Rob Lowe Live: Stories I Only Tell My Friends

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On Saturday, June 1, I treated my dad to an early Father’s Day gift and brought him to see Rob Lowe at the Aronoff Center for the Arts in Cincinnati, OH. Based around Rob Lowe’s memoirs, he decided to create a live show titled Stories I Only Tell My Friends (the name of his first memoir) and share it across the country. One of my absolute favorite books and movies is The Outsiders, and in that book, I love Sodapop Curtis, who Rob Lowe plays. I knew my dad was also a fan of Lowe’s, so it seemed like the perfect outing!

I suppose because the show wasn’t sold out, the Aronoff allowed people that were higher up to move their seats forward. My dad and I were shown a map of seats available and we chose the ones we wanted. We decided to stay in the first balcony, instead of the bottom floor, because we’d be above the stage and able to see everything.

The show started on time, which is always nice, and it began with a collection of clips and photos from Rob Lowe’s career. This was really cool – and they even showed a scene from The Outsiders! Once this was over, Rob himself came out and began the show. He’s really fun and personable and you could tell that he’s grateful for everything he’s been given in his life and he doesn’t take himself too seriously.

If you know Cincinnati, then you’ve probably heard of three-ways, as in the food. Rob began his show by apologizing that he had some indigestion…he joked that he had Skyline chili before the show and it was the first time he’d had a three-way before a show.

He also seemed fascinated by Emilio Estevez (another member of the 80’s Brat Pack) being around Cincinnati so much. He was like “Is Emilio mayor of Cincinnati now? Is there an election I missed?” If you don’t know, Emilio Estevez is a big fan of Cincinnati and he even filmed a movie here called The Public, which takes place mostly at the Cincinnati Public Library (which I still need to watch!) Rob said at the end of the show that he’d have a Q&A and he wanted more information about Emilio! During that time, someone in the audience said he had a condo in Cincinnati and Rob’s like, “Where is it? I need an address!” It was funny! He also mentioned at one point that Charlie Sheen is the biggest Cincinnati Red’s fan of all time (which is probably true hah). FYI: Charlie Sheen is brother’s with Emilio Estevez; Sheen just took his dad’s acting name (their dad is Martin Sheen).

Rob told stories about when he was a kid, about becoming famous, various movies and TV shows he was on. It was funny because his dad was actually in the audience (Rob is from Dayton, Ohio, which is about an hour from Cincinnati). He asked if anyone in the audience was married, and people raised their hands, and then he asked if anyone wanted a divorce, and pointed at his dad, because his dad is a lawyer. Rob mentioned his dad a few times throughout the show when telling particular stories.

This was definitely a really fun show, and it was great learning more about Rob Lowe. I’ve wanted to read his memoirs for awhile now, so I need to finally get on that. I’d definitely recommend checking out the show if it comes near you and you’re a fan of Rob Lowe!

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  1. RO

    Wow! How cool is it to have a brat pack member so up close and personal! This seems like it was such an exciting and enlightening event, and a great gift for your dad. I’ve seen Rob Lowe in a ton of stuff, and he’s definitely grown as a performer. Hugs, RO

  2. Rob Lowe is such a hottie. Hahaha. I fell in love with him when we binged The West Wing. (One of the BEST shows of all time and Rob’s character is my hands-down favorite.) I’d love to see his live show. I know he struggled with addiction and substance abuse when he was younger and then got clean and has been with his wife for years and years. I think it’s such a HEA Hollywood story!

  3. I love Rob Lowe! I had no idea he had written anything. I bet he was absolutely fun to see live. I’ll have to see if he’s coming near here!

  4. Ong this sounds like such a great show and I love how personable Rob Lowe was in the flesh! Sometimes these live shows can be hit or miss and it really depends on a lot of things, but the frontman has to have a good witty personality and it seems like he did. That’s hilarious he mentioned his dad the divorce lawyer ? glad you and your poppa had a nice time together—that is such a cute pic of you both!

  5. Rob Lowe is really one of Hollywood’s success stories isn’t he. Child star and member of the Brat Pack on the eighties, I remember when he was in the news for his sex tape and he seemed to have spiralled a little after that. I loved seeing him in The West Wing, I think he gathered a lot more respect after that and it seemed to relaunch his career. Sounds like a wonderful day out Lauren, so glad you could share it with your dad.

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  6. I’m always so on the fence with comedy shows and things other than concerts because I feel like I never really “get” it and don’t find things to be as funny as everyone else. It’s fun to get out but I never feel like I understood the point. Which kind of makes me a crappy date. HA!

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