Movies I Didn’t Realize Were Books

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Last week I had a post titled Books I Didn’t Realize Were Movies…today, I’m going to share…

Movies I Didn’t Realize Were Books

Mrs. Doubtfire is something I remember watching and enjoying when I was a child. What I didn’t know, until last summer, is that it was based on a novel.

Madame Doubtfire was written by Anne Fine and released first in the U.K. It then came out in the U.S. under the name Alias Madame Doubtfire. The book was written in 1987 and the film version came out in 1993.

I took an Alfred Hitchcock film class about a year ago and through that I saw the film Psycho. I had definitely heard of it before, but this was my first time viewing it. I think it’s a great film, but I never knew it was based on a book until I came across the audiobook at the library.

The book is Psycho by Robert Bloch. The book was released in 1959 and the movie came out in 1960. Bloch also wrote two sequels titled Psycho II (1982) and Psycho House (1990).

26 responses to “Movies I Didn’t Realize Were Books

  1. I read and reviewed Madame Doubtfire a while ago. A shorter novel than I expected, I felt it was both darker and yet in places more frothy than the film.

    It was Forrest Gump that surprised me as I only recently found out the film was based on not one but two books.

  2. Huh, I had no idea either of these were books either. I have come across a few movies like that and it always surprises me!

    Have a great weekend!!

  3. I knew about Psycho but had no idea about Mrs. Doubtfire. I get excited when I find out a movie I like it based on a book, and then mad that I didn't know about it first, since the book is arguably always better 🙂

  4. There was an aussie movie, end of the world type book, and the name escapes me but I loved the movie and then found out it was a book. I didn't know many of these movies were originally books. 🙂

  5. Hmm so i never knew about any of these–book or movie lol. But I always find it most amazing when I come across a movie that i loved and find out that there's also a novel and vise versa.

    Thanks for sharing! <33

  6. I didn't know that either of those were books first! It's always fun to run across little bits of knowledge like this. I'm off to check out your books to movies post. Thanks for sharing!

  7. I actually didn't realise that these films existed as books before either. I adore Ms. Doubtfire and have watched it so many times, but still don't tire of it. I've always been a fan of Anne Fine's books, so may have to give it a try!

  8. I didn't know Mrs. Doubtfire was based on a book either. Interesting. I'm watching a show on TV that I've been wondering if it's based on a book. I think I'll have to look it up now that I've been reminded.

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