Glossies Made Me Do It: The Soundtrack to the Musical Six

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Glossies Made Me Do It: March 2020 Entertainment Weekly 

Again, if you didn’t know, despite the name Entertainment Weekly, the magazine actually comes out just once a month these days. The magazine has a section in the beginning of each issue called The Must List, and it showcases 10 things they are loving that month. This is where I learned about the musical Six. First off, I love a good musical. Second, it’s about the six wives of Henry VIII and doesn’t that just sound awesome?!

The magazine even has a section underneath this called The Ex Files where they go through each of the wives, briefly explaining who they are and whether they survived or not, in case you need a refresher!

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Six: The Musical Soundtrack Review

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For Glossies Made Me Do It, I decided to review the soundtrack for Six: The Musical which you can actually listen to on Spotify. There’s only nine songs – so it’s not a super long one either! The soundtrack for Six: The Musical is a fantastic look back on a famous period of history. It’s full of great music and witty lyrics and I would be thrilled to one day see this performed live!

The first song is “Ex-Wives” – the beginning of the song is very dramatic. The women go through the famous “poem” about Henry VIII’s wives – “divorced, beheaded, died. divorced, beheaded, survived.”  This part makes me think of “Cell Block Tango” from Chicago. It’s really cool – and the poem is repeated throughout the song. “Ex-Wives” gives you an overview of all six women, so if you only know Anne Boleyn, you’ll get a quick review of who they all were.

The music is fun and upbeat – and I just love the lyrics. The second song “No Way” is about Henry VIII’s first wife, the reason the King leaves the church – so he can divorce her! The third song, as you probably guessed, is about the next wife…Anne Boleyn. And yeah, it’s called “Don’t Lose Ur Head.” This one is kind of hilarious, and gives Anne a bit of a modern spin.

After a few high energy songs, we get “Heart of Stone”, which is more of a ballad. It’s really beautiful – it’s actually a love song for Henry, which is very different from the other five women.

There’s a break between the wives with “Haus of Holbein” which seems to be about the commission of portraits of various women, so Henry could choose his next wife.

“Get Down” is about the fourth wife – the second one to be divorced. I find it fierce and fantastic. Going along with the previous song, she talks about Henry saying she tricked him with her profile picture aka portrait. Again, I love the little modern nods in these songs.

Next up, we have the fifth wife with “All You Wanna Do”. Basically, this wife is very sexually active – before and after she married Henry, which accounts for her being the second wife beheaded. It’s a bit of a sexy song, of course, but it’s also sad when she realizes her love affairs aren’t quite working out the way she hopes.

Finally, we have reached the sixth wife and her song is “I Don’t Need Your Love.” She’s the other wife that survived – she outlived Henry VIII.

And then we have the final song on the soundtrack – simply called “Six.” This is a fun song with all the women together – it’s kind of about finding yourself among a man’s story and finally taking center stage, which is essentially the whole point of the musical. Henry VIII doesn’t get a voice – the women do, and I LOVE IT!

Want to listen to the soundtrack?

And because I’m a bookworm, here’s my novel pick to go along with the musical!

Fatal Throne: The Wives of Henry VIII Tell All by Candance Fleming, M.T. Anderson, Stephanie Hemphill, Lisa Ann Sandell, Jennifer Donnelly, Linda Sue Park, and Deborah Hopkinson


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17 responses to “Glossies Made Me Do It: The Soundtrack to the Musical Six

  1. I hadn’t heard much about this yet! It sounds amazing though and like a fun show, I’ll definitely have to check out the soundtrack!

  2. Oh I have a friend who just talked about this soundtrack and I had NO idea what she was talking about! Ha!

    I am currently reading (for review) CRAVE, by Tracey Wolff, and it’s supposed to be the new (and better) Twilight. I’m barely into it and I really like it so far.

    Sara A Strand recently posted: Book Review: The Rich Boy
    • shooting

      The book is so good! As for the show, I think it’s only touring in the UK and Ireland, but it’s in or coming to Broadway, Chicago, and Australia. I hope to one day see it live!

    • shooting

      I would HOPE that things would be a lot better by July, but I’ll cross my fingers for you too!! I can’t wait to hear what you think of the live show.

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