Guest Post: How To Choose a Kid’s Subscription Box

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Kids Subscription Boxes and How to Choose One

The subscription box marketing technique is a growing, but still quite a small industry. There are quite a few subscription boxes for adults in a wide range of niches, but recently kids subscription boxes have come into play. Subscription boxes are a great way to promote certain products that your company sells, and the same goes for companies which want to provide kids with a wide range of products catering to their interests.

Where did subscription boxes come from? Well, subscription boxes really took off in 2011 with cosmetics subscription boxes and since then the trend grew for all sorts of niches and have become incredibly popular. The benefits of subscription boxes come for both the kids and the parents involved. Subscription boxes are basically an opportunity to try something new and unexpected for a small fee, usually monthly or annually but some subscription boxes are sent four or five times a year, as the season changes. There are a wide range of subscription boxes from cosmetics, to foodstuffs, to kids clothing and school supplies. Most of them cost between $10-$40, but of course, this depends on how much is offered in the box. Especially for children, there are a wide range of subscription boxes with clothes, games, books, activities to bring together whole families and even subscription boxes for back to school time.

Subscription boxes are really worth the time and money a subscriber puts into them and here’s why. Subscription boxes are incredibly effective marketing technique for businesses to show off what their innovative ideas have created. Subscription boxes may contain surprising gifts and amazing products and its easy to find a specific subscription box that caters to a certain type of person, for example, kids and their families! For children, receiving a subscription box with their parents can feel like Christmas has come early.

Quite a few subscription boxes offer new products or services that other people may not have easy access too, for instance, foodstuffs or clothes from stores that don’t exist in your country or area. Plus, subscription boxes usually offer these products at great prices or with discounts. Some subscription boxes for kids are linked to charities or are educational, teaching children about different types of people and cultures, the differences between their lives and the lives of children in need, growing a sense of care and compassion whilst being able to show them how to help or discuss the meaning of these topics. Kids subscription boxes sometimes donate to children who need food or clothes and the educational subscription boxes often offer easy to understand and interesting ways for children to learn about diversity and equality and what it means to be less fortunate than them.

If you are now interested in paying for a subscription box for you and your child, here’s how to decide if its worth it. Firstly, look at the price. Making an annual payment may not be the best idea, as you and your child might not like what comes in the boxes, or you may find a better one a month later. Monthly or weekly subscription boxes are the better option. It’s also worth checking the prices of kids clothing in stores or online, comparatively with the price tag in your subscription box, to see if the subscription is really worth the money you are paying for it, especially if it is one of the more expensive boxes which eats a fairly large amount of your monthly budget. Additionally, be careful how many details you have to disclose while signing up for your subscription box. You don’t want to be the victim of digital identity theft, and some small businesses offering subscription boxes may not have the type of security that larger retailers have.

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As long as you take care while choosing your subscription boxes, the results of your investment will be worth the money. Your children will have the opportunity to learn more, read more, understand how the world works and enjoy new products at an amazing price unavailable to others outside your subscription. Subscription boxes are an ever-growing niche and it is always worth being part of the experience that caters directly to you and your child’s interests and needs.

32 responses to “Guest Post: How To Choose a Kid’s Subscription Box

  1. Hil

    Don’t forget about sub box review sites. πŸ™‚ There are a few now where you can read/post experiences with different companies before you buy.

  2. Great post and recommendations! The subscription boxes sound like a fun thing for kids. I remember that my mom signed up to receive a different craft project every other month for a while when me and my 5 siblings were young. It was a great way to spend time together, see the results of our finished projects, and feel a sense of accomplishment. We always looked forward to receiving our new craft project boxes! Thanks for highlighting this concept. It brought back memories and made me start to think about adding subscription boxes to our own family’s list of things to do together. Kindest Wishes for your continued success on this blog! ~ Mary (World of Writer Mom)

    Mary Varville-Rodriguez recently posted: Challenges of Parenting & Reasons I Love Being a Mom
  3. I used to get a subscription box for my kiddo when he was under a year old, I haven’t thought of doing it again, but it would be fun, especially if it’s encouraging some kind of learning at the same time!

  4. My kids have loved getting subscription boxes! Your tip is great to not pay for an annual one because even though we’ve enjoyed our subscriptions, most haven’t been worth using our tight budget for long-term.

  5. I love these tips! I had no idea that some subscription boxes donate a portion of their proceeds. If we ever have the opportunity to try one, I will definitely look for a company that does this.

  6. I haven’t done too many subscription boxes but they are really fun to try–I like StitchFix for me. I haven’t tried one for my kids but have thought about doing one of the book ones, like BookRoo. It’s usually the price that holds me back though.

  7. Kids subscription boxes are such a wonderful idea, not only for kids to have age appropriate toys and books but kids love receiving anything in the mail. I remember how excited I was whens someone would send me a card even. I’m already planning on kids book boxes for next Christmas, inspired by your good self Lauren <3 <3

  8. I love subscription boxes! It’s like Christmas each month! My kid is just as excited as I am when I open mine! I’ll definitely check into getting one for him now too!

  9. I don’t have kids, so I probably won’t be buying a kid subscription box. πŸ˜‰ BUT, I’ve been thinking a lot about subscribing to Shelflove Crate. I just need to decide if the price is worth it…

    Thanks for visiting Shell’s Stories!

  10. Couldn’t agree more! My daughter has a subscription she gets every 2 months and she knows when they’re coming and gets so excited to find her box at the doorstep!

  11. Jen

    Kidbox sounds cute! Plus I love their donation plan. Nowadays there are so many great subscription boxes, and I love that there is one for almost every kind of interest or fandom.

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