{Currently – Nov. 2021} Harry Potter, Gotcha Day + More

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It’s the first Wednesday in November and that means it’s time for the monthly Currently post hosted by Anne at In Residence. 

Currently: November 2021

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Appreciating: my cat, Charlie. October had some emotional events happening and it’s been really nice coming home to him and just cuddling. He’s definitely my emotional support animal in many ways, and I’m so glad that he’s in my life. Today is actually his Gotcha Day! I adopted him two years ago today.

Getting: all the Christmas gifts…for other people! I’ve said it before, but I’ve been trying to keep up on holiday gifts since I know shipping will be annoying the closer to December that we get. I’m doing pretty well for some people, while I need to figure out ideas for others. I know bloggers have been sharing holiday gift guides already and I do love those! I’m actually sharing lots of fun Harry Potter themed gifts this month. The first post is up now   – Harry Potter Gifts for Lego Fans!

Making: plans for my November reading. I’m still doing the Read the Alphabet Challenge – though I’m sorry I haven’t really been good about updating about the books I’ve read. I might do a round-up sometime this month to show which books I chose to read for each month. At any rate, the letters for November are UVW and I have books for each letter, so just need to make time for them (along with all the other books I have to read!)

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Sharing: my love of Harry Potter on TikTok. HP was my childhood and I was obsessed for years, but some of that obsession was disappearing a bit after all the JKR drama. However, being on TikTok and finding all the fun cosplayers has really reignited my love for the characters and the world – and we’ll just forget who wrote them. What they say doesn’t matter anymore.

Wearing: Lots of layers! I do like this time of the year for the clothes, because I’m very much a sweater/cardigan/hoodie person. I just feel hot and gross throughout most of the summer months. LOL

23 responses to “{Currently – Nov. 2021} Harry Potter, Gotcha Day + More

  1. Your dear Charlie is amazing. He’s the cat of our dreams! Big, lovable, cuddly, dog-cat. I’m so glad you have him–and I hope you have a gentler November.

    • Yeah, I don’t agree with any of her comments concerning gender and I feel so bad for her transgender fans. I don’t want to support her, but I do love Harry Potter, so I’m glad I’m finding my way back to the story.

    • She’s been writing and making comments about transgender people. She doesn’t believe that people are actually transgender, basically, and she’s been very rude and exclusionary, and it’s hurt a lot of people. It’s been tough not wanting to support her but loving Harry Potter for so many years.

  2. Happy Gotcha Day to Charlie! They really are a source of unadulterated love. Ugh! Christmas shopping. I didn’t even get my dad a gift and his birthday is on Friday. So, obviously you are way ahead of me with the gifting – gold star.

  3. My Argyle had his birthday this past month, it is the day before mine I always say he was my birthday present that year, even though I didn’t get to take him home for almost two months. I read a post by Wil Wheaton recently about when artists/authors do things that make you not want to love things you used to love, and that is what I’m going with so that I can continue to love HP. He said it no longer belongs to her, it belongs to her fans. As for gifts, no one has told me what they’d like yet, so I haven’t really started!

    Lisa Mandina (Lisa Loves Literature) recently posted: E-galley Review: Cupcake by Cookie O’Gorman
  4. Hurrah for Charlie.

    With several presents already ordered, I’m still stuck for ideas and with all of this talk of shortages and delays in delivery I must admit I’m starting to worry a little bit. Still far from giving in to Mr T’s idea that we give everyone gift vouchers I’m sure something will inspire me along the line.

    Felicity Grace Terry recently posted: THE TWELVE EVEN STRANGER DAYS OF CHRISTMAS.
  5. Joanne

    Love your alphabet reading challenge but I bet some letters must be hard to find books for. I am still a huge Harry Potter fan.

  6. I’m going to need to get those Harry Potter Legos for Ishaan. Not that he’s going to know who Harry Potter is (yet), but his dad and I can definitely enjoy them too. Hahahaha.

    Happy Gotcha day to sweet Charlie!

  7. Jen

    Animals are the best. Our Eddie knew my daughter had a hurt ankle and went up and licked it. How do they know? They are so much better than us.

    Loving the Harry Potter shares! I hope things are a little less stressful this week 🙂

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