Theming Thursday: Fun Things To Do On April Fool’s Day!

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This Tuesday is April 1st, better known as April Fool’s Day. Therefore, I wanted to share some fun ideas I’ve seen online that you can utilize to have fun with your kids, friends, or whoever! I don’t like stupid jokes on April Fool’s Day, but I do think there are plenty of fun, cute things to do!

Fart Lab (yeah, that’s the name…) shows a new way of making “brownies.” I would be very upset to learn the brownies were fake, but it would be quite funny!

The Kids Activities Blog has a fun frozen cereal prank to use on your kids, or even your husband/wife!

This was a picture on pinterest, but I think it’s too funny. You put googly eyes on a bunch of your items in the refrigerator for the family to find!

Ah, seems like such a waste of caramel…but it’s caramel “apples” – actually onions! You could make one or two with the onions for the joke and then have actual apples for after!

Lady Create-A-Lot shares 33 Harmless, Pesky Pranks if you’re looking for some more ideas, but I wanted to end with just one she shared. Paint a bar of soap with clear nail polish and when someone goes to use it, it won’t lather! How clever.

24 responses to “Theming Thursday: Fun Things To Do On April Fool’s Day!

  1. Heehee!! I especially like the googly eye prank. I would like to try that sometime 🙂 I agree with you about the brownie and caramel "apple" pranks. I would probably be upset if I thought I was going to get to eat something yummy and then it turns out not!

  2. Great for those who love their pranks.

    I'm all for fun but am wary of practical jokes after ending up in hospital after a whift of 'fart spray' brought on an asthma attack.

  3. Haha the brown e's are hilarious and so are those caramel apples. I'd be so grossed out if I actually bit into one, though it would be absolutely HILARIOUS

  4. The refrigerator prank just made me seriously laugh! I love it. My daughter is always trying to prank me. Ahhhh child, you can't prank the prankster but I let her think she really got me 🙂

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