Guest Review/Giveaway – Destiny by Laura DeLuca

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Destiny by Laura DeLuca

Guest Review by Kari

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Review: Destiny by Laura DeLuca was a great supernatural read. It’s about a teen named Gabriella, who is a witch, but can’t remember that she is one. The beginning of the book is all about getting Gabriella to remember her heritage. It’s imperative that she recalls her past before she succumbs to the evil warlock named Richard, who killed her mother. He wants to use her power for evil and tries to play on her fears.

In the beginning, Gabriella is just a normal teenage girl who is trying to get through high school. She has to deal with bullies and with a popular boy who keeps trying to get a date with her. Her world starts to dramatically change when her friend, Darron, tries to get her to remember she is a witch. Darron is a warlock who was sent by Gabriella’s mother’s spirit. Her mother is trying to protect her daughter from a killer.

 Once she accepts her destiny of being a witch, events start to occur very quickly. Richard is after both Darron and Gabriella. The two of them have to deal with an evil warlock out to get them. Friends and lives are lost and secrets begin to unveil themselves very quickly. 

This book was really well written. The characters are well developed and once the main action starts, the story is a fast read. The beginning is a little slow, but once you get into the story, it becomes exciting and suspenseful. The book can be serious at times, so it was nice to have Gabriella’s friend, Flora, there for some comic relief. She says anything that comes into her head. Flora tries to keep the mood light when darkness is surrounding them all.

Another aspect of this book was the emotions. You could feel the emotions of each character. While reading, I truly felt connected to all of the characters. It was easy to understand why they felt the way they did. It was nice to read a book that allows its characters to feel a variety of emotions. It made the characters feel more real. I also liked that the magick aspect of the book seemed to be well researched. The power may be fictional, but the rituals seemed to be very close to real Wicca. This made the story seem more believable, since it is set in the modern world.

I highly recommend Destiny to any reader who enjoys supernatural books. It is a short read that will leave you wanting more. It may be a little slow at first, but readers should not give up on it. The end truly does surprise the readers and hopefully that means there will be a sequel.

Giveaway (offered by the author)

Prize: a signed copy of Destiny and a box of incense

Open to: International

Ends: Wednesday, February 29

To Enter: Leave a comment with why this book sounds interesting to you, or simply, why do you want to win?

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19 responses to “Guest Review/Giveaway – Destiny by Laura DeLuca

  1. I would love a chance to read this book.. It looks interesting to me because i like books that will keep me in suspense… Looking forward to receiving this if i win .Thanks for the chance

  2. Bee

    This book sounds good. I like witches best of all supernatural creatures. I think.

    Would have been nice if the giveaway was open internationally, but good luck to the participants!

  3. Destiny sounds like a wonderful read. I like that you can feel the emotions of the characters. I would love to win this book. Thank you for this giveaway.
    🙂 Jeanne

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