The War Against the Assholes by Sam Munson

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The War Against the Assholes by Sam Munson

Review by Lauren

Source: copy sent for review; all opinions are my own

Official Summary: Mike Wood is satisfied just being a guy with broad shoulders at a
decidedly unprestigious Catholic school in Manhattan. But on the dirty
streets of New York City he’s an everyman with a moral code who is
unafraid of violence. And when Mike is unwittingly recruited into a
secret cell of magicians by a fellow student, Mike’s role as a steadfast
soldier begins. These magicians don’t use ritualized rote to work their
magic, they use willpower in their clandestine war with the
establishment: The Assholes.

Review: You can’t really read a title like The War Against the Assholes and not be interested. However, I have to admit that it wasn’t all that of an interesting read for me. I suppose it got better as it went along, but it was difficult to understand at times and all of the dialogue was written out in paragraphs. What I mean is that they would have dialogue (he says) and then dialogue (she says) back and forth in one paragraph instead of breaking things down line by line. This definitely confused me for a bit, but it got better as I got used to it. You just have to really pay attention to know who is speaking and saying what.

When it comes to characters, there are a mix of people that are important to the story and are part of this “war” so to speak, whether they are assholes or not. However, let me just focus on Mike and Alabama, a member of his group fighting against the assholes.  Mike isn’t that likable starting out. He’ll fight with people with no shame and he doesn’t care if he seriously hurts them, as long as they are still breathing. I like to think he’s more likable as the book goes on, though, as you get to see more of his personality and how he really does care for certain people, like his parents. As for Alabama, she’s kind of a bad ass. She plays the violin and isn’t afraid to wield a gun around. I think a book about her would be kind of cool!

Overall, I’d say this is a 3-star type of read. I don’t really rate books, but sometimes I think it helps get my point across. So yes, 3-star: good at times, but not really something I’d go around recommending.

16 responses to “The War Against the Assholes by Sam Munson

  1. It sounds like the title might be the best aspect of this one sadly. I like a clearer cut dialogue too, but the storyline is what concerns me. Is it tongue in cheek or a serious storyline? It sounds as though it can't decide if it's a contemporary or fantasy. I'm glad you were able to enjoy it somewhat Lauren, fabulous review nonetheless hun <3

  2. o_O The dialogues are in paragraphs?! As in the back and forth… in ONE paragraph?! That's kind of hard to grasp, to be honest… and very confusing as well, something I'd never read before, and not sure I'd want to read! I'm glad you enjoyed it, but I think I'll stick to the more traditionally-written books. Haha.

    Faye at The Social Potato

  3. I-whoa. Seriously? Yeah, no wonder that's confusing, I mean, yay for getting used to it, but that would've kept putting me out of the story and everything. I don't mind flawed characters (and Mike does sound really flawed!), but I think I'd like them! 🙂

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