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On the 10th of every month, Leslie from Once Upon a Time & Happily Ever After has 10 questions around a certain theme. I’m a few days late, but I really loved this month’s prompt so I had to join in! (any purchase links are affiliate links – I get a small percent at no extra cost to you!)

10 Favorite Books, Movies, Podcasts, and TV Shows

In no particular order, here are some of my media favorites —

(Book) The Perks of Being a Wallflower – I believe I read this book for the first time when I was a freshman in high school. It was around then at least, and I used to read it once a year. It’s been awhile since I’ve done a re-read but it’s still one of my absolute favorite books. I love that I discovered or related to something new with each reading.

(Book) Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban – Harry Potter was my childhood, and it’s still something that I hold dear. There’s a lot of controversy these days with the author, so I like to imagine Harry Potter just sprung up on its own for us to love. LOL Anyway, out of all the books, the third one is my favorite — and then the sixth, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.

(Movie) About a Boy – I think I first watched this movie in middle school, before I ever read the book. Both are a favorite, but I figured I’d include the movie on this list. It stars a really young Nicholas Hoult and of course, Hugh Grant.

(Movie) Cry Wolf – This is one of those scary “b-movies” if you will. I really love it though! It’s got some fun twists and turns, and it’s a bit of a mind game. Plus, for all you Supernatural fans, it stars a fairly young Jared Padalecki!

(Podcast) My Favorite Murder – I really want to listen to podcasts more, and I haven’t even listened to this one a whole lot, but I love the premise. It’s two ladies talking about a different murder in each episode. This is how I learned about the Golden State Killer, I believe. I do love me some true crime. Stay Sexy, Don’t Get Murdered.


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(TV Show) Psych – If you’ve been around for awhile, then you might be aware that Psych is seriously my all time favorite show. I love the characters, the mysteries, the humor, the hidden pineapples throughout!!

Alright, so that’s six media favorites of mine. I’m going to share four more random picks (meaning they aren’t in the prompt) to make it a full 10. 

(Classic Author) Oscar Wilde – I just love Oscar Wilde in general, but The Importance of Being Earnest is also one of my favorite plays. Other classic authors I love are Shakespeare and Edgar Allan Poe.

(Song) “That’s The Truth” by McFly – I have a lot of favorite songs, but I’m a big fan of the UK band McFly and this is one of my favorite songs by them. The lyrics aren’t anything crazy complicated, but they are still so good.

(Actor) Daniel Radcliffe – Yes, I think he’s great as Harry Potter in the movies, but I also just love all his other films. There are some I still need to see, but I’d say I’ve seen the majority of his movies at this point. He tends to pick really quirky films, but I love it! Woman in Black, What If, Swiss Army Man, etc.

(Musical) RENT – This is my all-time favorite musical. I just love the characters, and the music, and I’ve seen it live multiple times. I even like the movie adaptation. I think it’s great they got most of the original Broadway cast. My second favorite musical is Spring Awakening.

Feel free to share your answers for any these prompts in the comments!!

13 responses to “10 on the 10th (or 13th) – Media Favorites

  1. I feel like everyone mentioned My Favourite murder as a good podcast and I’ve yet to give it a listen. I worry I won’t find it as interesting as everyone else. And Psych! I felt like I was the only one who loved that show because it didn’t get a huge UK audience. No one I know watched it but I love it.

  2. Great list, Lauren! I’ll have to check out the Psyche. That sounds like one I’d like. I’m listening to that song by McFly now as I’ve never heard of them—I’ve been missing out. I love the movie About A Boy. Wallflower was a fabulous movie and I bet the book is even better. Oh, my goodness, I’ve never seen RENT. I need to get with it LOL. Have a great week!!

  3. RO

    I love a good murder mystery in book form on the big screen, or on tv. I’m that person who has seen every episode of Law and Order or Law and Order SVU at least 3-4 times!(lol) Radcliff is really good in other movies or tv shows. Definitely a good actor. Another great post! Hugs, RO

  4. Oh, yay!! Thanks for joining me. Great shares. As a veteran wallflower, I am pretty sure I would like that book. Have heard of it but never read it. Glad to be reminded of it.
    I am trying to find time for listening to podcasts and will check out the murder one you mentioned. My very first podcast was about the death of Princess Diana. And then, in the same series, Natalie Wood. I like crime shows, too.

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