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In February, I was lucky to attend two different plays. The first was on February 14th, with my mom and sister. My sister and I went to college at NKU (Northern Kentucky University) and GLSEN Cincinnati was working with them on their latest play to raise money. I donated money to GLSEN in exchange for tickets for all three of us, and we all attended the show on Valentine’s Day. Said show is Angels in America, Part One: Millennium Approaches. This is a long play – which I didn’t actually realize until the middle of the show. It runs for about 3 hours, 15 minutes, and that doesn’t include the 10 minute intermission. So yes, it was a long night.

However, it was a really well done show, and I think the college students in the play were fantastic. Our seats were actually in the second row, so it was definitely up close and personal. I will say the play, if you’ve never read or seen it, is a bit confusing in parts (I read a full summary the day after to clear up a few points). Regardless, it was still captivating and very emotional. If you happen to live near a college with a fine arts program, definitely look into seeing what plays they put on because these young adults are often highly amazing actors.

This past Friday, February 23, I was able to attend a performance of the musical School of Rock with a friend. This took place at the Aronoff Center in downtown Cincinnati, Ohio. The movie School of Rock is a favorite of mine. It’s full of humor, music, and great actors – including those wonderfully talented children actors! I was so excited to be invited to see the musical by my friend. It was amazing! I highly recommend you catch a show if the musical comes near you!

You’re sure to recognize some of the music from the movie, but there are some new additions as well. I particularly loved the song a group of the students sing about wanting their parents to just listen to them. It was very emotional and beautifully done. These kids, you guys – just, I wish I had half their talent. All the kids who play instruments in the show are actually playing – every single time, every single show! It’s just fantastic!!

I did lots of other fun things in February, but I don’t want to bombard you all with too much information. Instead, it’s time for you to link up!


23 responses to “Local Tourist: Angels in America + School of Rock

  1. Awww I haven’t seen a local play in ages but it’s a wonderful way of supporting theater and the arts and the talented people in our midst! Both plays sound amazing. Wow, 3.5 hours is a commitment, but for a night of theater, you just have to come prepared 🙂

  2. How much fun is that?? I love the movie and was just thinking it’s been awhile since I’ve seen it. I’m impressed that the kids played all their own instruments, that is awesome. I bet it was a blast to watch!

  3. These both sound like so much fun! There is a community college very close to me that has an awesome performing arts center–I really need to take advantage of what they have to offer!

  4. I was just thinking the other day that my husband and I used to go to a lot of musicals/plays together and we just haven’t in a long time! I miss that. I need to look and see what they have going on at our theater here and see if there is a night we can go!


  5. That’s pretty funny because I was suppose to go to a play this month at a college. It didn’t work out but it reminded me how much I do want to stat seeing more plays. I would have loved to have gone to a School of Rock play. It sounds like you had fun 😀

  6. Fun! I love to go see local productions of musicals. A theater about 45 minutes away from me does a series of Broadway shows each year and it’s always a blast to go see them. I saw The Sound of Music there right around the Christmas holiday.

  7. I love the theater and I never get to go other than when my daughter dances in the Nutcracker! I should make more of an effort. Glad to hear you had a good time

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