Updates + Wish List Wednesday (Late!)

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Merry (Late) Christmas and/or Happy Holidays! I meant to post that I’d be away for a few days, but I completely forgot too…my bad! I’m back now though and hopefully I’ll have some things posted in the next few days. Since Wednesday was Christmas Eve and I was traveling via car for about 7 hours, I didn’t get to post my next installment of Wish List Wednesday, but I’ll include that at the bottom of this post!

However, before I get to that, I wanted to post some updates.

1. Chelsea and I have an actual blog for the auctions now, which will continue through January since we got some last minute additions!
Leave a Mark Blog!

There is an auction up from Chelsea already for Alive and Well in Prague, New York. HOWEVER, don’t forget my auction which ends tomorrow at 11:59 EST, so you have about a day and a half left to bid, so pleaseee bid! You’re helping TWO places but only paying once!!!!

Also, if you read Chelsea’s blog too, you already know her mini announcement about the auctions and that’s that we will be continuing them next year but HOPEFULLY with a new charity. We’ll see how it works out! It was amazing fun working with First Book though and I wouldn’t mind doing it again. 🙂

2. My first Wish List Wednesday was posted a week before Christmas Eve and I happened to get two of my items for Christmas. My sister got me the second season of Psych (still need the first) and the beret from Torrid (she got the idea for this one FROM my wish list, so hey, I guess it works! LOL)

WISH LIST WEDNESDAY (a little late!!!)

David Inside Out by Lee Bantle

I first saw this on Book Chic’s blog and I thought it looked really good. Too bad it isn’t coming out until May though….

Smart Casual by Kids in Glass Houses

I’ve been really enjoying KIGH for awhile now, and I would LOVE to have their album. I think it’s more expensive to get here in the U.S. though.

Angus, Thongs, and Perfect Snogging (DVD) based on the book Angus, Thongs, and Full Frontal Snogging by Louise Rennison. I’ve read the first book and hope to read the rest ASAP, but I’d love to see the film! I thought it was supposed to be released in the U.S….? I’m not sure!

The new album from the All-American Rejects “When the World Comes Down.” I’m in love with their single “Gives you Hell” and I really need to get this album. It’s out now, by the way, so go and get it everyone!

And FINALLY, I want an album from a band called The Days. However, they don’t actually HAVE one out at the moment, though I think they should release one in the Spring if I read that correctly. I’m loving their music, especially “No Ties.” You can hear them on their Myspace!

And that’s it! What did you get for the Holidays? Have a wish list of your own you want to share?
And don’t forget to BID BID BID on the auctions. 🙂

7 responses to “Updates + Wish List Wednesday (Late!)

  1. Khy

    -gasp- Another human being who knows who Kids is Glass Houses is!

    You’re awesomeness has definitely been increased because of this.

  2. Thanks for the mention! Glad I could add on to your book wish list. 🙂

    And I don’t know what’s going on with the Georgia movie. I heard it was supposed to be released in the US too, but nothing happened. It might be on DVD now, though it’d be a different region code if you ordered it. I hope it comes over here soon, even if just on DVD.

  3. I have been waiting and waiting for the Angus, Thongs… movie to come out here in the US! I wish it would soon, because I loved the books I’ve read in the series and think the movie will be hilarous.

  4. Ok, this is really me. My co-worker left her blogger account up-ugh!

    I have been waiting and waiting for the Angus, Thongs… movie to come out here in the US! I wish it would soon, because I loved the books I’ve read in the series and think the movie will be hilarous.

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