Who Says…The Music You Loved Then, You Now Must Hate?

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New Feature: I think discussion posts can be a lot of fun and it allows more feedback and interesting conversations. So, I came up with one for Shooting Stars Mag called Who Says? Unfortunately, I don’t know how to make a fun graphic…if anyone wants to make one, go ahead, and if you would like to have your own Who Says? post, place your link in the comment section!

Who Says…The Music You Loved Then, You Now Must Hate? 

I’m a big fan of music and I like a wide variety of artists and genres. That means there are plenty of acts that I’ve loved that some people might think are embarrassing. It seems that as people grow up, they’re always saying “I can’t believe I liked that band!” or “I can’t believe I was part of that fandom!” (music or otherwise). For me, though, if I’ve ever liked a type of music…I don’t really grow out of that appreciation. I can still listen to, and enjoy, them today. Sure, I might not listen to them as much…and yeah, I am continuously listening to and loving new things. Regardless, I still like the groups and bands from my past. I’m not embarrassed to admit that!

Before I go on to share some of these artists, I want to mention that if you do your own Who Says? post, you should share the acts you used to love and yet would still listen to and enjoy…and if you don’t want to do a post, feel free to just leave a list in the comments!


I used to love Hanson when I was younger…their video MMMBop (video below) came out in 1997, so I guess I became a fan when I was around seven years old. I’ve never seen them live, but as they are a band that is still together (did you know that?!), I would definitely go if given the chance. I know their old stuff but not much of the new music they’ve made…so I guess I really should pay attention to them more. I do love their song “Penny and Me” though, which they made when they were a bit older, so I’m sure I’d enjoy all their other songs!


This is one group that I would love to see reunited, but with Justin Timberlake doing so well on his own…I’m not sure that will ever happen. Regardless, I was a huge Nsync fan growing up and they were even my first concert. This is one group that certainly knows how to put on a good show! Nowadays, I don’t listen to their music all that often, but I’m excited anytime I hear it and will certainly sing along. Their albums are just some of the many I still need to get on my iPod!

Enjoy some early Nsync with “Tearin’ Up My Heart”- 

Good Charlotte

This is a band that I fell in love with when I was in middle school. I still remember talking to a friend my freshmen year of high school about them…she was a Green Day fan. We’re friends to this day, so she still finds it funny because it was the first conversation we ever had. Along with Good Charlotte, there was Simple Plan…both bands have a similar pop/punk sound and I loved them both, though probably GC a bit more. I got to see them both live (together) at the end of my freshmen year and had a blast. I traveled two hours to see the show (the farthest I’d gone for a concert that point in my life) and it was totally worth it.

“Little Things” is off of GC’s first album…they’ve certainly evolved since then, but it’s a fun one-

10 responses to “Who Says…The Music You Loved Then, You Now Must Hate?

  1. Ah, I agree that we usually look back and think, 'OMG I can't believe I liked this singer/band!'. (In my case, I'm thankful I didn't look like I was three years ago LOL) I still like some of those singers/bands I liked in highschool, but I guess I didn't hear their songs a lot anymore. 🙂 I think I liked Shania Twain when I was a kid – I was a kid with such wide taste of music LOL. I really liked Backstreet Boys too LOL. And The Bird and The Bee. <3

    Love the new feature, Lauren! <3

  2. Haha! I've found that most of the music I liked when I was younger I can't tolerate now – most, not all. Different strokes, I suppose… 😛

  3. THIS BRINGS ME BACK. Haha, good times! There's nothing wrong with still liking the music from your past. I love the nostalgia, personally. Nothing to be embarrassed about either!

  4. Gosh darn it you made me feel old with this post. All these artists came out while I was in college or after. I was never a big fan of any of these bands because I was older. That doesnt' mean they were bad but you just didn't follow teenage bands in your twenties it was uncool. I think JT though is so talented and he is so much more sexy and good looking now. Loving his new stuff. Fun post thanks for sharing.

  5. I used to love Kelly Family with a fiery passion! Lol. It's not usually my kind of music, though, I'm more of a Linkin Park-System of a Down-Fall Out Boy-Deftones kinda gal. But if I like something at one point, I'm not likely to start hating it later on.

  6. I love Good Charlotte! I'm not a fan of the others, though they were very popular when I was in High School. Nirvana, Greenday, Offspring and similar music was some of my favorite. Oh and The Cranberries. Anyway, all that music is still what I listen to. I don't really get into most of the new music but I know I haven't heard all of it, so I'm sure there's something out there I would like, I just don't find it often. I do think one reason I stick with the music I've always listened to is all the memories attached. Music was much more important to me as a teen and pulled me out of some deep depressions.

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