What’s In a Name?!

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The question all bands get that becomes very old after the fifty millionth times it’s asked is answered here!

1. Who is this and what do you do in the band?
2. How did you come up with the band’s name?

By: Lauren

The Bride Wore Black

1. This is sean and I’m the singer and I play guitar.

2. We got it from a pretty cool book. Its about a bride who gets made a widow on her wedding day by 5 evil guys. We’re not 5 evil guys, but we thought the name was cool and its one of those names that you remember and if you havnt heard of us, makes people curious as to what we’re about.

The Dangerous Summer

1. Cody – Guitar

2. How did you come up with the band’s name? We got our name from a book by Ernest Hemmingway, its pretty straight up, the book is called “The Dangerous Summer”

The Mystery Tramps

1. This is Adam Amoroso. I play lead guitar and sing for The Mystery Tramps.

2. We got our name from a lyric in Bob Dylan’s “Like a Rolling Stone”. We’re all huge Dylan fans and we’re all very influenced by him so we thought that it would be appropriate to advertize that with our name.

For all we know

1. My name is Ryan Soukup I am the lead singer and play bass guitar My guitarist and back up singers name is Nate Zupke and our drummer is Tim Cowan. We play pop-punk/alternative rock music

2. We came up with our name because we all believe there is extra terestial life out there


1. my name is ryan stockmal and i play guitar in kenotia.

2.we got the name kenotia from the movie home alone when john candy says he is in the polka group the kenosha kickers. so we took kenotia from there and spelled it wrong. thats the long story short.

My Takeover Affect

1. I am Andy

2. The band got its name by; We couldn’t think of anything to call the band so each member of the band came up with 10 different possibilities for band names and then we sat down, read them all one by one and said yes or no to if we liked them, in the end it came down to My Takeover Affect as the final choice 😀


1. I’m Gary, Lead vocals

2. we picked OnTheFront because it means alot of things, its very vague… and we want the listener basically to make up their own meaning. For us its that we’re on the front of modern music.

Lunatic High

1.I’m Ben, and I play guitar

2.The name is taken from the computer game Final Fantasy VII. One of the charactors, Red XIII, has a move called ‘Lunatic High’. If your a real geek and want to see what the move looks like just search lunatic high on youtube, and if your lucky you’ll come across some videos of us as well.

Marianas Trench

1. Mike. I play bass and sing back up vocals in Marianas Trench.

2. Let me just say it involves a hovercraft, our pet monkey, 4 guys in togas and sandals (with socks on-very unfortunate), an avacado and a tornado. That’s probably all I can say for this Ezine.

Houston Calls

1. Hi, I’m Okie. I play keyboards and do some background singing in Houston Calls.

2.Well, the story goes that the title is some permutation of a chaptertitle of the DVD version of the movie Apollo 13. It was the first name we all didn’t hate, so by default, we had to go with it.

Check out the bands and if you like what you hear, add them, and tell them we sent ya!!!

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