7 Fabulous LGBTQ+ Themed Souvenirs In Pride Marches

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*This is a sponsored guest post, but it’s one that I thought my readers would enjoy with Pride Month coming in June!*

The LGBTQ+ individuals proudly announcing their existence, their pride, and their love through left and right LGBTQ+ parade marches is a progressive move in history.

Pride marches are full of colorful banners and other marvelous stuff. Event organizers distribute souvenirs to those who joined the event. Some of these tokens are so wonderful you would like to sign up in advance for the next LGBTQ gathering, if possible.

Here are seven fabulous LGBTQ+ themed souvenirs for those who plan to host a fantastic party everyone will remember.

LGBTQ+ Flag or Banner

Although a common piece in marches, event-goers will still appreciate receiving this symbol of solidarity, pride, and equality. To make it unique, use a special stick like the horn of a unicorn or a rainbow wand. You can also add a printed text with the name and date of the event.

Custom Rainbow Caps

Let the attendees know that they don’t need to purchase a cap or hat for the march as you will be giving them away! Pride marches are always hot because of beautiful people and the summer. These caps make an excellent match with fans and flags!

Keychains, Pins and Fridge Magnets

Cute accessories like keychains and pins are safe choices for remembrances. You can easily keep or display them almost anywhere. Moreover, you can request for them to be customized.

Mug or Tumbler

Although these souvenirs would cost higher, they are ideal for small group gatherings. If you have an exclusive LGBTQ+ group with a few members, you can shed a few bucks on giveaways for this party you will be hosting. Consider customized mugs or something that takes the shape of a unicorn or your member’s favorite party animal.

Customized Couple Bracelets

It’s hard to identify couples, and how many of them would attend. As such, it serves as a perfect sale item placed in booths. If you’re facilitating an LGBTQ+ party of people you know personally, this would be an ideal keepsake.

Queer Kits

These boxes are something organizers share to parade attendees so they can use it through the event. Many of these kits contain party accessories and some goodies such as mini rainbow flags, gay hats, symbols, spray paints, confetti, glow sticks, snack bars, water, candies, and more. For a big crowd, the facilitators usually get the money from sponsors or pot money they collect weeks or months from those who signed up.


Some gay geek weddings have fantabulous souvenirs for those who attended the ceremony. One of the most beautiful giveaways is a pair of bobbleheads that looked like the couple, with a thank you message to show their appreciation of support and love they received from their guests.

These bobbleheads also make a perfect gift, so consider custom-ordering for a gay couple close to your heart. To order, visit the website of a bobblehead maker and send a picture of the couple. In a matter of a few days, the manufacturer will send you a couple of bobblehead figures that looked just like your gay friends.

16 responses to “7 Fabulous LGBTQ+ Themed Souvenirs In Pride Marches

  1. I love the bobblehead idea for other things, too!!

    I went to my first PRIDE celebration a few years ago in Columbus and it was AMAZING. I loved every minute of it!!

    Audrey recently posted: Q2 Goals
  2. RO

    You come up with the best ideas! I’ve gone to two celebrations many years ago, when I had more energy(lol) One was in DC and the other was in NY. oth were a blast! Hugs, RO

  3. I love that there is so much merchandise out there now. I remember back in the day, you were lucky if you could find anything rainbow that wasn’t created for a child. I don’t know if all the Pride festivities will take place in June this month because of this virus, but I hope they are able to get them in some time this year!

    • shooting

      So very true! I hope they have some sort of Pride event later in the year if June doesn’t work out. At any rate, I love that you can still celebrate at home with lots of rainbow items.

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