Top Ten Most Memorable Secondary Characters

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I decided to do Top Ten Tuesday (from The Broke and the Bookish) today since the topic was one I particularly loved.

Top Ten Most Memorable Secondary Characters

Now, I’m not going to say these are my actual top ten when it comes to all books I’ve ever read. However, sometimes it’s difficult for me to remember enough details about certain novels to come up with the right information, which in this case are secondary characters. I know, I know, if I can’t remember, they aren’t memorable right? But honestly, I don’t agree with that since I have such a bad memory when it comes to things and I read so much!

In no particular order…

1. Finnick Odair from the Hunger Games series: he’s just fantastic! So much more than the pretty face we hear about.

2. Luna Lovegood from the Harry Potter series: I feel like I’m a bit similar to Luna. She’s quirky and weird, and yet she’s quite alright being that way (something I’m always trying to be more like). Personally, I wanted Harry and Luna to be together in the end. I just feel like they had a lot in common and Luna always understood him.

3. Patrick from The Perks of Being a Wallflower: I always felt for Patrick. He goes through a lot in the novel, despite everything being told through Charlie’s view. I also loved how Patrick was such a good friend.

4. Isaac from The Fault in Our Stars: You have to love Isaac. He’s hilarious and wonderful and going through just as much as Hazel and Augustus. Plus, if not for him, readers wouldn’t have gotten the famous “Okay” quote.

5. Draco Malfoy from the Harry Potter series: I could make a whole list with just HP characters, but I’ll stop with just two. However, I’ve always kind of liked Draco. He was a brat, but funny too. As the books go on, Draco became much more complex and everything he has to go through certainly makes him memorable.

6. Lord Henry Wotton from The Picture of Dorian Gray: He’s not the best guy, as he definitely leads Dorian astray. But he’s memorable for that as well as the philosophies on life he likes to tell Dorian, which are often crazy and funny, but interesting.

7. Guy from Willow by Julia Hoban: Guy is the love interest for Willow, but he’s much more than that. Willow is one of my favorite books because it’s a gritty contemporary novel that focuses on some harsh sides of life. Guy is a tether for Willow, when she just wants to sink beneath her grief.

8. Lennie Small from Of Mice and Men: I don’t know if you’d call Lennie a primary character or a secondary character, but he’s always secondary to George, so I’m including him. Lennie is a child in a man’s body, unable to recognize his own strength. He does some bad things, but without intent, and you can’t help but love him and wish him the best.

9. Ellie from About a Boy by Nick Hornby: I love this book (and the movie too!) and Ellie is certainly a memorable character. She’s more prominent in the novel, and ultimately befriends Marcus who could definitely use some people to look out for him.

10. Krystal Weedon from The Casual Vacancy: I said no more Harry Potter characters…but I said nothing about other J.K. Rowling characters. TCV is full of different characters, but I found Krystal fascinating throughout the novel. She doesn’t always act the way she should, but she does the best she can and she truly cares about her little brother and wants him to stay safe.

17 responses to “Top Ten Most Memorable Secondary Characters

  1. Lennie! I had mixed feelings about Of Mice and Men, but I definitely liked his character. And I'm glad to see Luna Lovegood made your list. She almost made mine too. It's impossible not to like and remember someone like her! 🙂 Great choices.

  2. I'm seeing Finnick, Luna, and Isaac a lot and I totally agree with all of them! I love Luna because she's so quirky, like you said, and she just was never afraid to be herself 🙂 Also, I still need to read Perks, but from the movie, I really loved Patrick he was so multi-faceted.

    Fantastic list! <33

  3. Heh, oh yes, I could easily make up a list for this week's TTT that was all HP side characters. But I love that you also put Patrick on your list because I loved him. And Krystal Wheedon was my favourite character from The Casual Vacancy!

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