National Poetry Month: In Paris With You

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April is National Poetry Month, and since I actually really do love poetry, I thought I’d share some different posts this month that relate to poetry. There will be some of my favorite poems, some book reviews of verse novels, and more! If you’d like to see something in particular, just let me know and I can try and fit it in. I’d really love to share things that all of us would enjoy, and maybe some of these posts will change your thoughts on what poetry can be.

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For now, I thought I’d share a poem that I love (found here). Enjoy!

In Paris With You- a poem by James Fenton

Don’t talk to me of love. I’ve had an earful
And I get tearful when I’ve downed a drink or two.
I’m one of your talking wounded.
I’m a hostage. I’m maroonded.
But I’m in Paris with you.

Yes I’m angry at the way I’ve been bamboozled
And resentful at the mess I’ve been through.
I admit I’m on the rebound
And I don’t care where are we bound.
I’m in Paris with you.

Do you mind if we do not go to the Louvre
If we say sod off to sodding Notre Dame,
If we skip the Champs ElysΓ©es
And remain here in this sleazy

Old hotel room
Doing this and that
To what and whom
Learning who you are,
Learning what I am.

Don’t talk to me of love. Let’s talk of Paris,
The little bit of Paris in our view.
There’s that crack across the ceiling
And the hotel walls are peeling
And I’m in Paris with you.

Don’t talk to me of love. Let’s talk of Paris.
I’m in Paris with the slightest thing you do.
I’m in Paris with your eyes, your mouth,
I’m in Paris with… all points south.
Am I embarrassing you?
I’m in Paris with you.

27 responses to “National Poetry Month: In Paris With You

  1. Poetry is a something I need to work on expanding my horizons. I just read a bio on Dorothy Wordsworth including poems she wrote and how she influenced her brother’s poetry. It was a good way to ease me into Nat’l Poetry Month.

    Ah, the bitter sweet of ‘I’m in Paris with You’. I can see why you like it, Lauren. Thanks!

  2. I’ve never read this poem, I enjoyed it! I used to write a lot of poetry back in the day but I haven’t really kept up with it. I always enjoyed the creative release from in though!

  3. I hadn’t heard of that poet before Lauren, very cheeky and playful. One of my favourite poets is the late, great Maya Angelou. Phenomenal Woman especially. She not only writes of the strength and fortitude of women but the difficulties and achievements of women of colour. An extraordinary woman who rose up to be influential and inspirational to generations of girls and women. Thank you so much for sharing Lauren, really enjoyed it <3

  4. I’ve written poetry and prose for years and actually just submitted a book proposal last month to try and get my own book of poetry published. I don’t expect to hear a yes (simply because it’s my first proposal) but I’m currently working on finishing up some of my own poetry. I also happen to have a rather large collection of poetry books.

    Nice find by the way. πŸ™‚

  5. I absolutely love this poem. I think it can relate to so many different people. I can’t remember the last time I actually read a poem, need to read them more often.

  6. RO

    When I was in high school I adored poetry so much, and need to get back into reading them like I used to. The one you”ve chosen is quite beautiful. Hugs…RO

  7. I love poetry and I used to write so much of it in my younger years. I don’t know why I stopped. This is such a great one. Do you follow Button Poetry? I absolutely adore all the poets on there. They do live standups on youtube. It’s on Facebook. LOVE IT.

  8. I use to love writing poetry a few years ago. It is something I have got out of and should start trying to write again πŸ™‚ Thanks for sharing at Welcome To The #Weekendbloghop

  9. Beautiful poem!! I love poetry, especially the second generation of English romantics. Keats is my favourite. I thought of coming up with poetry posts now and then, too. Maybe it is something that will happen in the future…

    Ronnie @ Paradise Found recently posted: Weekend Wrap-up #4

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