Leave a Mark Auctions for Palestinian Children

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If you have been following my blog for awhile, then you know that I used to do online auctions where authors would donate annotated copies of their books. All money raised would benefit a charity. I’m bringing the auctions back for however long I get donations, and all the money will go to Palestine Children’s Relief Fund. Auctions will start on the blog this week, but they will keep coming until I no longer have donations.

Things To Know About the Auctions:

  1. Each item up for bid will start at $10 USD, which means the first person who bids must bid at least $10. They can bid more if they wish. Bids after this must go up in $1 increments. For example, the first person bids $10, then the next must bid at least $11, but they can bid more.
  2. The person who has commented with the highest bid when the auction ends will be contacted to donate. They must email me with proof that they donated the correct amount, and then their address will be shared with the author so the book/item can be mailed.
  3. Each auction will last 4-5 days, depending on when it’s posted, so there is enough time to spread the word and for people to bid.
  4. Yes, you can bid on more than one item, and yes, you can “win” more than one item.
  5. Please pay attention to each auction to see what exactly you are bidding to win, and what country bidding is open to, because it depends on where authors are able to mail their books to (aka a lot of these might, unfortunately, be U.S. only).
  6. Each individual auction will be a book that an author annotated themselves, so you get a fun behind the scenes look at their book. There will also be group giveaways…more on that below.

Things To Know About Group Auctions:

  1. There are some authors that wanted to donate but didn’t want an individual auction, for fear of low bids, or they just didn’t have time to annotate their book. I decided to group these various items into their own auctions.
  2. That means there will be some group auctions you can bid on that will include a mix of books, signed by their authors, and other fun items.
  3. They will work the same way as the individual auctions; you just have a chance to win more – and the books might not be annotated!

Things To Know About Donating to the Auctions:

  1. Are you an author that wants to annotate one of their books to be put up for auction? Please reach out to me.
  2. Are you an author that wants to donate a signed book, or something else, to be put up in a group auction? Please reach out to me.
  3. If you need to reach me, I recommend email or Instagram DM as the best ways: laurenbecker1215 AT gmail DOT com and my Instagram is here: laurenashleybecker

Hopefully that answers all the questions, but if you have any others for me, please let me know. If you know of any authors that might want to take part, feel free to share this post with them. Auctions will start going up this week, but they will continue as I get donations, so follow along.

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