Twilight’s Own Eric: Justin Chon

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Justin Chon
Interviews by: Lauren
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In the past few months, I’ve interviewed Justin Chon, who is playing Eric Yorkie in the just released Twilight film, twice and I wanted to re-post both of those here again in case you haven’t read it yet! This will be a little long, simply because I’m putting both interviews in one post…but please read and leave us your thoughts in the comments!
And see Twilight. Justin is hilarious as Eric!

1. You haven’t been acting for a very long time just yet, so what made you decide to start when you did? What do you most enjoy about being an actor?

I started acting because I thought it would be a fun and interesting job. When I was young there weren’t many asians on tv so i thought it was an impossible dream but once i saw john cho in American Pie i told myself, alright ill give it a shot as a job and not a hobby.

2. Do you have a lot of people recognize you when you’re out? If so, what do they usually know you from?

haha, No not really. People will recognize me once in a while and its usually for either wendy wu or just jordan.

3. You played the role of Tony on the Nickelodeon show “Just Jordan.” When filming for a TV show, what was a typical day like for you?

Well, monday through wed we would have rehearsals. Thursdays and fridays were shoot days. It was just like a normal 9-5. After work I would usually go to an acting class.

4. You’ve acted on TV and for movies. Do you find you ever enjoy one more over the other?

I love all types of mediums including stage, tv, and film. But if I had to choose, I would say I like film the best because its like a summer camp. You meet all these new people, you work and live together and after its all done you say good bye and promise to keep in touch.

5. How do you prepare for your roles? Have you ever played a part that was difficult to get into at first?

I read the script many many times. I like to have a lot of time to let the role naturally sink into my bones. I think the most challenging role to date was my role in crossing over. Mainly becuase I was playing an immigrant and had a korean accent.

6. If you could have played any role in the history of movies, who would you pick and why?

These are good questions. Umm…i think I would have played I think his name was keno. in teenage mutant ninja turtles…I love those movies…hahaha

7. One of the next projects people can find you in is the movie Crossing Over. Will you give us a brief description of the movie and your role in it?

Crossing over is about different aspects of immigration. I play a korean immigrant teen whos having trouble adjusting to my new life in the US.

8. What was it like for you to be in a movie with such big name actors such as Harrison Ford and Sean Penn?

I didnt have any direct contact with either actor because there are different story lines. But i did meet Harrison Ford and he was super nice.

9. Who are some of your own movie idols?

Marlon Brando, James Dean, Johnny Depp, Mark Ruffulo, Robert Downey Jr.

10. You’ll be playing the role of Eric in the movie version of Twilight. Have you read the books? If so, had you read them before you got the part or when you were going out for the role?

I have read the books. And i did read part of the first one before getting the role becaue my friend had told me about it.

11. What was the audition process like for the movie?

I had to audition for casting, then audition for the director, then i had chemistry improv auditions with other actors and finally I auditioned with kristen Stewart.

12. Do you feel like you’re anything like Eric in real life? Who is your actual favorite character in the books?

I would say I’m similar in certain ways to Eric in that I try to keep it cool with everyone around me. He’s sort of a mover and a shaker. My favorite character in the book is Emmet. He’s just badass. He’s so eager to kill enemies..

13. For this particular role, did you do any research on Eric and the novels?

Yes, I did do some research. and visited some of the online forums to get more info about everyone.

14. If you were given the chance to play one of the Cullen’s, who would you pick and why?

I would say I would play emmett…Like I said, he’s is a bad ass mofo.

15. As far as you know, are there any plans of making New Moon into a movie as well? If so, do you hope to be in the sequel?

I have no idea at this point. But if there is I would love to be involved.

16. Personally, what books do you really enjoy? What are you currently listening too or watching?

Well, I enjoy reading biographies. I’m reading one on sean penn right now. I’ve been watching a lot of old movies like butch cassidy and the sundance kid and a ton of james dean movies. I’ve been listening to a lot of women artists these days like Meg and Dia and Sara Bereilles.

***End Interview One. Interview TWO up next***

1.What was your favorite part about filming Twilight?

My favorite part about shooting twilight was hanging out with my cast members.

2.How much interaction takes place between you and the Cullens during the film? Who do you mostly associate with on screen?

I have no interaction with the cullens. I am mostly in contact with all the human characters.

3. What was the cast of Twilight like? Did you connect with anyone in particular?

Everyone was was very welcoming and nice. I ended up connecting with a lot of the cast including Mike, Anna, Jose, and Greg

4.Were there any behind-the-scenes stories or pranks that went on?

The behind the scene stories consisted of us just making fun of each other.

5.How long were you shooting for? What scene was the most fun or interesting to shoot and why?

I was there on and off for a month. I think the most exciting stuff to shoot was the car accident.

6.Did you prepare for the role of Eric in any way?

Yes, i did some special dance routines to prepare.

7.Have you ever been recognized on the streets by anyone?

Not for being in twilight. I dont really think i have a recognizable face.

8.Do you know if they will be filming New Moon yet? If so, when would shooting begin?

I have no idea.

9. What have been people’s reactions to the film, through the trailer and photos, thus far?

Everyone seems to be very positive.

10. Is there anything in particular from the book that you are excited to see on the big screen?

I want to see them flying through the trees.

11. Do you have any favorite lines, whether yours or someone else’s?

Not yet.

12. The tagline for the film is “When you can live forever what do you live for?” but if you had to come up with your own, what would it be?

It would be “Bella Falls in Love with Eric.”

13. There are many Twilight bloggers on Youtube and fansites all over the web. Have you checked any of them out? Which ones and what did you think?

Yes, i have checked out a few. I like twilight lexicon and twilight moms.

14. If you had to come up with three songs for the Twilight soundtrack, what would they be?

They would all be rap songs by the wu tang clan.

15. Are you currently working on any new projects? What do you have planned, if anything, for the future?

I am a bum living day to day playing music and sleeping.

16. If you had to wish on a real shooting star, what would you wish for and why?

I would wish for everyone to have a sense of humor and not take themselves so serious. I think the world would be a better place.

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