We Have a Dream

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We Have a Dream

In honor of Martin Luther King Day this past Monday, January 21, we asked some of you what your own dream was for the future. The ones we collected are listed below, but as for me, here is my dream: That people will find confidence in themselves. Forget the media. Forget the magazines. Forget all that. Be happy with who you are.

**My dream of the future will be that we will finally realize that we don’t need to keep tearing down trees to put up houses shopping centers and fast food and that we would stop letting everyone into our country!

**My dream for the future is for people to be content with themselves, their surroundings and their lives. There is a certain magical feeling about being content, like if one thing gets really messed up in their lives; they have everything else to fall back on. I also dream that one day people will actually look and see that we are ALL people. And that is all that matters. It doesn’t matter if one is black, white, straight, gay, old, young, fat or skinny in the end we are all people.

**My dream is that one day, our country won’t be as divided as it is today. Especially in politics. I think it would be a lot better, instead of having Democrats v. Republicans; we join ideas together to get the best of both worlds, to make our country even better. With all the violence, drugs, and regular horrors each day, we shouldn’t be talking about minimal things which are not important!
-Morgan O.

**I guess to hopefully have less unneeded drama in the world. Not meaning to sound like a pageant girl or anything….

**My dream for the future is for people (especially women) to make peace with themselves and their bodies.For each one of us to realize were are perfect just as we are.I wish everyone peace of mind, peace of body, peace of soul, and peace of heart.If we all made peace with ourselves, we would experience:less anger and more joyless hate and more loveless instant gratification and more gratitudeless discontent and more satisfaction.Maybe even less cancer and war.

Peace, health, and wellness,~Lisa
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