A Concert Review: Tegan and Sara

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I listened in/Yes I’m guilty of this you should know this/I broke down and wrote you back before you had a chance to/

-“The Con” by Tegan and Sara

This past Wednesday, August 2, I saw Tegan and Sara live at The Madison Theater in Covington, Kentucky. This was my second time seeing them live and they were just as amazing. These two twin sisters are so much fun live. They sang plenty of older songs, as well as some of their newer stuff, so it was a nice mix for everyone. I really loved all the songs they sang from their album The Con as that’s a favorite of mine. In fact, they are going on tour this fall to play that entire album – all acoustically too – and I wish they were coming near me so I could go. I definitely recommend people see them live.

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One thing I love about concerts is when the musicians actually speak to the audience, telling stories or the meaning behind songs. If I want to hear the music, I can listen to the album, so while it’s great to hear music live, I like personal aspect of the show just as much. Tegan and Sara did a great job with this. While Tegan spoke the most, they both had their moments throughout the night. In fact, in the middle of the show, Tegan does something where she asks if anyone in the audience is sad and then she finds out why and tries to give some advice. I have a video on Instagram – watch it here – where you can see some of this. Tegan is speaking to a woman who is recently going through a divorce. I thought this was a fun touch to the show!

As for the staging, they had the blow up T & S which were fun. The & sign in particular was great because as the lights changed on the stage, this would turn various colors, giving off a fun vibe throughout the show. Venue wise, I’d been to The Madison Theater a few times but I’d never been on their upper balcony. The venue is general admission, so there are not set seats. However, having recently had surgery, I didn’t want to be too much in the crowd, so I assumed I’d stand near the back. My sister wondered about the upstairs balcony though, so I asked if we were allowed up there (I didn’t know if it was special tickets or not) and we were! And guess what? There were seats. It was actually much more comfortable than standing the whole time – and yes, I realize that makes me sound old!- and it made the concert much more enjoyable. Plus, I feel like I had a really good – mostly unobstructed view of the stage. Because of the stage lights, the pictures aren’t the best quality, but I feel like my videos turned out really well.

It was a wonderful show and again, I recommend checking out their music and/or seeing them live if you can! Just so you know, in both of my above photos, Tegan is on the left and Sara is on the right.

Now, if you’d like to see the other videos that I took of the show, please visit my Instagram page or click the links below:

Tegan and Sara – “Goodbye, Goodbye”

Tegan and Sara – “Shock to Your System”

Tegan and Sara- “The Con” 

Tegan and Sara- “Closer” 

What are some artists you love seeing live? Any you still need to see?

22 responses to “A Concert Review: Tegan and Sara

  1. It sounded like a wonderful concert experience and I am so with you on performers telling a bit of a story when they perform. One of the best that I have gotten to see in concert that does this is Billy Joel. But will have to keep Tegan and Sara in mind now, too 😉

  2. Liv

    Oh seems like a great concert! I’ve never seen teagan and Sara live! Seems like you had a great time and wanted sable to connect with the singers!

  3. OMG! OMG! OMG! I love them so much! I am so jealous that you went and saw them! How fabulous! I love that they actually spoke to the audience like that. They are so wonderful! Adding that personal touch!

  4. Awww, I’m so glad you had a great time! I would have tried to find the seats a bit further away myself and listened like an ol’ granny 🙂 Also! I love that they interact with the audience in that way — it sounds like a great therapy session! I’ll have to look at their tour schedule… I don’t know any of their songs but I always love live music 🙂

  5. Mia

    Looks like a blast! I love live concerts. It’s been a year-ish since I’ve been to one and I need to remedy that soon! 🙂 Glad you had a good time.

  6. I love when they interact with the audience as well. I know some people who just want them to sing but I like hearing the stories.

    It looked like a lot of fun Lauren. I haven’t seen them yet.

    We’re going to see Blondie and Garbage this week.

    For What It’s Worth

  7. It seems like it was a wonderful concert with a great view. Thank you for sharing! I have never heard of these sisters before. I’m going to have to check them out.

  8. Ahhh, I don’t know their music, but I feel like I should — I’ve been stumbling over a lot of positive bits and pieces about them recently.

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