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One of the things that I missed this year was outdoor movies. Yes, there are some places that are starting to have them, but there were so many that I would normally go to that didn’t happen at all. Now that the weather is cooling off – somewhat – it is the perfect time to make your own outdoor movie nights!

Notice the metal “legs” that allow the screen to stand!

Enter Elite Screens! 

Elite Screens gave me the opportunity to review their 100″ screen from their Yard Master Plus series. This is an indoor/outdoor screen that has a folding frame, which makes it easy to store.

I was excited to finally try it out over Labor Day weekend at my brother and sister-in-law’s house. They have an actual garage, so the screen was set up at the back and we all placed seats either right in or outside the garage, so that we had a nice view!

Before you buy yourself a screen for outdoor movies, make sure you have a good projector! I didn’t have one to start, so I ordered one from Amazon at a fairly decent price (some projectors are outrageously expensive) and it worked really well.

Setting Up the Screen for Outdoor Movies

My sister and sister-in-law are good at putting things together, so they were the ones who set up the actual screen. It probably took a total of 30 minutes, but that’s with reading directions and doing this all for the first time. I imagine it will go much quicker the next time!

All the parts for your screen come in a black bag – but forewarning, this thing is HEAVY!

First, you put together the metal frame that will be the outside of where the actual screen will go.

This is definitely a two person job, just FYI!

Once you have the frame together, you are going to put the screen on (the white part where you view the movie). This probably took the longest, as they were pulling the screen both ways to get it attached to the sides. It essentially snaps into place in the corners and then you connect the rest of the screen all the way around.

Now it’s time to attach the legs! These are kind of screwed on along the outside of the overall screen. You stand it up and it has metal legs that allow you to put the screen wherever you want. This is all we needed for using the garage as our theater, but it does come with rope and hooks if you want to put it in your yard and need it to be steadier.

The above photo is what the screen looked like with a projection when it was still a bit light out. We didn’t start the movie until later, but once we did, it was dark enough to really see and it was a wonderful picture! We used my brother’s Amazon Fire Stick, but there are different options for viewing with the projector I had.

In this picture, you can see that we had to put my projector on top of something (as well as on a table) in order to get it positioned on the screen right. It might take some trial and error, but it’s all worth it!

We grabbed some popcorn and candy and got ready for our movie night, which was…

The Greatest Showman!!!

This was actually my nephew’s pick, but it’s a movie most of us had seen and loved, so it was a good choice! Plus, if you’re interested I actually have a post all about Fact and Fiction in The Greatest Showman. It’s a fun film – with great music – but it’s not all that historically accurate!

I created a short video review for my Elite Screen, if you would like to give that a view (or at least a like) on Youtube. I’ll embed it here for easier viewing-

On Youtube, I have included links to the screen and the projecter in the description. I’ll be adding a link to this full review over there as well so people can get a more step-by-step review if they desire!

Before You Go-

What do you think of Elite Screens? Are you a fan of outdoor movies? And what movie would you pick to watch first?

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14 responses to “Enjoy Outdoor Movies with Elite Screens

  1. I love the idea of this screen since you can move it around! We have a screen for our projector in the basement that is mounted. It would be so cool to have one for outside!

  2. I’m definitely liking the sound of outdoor movies — this is such a cool setup! Our skies have been a bit post-apocalyptic-lookin’ lately but I’m hoping things will get better soon. I miss being outdoors!

  3. This is so cool! We’re talking about setting up a social distance movie in the park type thing with my son’s school so I might have to look into this!

  4. Outdoor movies are so much fun! We do that in my neighborhood when the weather is good. The HOA has a huge blow up screen and we all bring chairs, blankets, pillows, snacks, drinks, whatever, and lay out on the lawn at the front of our neighborhood.

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