Keep It Together: A Memory Keeping Q&A

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It’s time for another Keep It Together with myself and Simply Alexandra. Every Third Thursday of the month, you can come and link up any post related to planners/planning, scrapbooks/Project Life, anything memory keeping really! We’re not too picky.

Honestly, this month has really gotten away from me. I had a couple possible ideas of things I wanted to share, but I’m a bit behind on getting either of those ready enough to post…so today, I’m going to make this more of a discussion post! Feel free to answer any or all of these in the comments. I’d love to know!

Do you use a planner?Β 

If you’ve been reading my blog then you know the answer is yes for me. I actually have two planners (and an entertainment themed bullet journal), which I really love. I’m kind of slacking on decorating and things like that this year though, so that’s something I want to focus on more. Half the fun of these things is all the stickers and washi tape you can use!

Have you ever scrapbooked?

I used to and I really loved it. I was that person who took pictures all the time when I was with friends and then I’d put them in a scrapbook. Somehow I got off track though and it’s been awhile since I’ve really focused on them. I want to get back into it though because I have all these pictures online that I want to finally print and save. I’ve even made a scrapbook for a friend and two for my sister, so they are fun to utilize as gifts as well.

Have you done Project Life?

I have not, but Alexandra is really great so you definitely have to look at her blog and see all she’s done with her PL albums. This is essentially a form of scrapbooking that makes things a bit easier, especially if you don’t think you’re that creative or can’t “scrapbook.” I really want to do a Project Life album and I know when I do Alexandra’s tips and ideas will really help me get started.

Do you use social media as a memory keeper?

I do! I don’t post as much on Facebook as I used to, but I still do sometimes. However, my InstagramΒ (are we following each other?) is a mix of blog/book/entertainment stuff as well as pictures of the things I do. I don’t want to have two different accounts, so I just mix it all together. I love sharing parts of my life and being able to look back at the things I did and places I went. Along with social media, my blog is definitely a memory keeper as I’m trying to share more about my life – doing reviews of things like concerts and author signings – so I can go back and more clearly remember these things!

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28 responses to “Keep It Together: A Memory Keeping Q&A

  1. I use a planner but really need to get better about actually consulting it on a daily basis. Sometimes I put in tons of things I need to do but then set it aside for weeks instead of actually using it.

    I used to scrapbook a lot when my son was first born but got away from it because it was so expensive. Now I’ve gotten to the point where I rarely even print photos that I take, which is bad and again, something that I need to get better at, lol.

  2. Finally remembered to link up the post I wrote forever ago, inspired by your series πŸ™‚

    And I love this Q&A. In theory I should be such a planner user given how organized I like to be, but I really didn’t use them (except when I was in school) until I started with the bullet journal and adapted it to my needs. Mine’s mostly a glorified to-do list, but I love it. And ahhhh, my scrapbooking days. I do all of that stuff through Shutterfly now, but man I used to love the stickers and the papers and everything. A good creative outlet, and I agree, great for gifting!

  3. I love the idea of using a planner but I tried and just can’t do it. Instead I use Evernote and Microsoft To-Do for all of my planning. I also use Google photos to store all of my photos.

  4. Since being out of school I don’t really keep a planner anymore. I do have a desk calendar but it’s just not the same, ya know. I typically use Facebook albums as my memory keeper. I know people aren’t going to go through tons of pictures so I just use it as a photo book basically. I also have sooooo many photos so I have backed up like 10,000 photos and videos from the last 8 years of my life on a terabyte drive πŸ™‚ I dont think i could just pick a handful to put in a scrapbook.

  5. Rox

    I want to have a bullet journal! I don’t want a physical journal though because I don’t want to carry a notebook everywhere, especially when I’m travelling. I’m also trying to live a zero waste lifestyle to having notebooks is a no-no for me. I’ll probably look for digital ones instead, but I hope I won’t be too lazy to work on my journal. Thank you for sharing your answers! Looking forward to more of your posts.

    Rox | Transcendent Light ?

  6. candy

    I do keep a journal and I do scrapbook but not as often as I use to. Trying to catch up on all the different trips we have taken right now.

  7. Fun post! I love that app called TimeHop… for instance, today is my son’s birthday and we were looking at it this morning and seeing all of the photos, etc. I shared on social media on his birthdays in previous years. So fun to look back!


  8. I religiously use a planner, and I document daily life on my blog either weekly or monthly! The only thing I haven’t done was scrapbook!

  9. I’m a former scrapbooker and loved it, but got too busy. I still have some supplies so I might get back to it.
    Definitely, I use an organizer, but I have to keep separate ones for work (confidential data) that can’t get mixed in with personal stuff. I also keep a book and reading challenge journal that also helps me write my reviews.
    I don’t keep much online for memories, but I suppose Instagram would be the closest I do for that.

    Great memory keeper discussion post, Lauren.

  10. I think using social media as a memory enhancer is a great idea, and I want to do more of that too. Remembering concerts, special events and stuff- and even on the blog, it doesn’t ALWAYS have to be just about books, right? πŸ™‚ I think that’s awesome.

    I don’t use a planner though, although I have in the past and may again. Or I should say I don’t use one for blogging, although I’d probably be a lot more organized if I did!!

  11. I’m obsessed with a planner. I record and plan everything. I wish I scrapbooked, but I feel like I have no time. It looks so fun.

  12. I am a scrapbooker and agenda-keeper and use Insta and FB to help me share special times in my life. But I have never heard of Project Life. Will look into it. Scared I will like it, though, and want to do it along with everything else. Not enough hours in the day!

  13. I keep a planner for my blog. I have to or I would forget to do blog tours or get review books read! I used to sort of scrapbook, back when I was in high school, and then in college I did with my sorority stuff. I’m thinking of taking a scrapbook/autograph book to a book signing I’m going to in July, instead of taking a ton of books. It will be less to pack and carry, as well as then it will be something I can look back at, and maybe show other people. Since I always get my picture taken with the authors, I can just do that, and then print the pictures to put on the pages with their autographs. I was going to really do it all personal, a page set up for each author with pictures of their books, etc., but I can’t seem to find an online site that doesn’t say the images I choose will be blurry. πŸ™

    Fun post!!!

    Oh yeah, I do use FAcebook these days for memories it seems as well.

    Lisa Mandina (Lisa Loves Literature) recently posted: Sales Blitz with Giveaway: Play Me (Rock Chamber Boys Series) by Daisy Allen
    • shooting

      Oh, I love that idea for a memory/autograph book! How fun. You’ll have to share it on your blog.

  14. This was so fun to read–I love Q & As. I also have 2 “planners”–my daily planner and my reading bullet journal. I also used to scrapbook when I was younger but kind of gave up. I recently got more into trying to do some Project Life and am hoping to make a mini album for this year.

  15. I actually tried scrapbooking for just over twelve months when I was in my earlier twenties, quite a while ago and really enjoyed it. It’s not all that different from journalling really, expect exchange events with dates. Eventually I fell out of love with it and never did complete that album. I wish I had more time to dedicate to creative hobbies, I really need to find more time in general β™₯β™₯β™₯

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