Glossies Made Me: An Artisan S’mores Kit

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It’s time for the August edition of Glossies Made Me Do It with Ashley from Happy.Pretty.Sweet. Has a magazine inspired you lately? New movie to check out? A recipe you tried? A product you had to buy? Whatever it is, if you write about it, we want to know, so link up with us below! This link-up is the first Friday of every month – so join us in the future. For August, I ended up buying this super cute s’mores kit online.

August – Glossies Made Me Do It….

Now, here’s where I share the magazine that inspired this…but I honestly can’t remember!! I must have accidentally gotten rid of the magazine where I saw this kit (I have a lot of magazines I get every month). However, I really think it was the August 2018 issue of Redbook, so if you’re out and about and see it, flip through and see if it’s there! Whoops – but at least I can still recommend the item I found! This s’mores kit is so yummy, so read on to learn more!

s'mores kit

S’Mores Are Pure Summer!

Sure, you can eat s’mores any time of the year but there really is something about having them in the summer months! In the magazine-I-can’t-quite-remember, I found these Artisan S’mores Kits from Ticket Chocolate and I fell in love at first sight. The kit they were showcasing actually wasn’t available on the website at the time so I chose the Classic kit instead. Don’t worry, I’m not complaining!

This kit is $19 and it contains:

Four perfect portions of our fine couverture chocolate, four gourmet marshmallows, and eight delectable hand-crafted graham crackers. – description from the website 

I finally dove into these s’mores last night with my mom, and we each had one (so yes, that means we have two left to hopefully savor this weekend!) My mom isn’t a fan of marshmallow, so she skipped that, but I LOVED it. Everything just looks so delectable all on its own and adding them together? Yum!

s'mores kit

How I “Made” These…

I don’t have a fire pit, or fire of any sort to roast the marshmallows over (though I don’t recommend that in case you lose the marshmallow in the fire), so I just used my microwave. I put one half of the graham cracker, the chocolate, and then the marshmallow on a plate and put it in the microwave for 10 seconds. I recommend starting at 5 though, because the marshmallow melts really quick. I just scooped what fell off the cracker back onto the chocolate, added the other graham cracker, and there you go!

These were seriously so yummy. I know the price is a bit high, and then you have to add in shipping, but it would make a really fun hostess gift or just a “you’re hard to shop for” type of gift. I know I’d really appreciate someone sending me this, and I’m so curious to try some of their other s’mores kits now!

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Talk to Me!

What do you think? Do you like s’mores? Would you buy a kit like this?

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37 responses to “Glossies Made Me: An Artisan S’mores Kit

  1. RO

    What a cool idea and glad you found this yummy way to make smores. I’m impressed and never would have thought of a kit! Hugs…RO

  2. Oh man my mouth is watering over here!! Those sound SO GOOD! I love anything s’mores and with gourmet chocolate and homemade graham crackers??? YUM!

  3. Yum! I would love each and every one of these! I have a serious sweet tooth and I think it would like a bite of those graham crackers.

  4. I have never before heard of an artisan smores kit, but this is definitely something that I need in my pregnant belly – right now. I just need to find a day where I’m flying solo because this does not sound like anything I’d want to share.

  5. Will get my post written tomorrow. Have been out of the net. But had the magazine or glossy, if you will, for a month!! Ha!
    Good gravy these s’mores look delectable. My daughter adores them. This might be a great stocking stuffer. Thanks for sharing. Eat a bite for me this weekend.

    Leslie Clingan recently posted: Sentence a Day, 07.2018
  6. Jen

    I love marshmallow. And Rocky Road. I haven’t had s’mores I’m in the UK and they are one of those American goodies I wonder about. I’m not sure what Graham crackers are? Are they salty crackers? I love crackers with chocolate or something sweet. I’d definitely buy something like this depending on price and availability in the UK. We have Oreo over here and some American candies but not S’mores

  7. Smores aren’t a thing in Australia, it’s only through American television and films that I’ve actually heard of them and looked them up one day. They’re similar to an ice cream sandwich, which is what we have in summer. Ice cream between two biscuits. I’ll have to have a look in a few speciality stores here if they sell the kits, it looks delicious Lauren. Thanks so much for sharing darling ♡♡♡

    Kelly recently posted: Whisper of the Tide
  8. I love smores, but we’ve had a hard time finding the right ingredients transitioning to veganism. The items are out there, but we usually have to order them online or go to specialty stores. It’s just not something we can get on a whim. It has to be planned in advance! I love the idea though. <3

    𑁋 Lindsi @ Do You Dog-ear?

    Lindsi recently posted: Mini Reviews [12]
  9. What a cool idea! I have definitely made s’mores in the microwave when that was my only option and they were still delicious. 🙂

  10. Omg that happens to me all the time. I see something and forget where I found it and it drives me crazy trying to remember! Anyway, this is adorable!! We actually have a fire pit in our house and I’d love to make some s’mores this summer. They always remind me of summer 🙂

  11. I got a huge bag of marshmallows, graham crackers and chocolate bars at the beginning of the summer to celebrate the start with s’mores and we’re still warming ours up in the microwave and enjoying them! 🙂 I love using the microwave, it’s so easy and simple!


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