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I’m here to share a guest post from author Carole P. Roman, who wrote Oh Susannah: Things That Go Bump. To go along with my blog name – Shooting Stars – I asked Carole to make five wishes on a shooting star (five for each point of the star!). Don’t forget to enter the giveaway at the end and add the book on Goodreads! I’ve been sponsored by Carole P. Roman and Children’s Book Review to share this post, but all opinions are my own!

Wishing on a Shooting Star…

The night sky is special to me and has been since I was a child. I live on Long Island on a rather big plot of land, and gazing at the stars is one of our favorite pastimes. We are far from the lights of Manhattan, so we get a wonderful panorama of the heavens above.  My oldest grandson shares this interest and last summer we read a book, naming many of the stars and telling us something about each one of them. With a celestial map in hand, we stood outside, in our pajamas and shared not only an excellent learning experience; we made a few wonderful wishes.

Wish number 1

I remember my parent’s quick response that health, rather than anything else was the most important wish anyone could make. As a child, I couldn’t understand why they didn’t wish for a newer car, or a bigger house. After all, those things would make life better in our crowded home.  My family had less than most of my friends. I longed for a separate room from my younger brothers, more clothes, and a color television, even a vacation like my cousins were able to take. It made no sense to my young mind and even as I aged, I took that single most important gift for granted.

After suffering through illness, or watching my loved ones struggle, I know now, that is the most valuable wish anyone can make.  Mahatma Gandhi said:

“Few people realize the importance of being healthy, they take it for granted. It is health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver.”

One doesn’t realize the importance of health, until they are robbed. It steals their time, filling their days with worry and pain, so that simple pleasures are forgotten. Good health gives us freedom to pursue our dreams, achieve our goals and allows us to bring peace that all is well, to our loved ones.

Health, is always number one.

Wish number 2

I wish for peace in the world. I don’t understand why many people’s first reaction is to hate or justify bad behavior. I close my eyes and squeeze them tight, asking that bright star to illuminate the dark recesses of some hearts. Let them understand it is far easier to love, less stressful, and probably better for their health. William Shakespeare explained hate as a product of ignorance:

“In time we hate that which we often fear.”

Which will bring me to wish number 3

Wish number 3

I wish for fear to dissolve and melt away. Louisa May Alcott said of fear, “I’m not afraid of storms, for I’m learning how to sail my ship.” Only through knowledge and education can we alleviate fear and learn there is nothing to be afraid of. I wish more teachers would embrace education, sparking young minds to want to learn. I wish students used their energy to pursue the smorgasbord of information available to them. I wish it wasn’t so much about grades, or tests, but about the beauty of our history, the celebration of our achievements, the wonder of what the past provided for us to leap to those stars.  Fear sucks all the energy we need, sapping our lives, creating walls that block happiness and growth.

Wish number 4

I wish there was more laughter in our world. Mark Twain said,” The human race has one really effective weapon, and that is laughter.“  Laughter is infectious, it unites, the shared understanding of the absurd, the collective relief, the release of what we carry and hold in is good for the soul. Go on YouTube and look for laughing babies and don’t fight the smile I know is budding on your face. Let yourself giggle, keep that feeling close to your heart and let it tickle you for the rest of the day. Share a laugh with someone today and reap the joy of its results. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L49VXZwfup8.

Wish number 5

Benjamin Franklin knew the secret for having what he desired most. After all, he grabbed life, squeezed the joy and fun by sparking his intellect, questioning his surroundings and fulfilling his dreams. He understood he required only one thing to reach his stars:

“He that can have patience can have what he will.”

I wish for people to have patience, to understand everything will come if they let it, and learn that you can’t force the world to bend to your will. So, tonight, I will take a big breath, close my eyes and wish for all these things, for my family and friends, and for you, dear reader, as well.

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19 responses to “Wish On a Shooting Star with Author Carole P. Roman + Giveaway

  1. RO

    Wow! I was like you as a child and would wish for cars and cash, but as an adult, I love everything you’ve listed. The world would be such a better place. Thanks for such a great post! Hugs…

  2. What a lovely wish list, Lauren. I so agree about health and laughter. As I have gotten older, I too have learned to appreicate the simple things in life.

  3. I couldn’t agree more Lauren with her sentiments, health, peace, love and laughter. I love the magic that is wishing upon a star, especially for little ones. With the world in such a state, it’s lovely to be able to bring a little magic to their lives and instil hope despite how horrible humanity is at the moment. Good luck to everyone who enters and thank you so much for sharing <3

  4. This is an excellent read. Seeing the wishes of others can put my life and wishes in perspective. Health is definitely taken granted when one is healthy.

  5. Jen

    “Few people realize the importance of being healthy, they take it for granted. It is health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver.” Yes! So nice to meet you and I am excited for this giveaway!

  6. Great post! I really miss being able to see a bunch of stars up in the sky!! When I was a kid, I think I also used to wish for more frivolous things, but also that the people I love and care about would be happy/healthy/safe. The latter is still definitely a wish that I have!

  7. Carol Luciano

    I haven’t wished upon a star in ages but if I did, it would be almost the same wishes as you listed. Thank you for the post and the amazing giveaway chance.
    Carol L

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