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When I was 14, I went to Indianapolis to see Simple Plan and Good Charlotte live. Before then, I’d only ever seen boy bands in concert (Nsync, 98 Degrees). These were two bands that I loved and I was thrilled to finally be seeing them live. Cut to 13 years later, and I finally saw Simple Plan live for the second time. This time around, they came to Cincinnati and the venue was much smaller – it took place at Bogart’s on Saturday, August 19. I loved being able to see a band I grew up listening to in a much more confined space, which allowed me to really experience the full performance. This particular tour was in honor of the 15th Anniversary of their debut album. I love anniversary tours because you get to hear an artist play an entire album. First albums are often some of fan’s favorites, so this was a real treat. They not only played the entire first album, but they also included songs from subsequent albums like “This Song Saved My Life” which I think a lot of music lovers would relate to. Pierre, the lead singer, introduced this song by pointing out that Simple Plan member, David, was missing. He assured everyone that he was still in the band but he’d been dealing with some depression and was taking time to work on himself. I loved that they were open about this – obviously with David’s blessing, I’m sure – because mental health is an important issue. It’s okay to take time for yourself and to get help. It’s okay to admit that something is wrong. It was a powerful moment for me, and I’m sure for others in the audience. Though David was missing, all of the other four original/current members were in attendance at the show.

There were plenty of fun and lighthearted moments between songs, which I love. It’s fun to see a band’s personality come out in a live show. At one point, Pierre took over the drums so that Chuck could take the mic. He joked that he’d always had a dream of being a lead singer, and after 15 years, he finally got the mic. His time as “lead singer” ended with a stage dive before he took over the drums again. One of my favorite moments was when Pierre came around to the back of the venue. My sister and I were standing in the back, right next to the sound systems, etc., so Pierre went into that section so he could face the crowd from the back. This meant he was right next to me, allowing for a couple close-ups and even a nice video where he talks about Simple Plan only existing because of their fans. It was a nice moment. I like when artists try to get a bit closer to their audience, if they can. I know it’s not the safest thing for all artists – it often depends on how large the crowd is and how intense the fans attending tend to be, but in this case, it worked out well. Plus, when Pierre left the stage, the band was still playing so it was a bit of surprise to suddenly find him at the back of the venue. Fun surprise though!

All in all, it was a really fun show. I’m glad I had the chance to see them live again after so many years. It just reminded me how much I loved their music and now I need to make sure I download all the music I don’t currently own. I would definitely see them live again if they ever tour nearby in the future. Their most recent album came out last year, so you never know! If you get a chance to see their anniversary tour, I do recommend. Cincinnati was their second show on the tour, so they aren’t too far into it. Check and see if they are coming near you! It’s upbeat, positive, and just all around fun.
Want to check out some videos I took of the show, as well as check out some other photos? Find them on my Instagram
“You Don’t Mean Anything” – video
“Worst Day Ever” – video
“Meet You There ” – video
“God Must Hate Me” – video
“Grow Up” – video
“Perfect” – video
“Love is a Lie” – video
Lead singer Pierre thanking the crowd, etc. – video
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19 responses to “A Concert Review: Simple Plan

  1. RO

    LIke you, I’ve enjoyed the music of a Simple Plan, and glad you could see them in concert again. I didn’t know David was suffering from depression, but am thankful that everyone understands his need for time to work on things. Sadly, so many people sweep depression under the carpet, and then a tragedy occurs. Hugs…and Happy Tuesday! RO

  2. This looks like so much fun! It’s been a while since I’ve gone and seen a concert. I think my best friend and I are going to try to see Gavin Degraw in Nashville when he’s out here!

  3. Oh so fun! I loved Simple Plan when they were first on the music scene but I will admit I haven’t listened in quite awhile! I think it’s really great they were up front about David not being there and why. I wish more people would talk more openly about mental health issues. I’m glad you had a good time!

  4. Oh my this is such a blast from the past! Simple Plan used to be one of my favourite bands back when I was in high school. I never got to see them live though, but it looks like you had a great time!

  5. I haven’t been to a concert in ages. I haven’t seen either of those two in concert. My youngest brother was really into Simple Plan. He probably would have loved to have seen them in concert.

  6. An anniversary concert sounds so great, so happy you got to experience that 🙂 I was lucky enough to see Simple Plan in live concert a few years back and really loved it as well. So now I’m off to go listen to that first album 🙂

  7. I love seeing artists in small venues the experience is so much more authentic. I saw Owl City a few years ago in a small venue it was so cool to be so close to the stage.

  8. Sounds like a great show! I also love anniversary tours. I recently saw Jenny Lewis and The Watson Twins on one, and it was amazing. One of my favorite concerts of all time. I also think it’s cool the band talked about its missing member. Great review!

  9. I remember listening to Simple Plan so much when I was in high school! Perfect was one of my favorites of theirs–I didn’t even know they were still doing concerts! 😮 (I did recently hear Perfectly Perfect by them and I really liked it! <3)

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