!! My TBR is mostly all on one shelf in my bookshelf. Actually like 1.5 now lol. Lots of them are on eBook, too!

  4. You only have 16 books in your TBR? Wow! I guess taking on relatively few review books gives you a lot of freedom in your reads. I was tagged in one of these things as well but I'm horrible at that kind of stuff.

    I want to read Isla as well. I'll get to it someday. Great post, Lauren! 🙂

  5. This was so interesting. My TBR list is a scattered mess. One day I'll organize it. . .maybe. I'm glad you like dorky guys. I love writing about them instead of always the hunks with abs. 🙂

    Haven't read The Perks of Being a Wallflower, but it's one of those books on that list I mentioned above.

  6. I AM SO EXCITED FOR THE WALLS AROUND US! Nova's writing style is just so beautiful, and the storyline itself sounds so complex and I'm really looking forward to it, and I'm glad you are too!

    And I haven't read Eleanor and Park yet either, despite how many people have absolutely adored it. I read one of the author's previous books and just didn't click with it, so I don't know how I'd do with this one.

    AND OMG! I definitely want the new Harry Potter boxed set too! SO pretty!

    Thanks for sharing Lauren, and FABULOUS post! <3

    ~ Zoe @ The Infinite To-Read Shelf

  7. oh Yes I definitely cannot wait for The Walls Around Us either! I got a galley except the file isn't loading which sucks but I guess I'll jsut have to wait for the book to be released!

    Awesome post, Lauren <33

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