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Break the Silence (at Home) with a Book

Posted April 24, 2020 by shooting in Guest Post / 18 Comments

Break the Silence (at Home) with a Book guest post by author Kim Oclon (Man Up) As a former GSA sponsor, I miss the Day of Silence tributes the high school hosted each year. Some were more successful than others. My favorite was when we sold these rainbow bracelets for a quarter to signify one’s […]

7 Fabulous LGBTQ+ Themed Souvenirs In Pride Marches

Posted April 3, 2020 by shooting in Guest Post / 16 Comments

*This is a sponsored guest post, but it’s one that I thought my readers would enjoy with Pride Month coming in June!* The LGBTQ+ individuals proudly announcing their existence, their pride, and their love through left and right LGBTQ+ parade marches is a progressive move in history. Pride marches are full of colorful banners and […]

Planning Around the Holidays at Work

Posted November 13, 2017 by shooting in Guest Post / 23 Comments

*Sponsored Guest Post: I’m sharing this because I think it sounds like a great product that would be of benefit to many, especially if you have your own business or can suggest this to your work* Twinkling lights and carolers dressed in old-fashioned, woolen mittens, can only mean one thing: the holidays are upon us, […]