WoW: John Belushi is Dead by Kathy Charles

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John Belushi is Dead by Kathy Charles

Out: August 24, 2010

Picked by Lauren


Pink-haired Hilda and oddball loner Benji are not your typical teenagers. Instead of going to parties or hanging out at the mall, they comb the city streets and suburban culs-de-sac of Los Angeles for sites of celebrity murder and suicide. Bound by their interest in the macabre, Hilda and Benji neglect their schoolwork and their social lives in favor of prowling the most notorious crime scenes in Hollywood history and collecting odd mementos of celebrity death.

Hilda and Benji’s morbid pastime takes an unexpected turn when they meet Hank, the elderly, reclusive tenant of a dilapidated Echo Park apartment where a silent movie star once stabbed himself to death with a pair of scissors. Hilda feels a strange connection with Hank and comes to care deeply for her paranoid new friend as they watch old movies together and chat the sweltering afternoons away. But when Hank’s downstairs neighbor Jake, a handsome screenwriter, inserts himself into the equation and begins to hint at Hank’s terrible secrets, Hilda must decide what it is she’s come to Echo Park searching for . . . and whether her fascination with death is worth missing out on life.

Why I Want This?
First off, this is an MTV novel and I really love some of those…from Ballads of Suburbia to Perks of Being a Wallflower. Beyond that, doesn’t it just sound great? Many people do become obsessed with the lives of celebrities and this type of fascination is very interesting. What a great concept! I really want to know more about these characters already, especially what Hank might be hiding.
What are your thoughts? Will you be “waiting” for this one? What else are you “waiting” for?!

With Eclipse coming out in a week, don’t miss this interview!

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4 responses to “WoW: John Belushi is Dead by Kathy Charles

  1. Thank you so much for picking my book Lauren! I hope you enjoy it when it finally comes out in August.

    Best wishes, Kathy

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