Currently (July 2023): Canvas Painting and Birthday Celebrations!

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Why yes, I am behind. This is typically supposed to be posted on the first Wednesday of the month. I need to, once again, actually schedule posts ahead of time. I’m pretty much always active on social media so you can still find me on Instagram or TikTok if I go MIA on the blog. I’ll always be back though!

Currently: July 2023

Loving: my local cat café. This is the second time I’ve been, but I got to go with my mom, sister, and nieces this time. None of them had been there so it was nice to go and experience it as a group. There was tons of kittens to play and cuddle with.

Savoring: my pool at night. It’s been nice to get in after a long day, or after a hot dance class. I am happy that I have it at my disposal!

Celebrating: my birthday, even though it was back in May! I planned three outings since the end of May to celebrate my birthday and people could attend whichever ones they wanted. The final one was this past Saturday and I did a canvas painting class. It was a lot of fun, and I think everyone’s paintings turned out well.

Remembering: or (trying to) remember to do reviews for books sooner after I finish them so I don’t forget things. A friend gave me a reading journal for my birthday, so I really want to use that!!

Trying: to make upcoming plans with friends. I love having things to look forward to, and I’m really thankful for all my friends that are willing to do fun things with me like movie nights and cookie decorating.

21 responses to “Currently (July 2023): Canvas Painting and Birthday Celebrations!

  1. Joanne

    Your painting turned out great! I wish we had a cat cafe near us; my boys would love that. I miss having a pool to cool off in at the end of the day. I much prefer pools to lakes or oceans as I don’t have to worry about anything being in the water with me.

  2. I’ve done canvas painting before with my daughter and it is fun!! My birthday is next month and I planned an Escape Room! I can’t wait as I’ve never done one… and then we are going to lunch afterwards. I love our cat cafe we have here too and I should plan a trip there soon!


  3. Ahh, so cute! I still have yet to set foot in a cat cafe, but someday! ;_;

    A reading journal is a great idea! I use goodreads to try to remember what books I’ve read each year but I need to be better about updating!

  4. How fitting you would paint a book!! And such a cleverly designed book. Way to stretch out your birthday celebrations, too.
    I found a tiny kitty in a neighbor’s yard behind their shed in the 105* heat last week. Really don’t need a third kitty but no one seems interested in giving it a home or claiming it as theirs. Wish we had a kitty cafe. This kitty would be the star. She is so sweet and purrs so loudly.

  5. The kids went to a cat cafe with my in laws and LOVED it! And I’m all for stretching out birthday celebrations as long as possible!

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