Movie Reviews: IT + Kingsman: The Golden Circle

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Movie Review by Lauren

Not too long ago, I got together with my sister and a couple of friends to watch the original 1990 version of IT, with Tim Curry as the clown Pennywise. This movie was actually a four hour long mini series. While I enjoyed aspects of it, including Tim Curry, it was more boring for me than anything. It goes back and forth between the group of kids as children and as adults. I found the children much more interesting. Therefore, I was excited that the new movie version of IT would just focus on the kids. Granted, I think there is going to be a sequel with the kids as adults, but I think I could handle that since it won’t be the back and forth of the original. At any rate, I really loved the movie IT and I think everyone did a fantastic job.

You can’t write about the movie without mentioning Bill Skarsgård, who took on the role of Pennywise. I thought he did a great job – he was definitely quite creepy. There is a scene where Bill sees his missing brother Georgie in their cellar and Pennywise appears in the water. It’s something you see a bit in one of the trailers, and it was probably one of the creepiest moments for me. Apart from Pennywise, IT is very much about the Loser’s Club; a group of seven friends who are terrorized by IT (and not just in his clown form) and they band together to try and destroy him. The group include Bill, Ben, Beverly, Richie, Mike, Eddie, and Stanley. All seven of these kids have their own unique personality that just brings a realistic vibe to the entire story. Bill is the stutterer, Ben is the overweight new kid, Beverly is the only girl, Richie is the hilarious loud-mouth, Mike is the black kid whose parents died, Eddie is the small one who is always sick, and Stanley is the more serious, Jewish kid. I thought all of them were played by fantastic actors. IT is rated R for a lot of reasons, but most notably is the language, as some of these kids (especially Richie) cuss a lot. I loved it though – because despite how young they may be, this felt real to me. This is how kids talk. Not all of them, of course, but when they’re just hanging out with their friends, I think more of them cuss than people realize.

Richie was one of my favorites – he added a lot of the humor, and IT was really funny. Yes, it’s a scary film about a malevolent spirit but it’s also about a group of friends who are there for each other while dealing with the pains of growing up. There are a lot of serious topics and issues raised, especially concerning the parents and parental figures in the film. Not all of these kids are taken care of, and some are even abused in different ways. Eddie is one character whose mother is harming him in a specific way, mostly through her lies and intent on keeping him safe. Apart from Richie, Eddie is probably my favorite character in the whole film. I loved seeing how he progressed throughout the movie and learned to really be there for his friends.

All in all, I would recommend this! I didn’t find it terrifying, but I know this might be scarier for some than others. It’s definitely a movie I need to see again and I will definitely buy my own copy when it’s released.

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The Kingsman: The Golden Circle

Movie Review by Lauren

I absolutely loved The Kingsman: The Secret Service so I was more than ready to see the sequel. One of the great things about The Kingsman movie is how it’s a perfect mix of character building, action, humor, and heart. In The Golden Circle, our main character, Eggsy has grown a lot as a Kingsman agent. The movie starts out with a chase scene and a lot of action, so you aren’t left waiting for long. It slows down a bit after this initial scene, but only for a bit, as Kingsman agents are suddenly attacked and Eggsy and Merlin are off to Kentucky to find help. I actually didn’t realize that The Statesmen (U.S. version of the Kingsman) were based in Kentucky until right before the movie. This definitively made me chuckle because this is my state, and I only live a couple hours from Louisville, which is the city a lot of the movie takes place in. The Statesmen include actors like Channing Tatum and Halle Berry, who are welcome additions to the cast, especially since so many of the Kingsman have been killed off. This is one series that doesn’t mind offing characters – even those played by top actors. It’s a bit upsetting to lose some of these characters, but at the same time, I appreciate the film for just going with it.

I thought Taron Eggerton did another fantastic job as Eggsy. The first Kingsman movie was Taron’s big break, and he’s gone on to do a lot of other wonderful films, but he definitely shines in these films. Eggsy is a guy who grew up in slightly rough circumstances, but he’s found a better life for himself in the Kingsman. He still has his heart though, and that’s one thing that endears you to his character. One of the aspects that I just adore about these movies – including the newest one – is how funny they are! I love a movie with laugh out loud humor, especially one with so much action. Kingsman knows how to blend all these elements together. The end of The Golden Circle has a slight set up that makes me think there will be a third movie, and I certainly hope so! I need more Eggsy and the Kingsman/Statesman.

25 responses to “Movie Reviews: IT + Kingsman: The Golden Circle

  1. I remember being terrified by It back when it came out, but I can’t honestly remember watching the whole thing. I think I’d like to watch the newer version. Great reviews. Lauren! :)0

  2. I remember being terrified by the book IT and then watching the movie and feeling it was scary but no where near as much as the book. It would be interesting to see what I thought of the new one. I do wish it wasn’t rated R though. I would love to have my girls watch it with me.

  3. My sister saw IT and loved it. I’m not seeing it because I’m too scared of it. My sister said it wasn’t that bad but I can’t. I do want to see the Kingsman, it looks so good. Glad to hear you liked it.

  4. I’m not much for scary movies but IT keeps getting such good reviews I might have to watch it. In my own basement where I can scream and not be embarrassed, lol!

  5. I never saw the original IT, but I think I would like the second one better from your review. I’m not big on movies that constantly go back and forth. Although, I do love Tim Curry too. I really had no idea what the movie was even about, so thank you for the great review. I’m a big fan of Channing Tatum, so that’s all you had to say for the second movie. 🙂

  6. I’ve never seen the original IT, and the new one isn’t for me either. I’m not a scary movie kinda girl! Glad you liked both movies, though!

  7. RO

    I remember seeing that original mini-series version too, Lauren, and don’t remember being all that scared, but I was also seriously into Stephen King at the time. Now I don’t read OR watch anything scary(lol), but I really loved your review. The Kingsman is something I really enjoyed when it came out, and like you, I wasn’t all that thrilled when they killed off some main characters. But as a reader of spy novels, I find they do that a lot. I’m looking forward to seeing the new one, and the other characters. Your review is once again fantastic! Hugs…RO

  8. I’ve never seen the original IT, but I just watched the remake yesterday night! Definitely had a lot of creepy moments (and probably doesn’t help that I wasn’t ever the biggest fan of clowns). Those kids did a great job, but my goodness, they had rather filthy mouths, haha. I felt so bad for Beverly though–I feel like she was the first to realize IT’s ‘weakness’ and wasn’t afraid because her reality was so much worse. :[

  9. I watched IT when I was very young and it was terrifying! I keep hearing about the new movie and have to watch it when I’m feeling brave!

  10. Hmm! I wonder why none of your posts are showing up on my blog roll.

    Still not convinced I’m going to enjoy IT. I remember terrifying myself reading the book then watching a film version and much later the adaptation of which you speak. My Brother in law went to see this latest film last week and thought it really good, the child actors wonderful.

    Much more to my taste is the last Kingsman film. Loved the first film. Alas I’ll also have to wait for this to come out on DVD.

  11. I really like the original adaptation of It, but yes, I’d agree that the mini-series is rather long and can drag at times. I’m hearing so many good things about this newest adaptation. I was really skeptical at first, but it sounds like it’s worth watching. Thanks for the movie review!

  12. Jen

    I watched the original series for IT, and I must be a wuss, cuz NOPE! Can’t watch this new one. I am so glad you liked the Kingsman. That is on my list for sure!

  13. I can’t watch scary films but I’m sure my hubs will torture me with IT sometime in my future. But Kingsman! I will gladly watch that one!! I enjoyed the first one and the second looks to be just as fun. I have such a crush on Taron 😉

    Thanks for the reviews!!

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