TBB Asks: Summer Vacation Edition

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It’s July! Seriously, besides the month of January, this year has been going by crazy fast. Today, I’m linking up with The Blended Blog for their TBB Asks: Vacation Edition. Feel free to answer this Vacation Q&A on your own blog, or in the comments!
  1. Unfortunately, no vacation planned this summer. I am, however, going to New York City in November so I can’t really complain!
  2. I really like a mix – or at least switch up vacations here and there. I’ve been to South Carolina and mostly just relaxed and read, but I’ve also been to places like New York City and London, England where you want to pack in as much as you can.
  3. I don’t really have a set month. I think June would be good for the summer, before it gets to ungodly hot. I’m pretty happy to go anytime though as long as the weather isn’t awful!
  4. I’ve never been on one and honestly, the ocean really freaks me out. I like the idea of cruises though!
  5. Not really sure I have a vacation tradition – well, my mom loves to get magnets from all the places we visit so it’s fun to look for those sometimes!
  6. If I had to choose any, I’d go with London, England because I’d wanted to go for YEARS and it’s the one and only time (so far) that I’ve been out of the United States.
  7. I’m pretty bad when it comes to packing because I don’t want to be without anything, so I tend to over-pack a bit. It’s nothing too crazy though – like tons of suitcases!
  8. I’m usually in a hotel but when I went to South Carolina, my family stayed in a beach house and that was a lot of fun!
  9. I don’t really have set things I look for, but depending on where you’re vacationing at, it’s always fun to check out local restaurants or things you can only get there.
  10. I’m not the biggest beach person, so it doesn’t have to be terribly warm wherever I go, but I’m not going to go somewhere with a lot of snow either (I don’t do snow sports). For example, London isn’t always the warmest – and there’s almost always a chance of rain – but I loved being there and I want to go back!
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So tell me – do you have a favorite vacation spot? Anywhere on your bucket list?

40 responses to “TBB Asks: Summer Vacation Edition

  1. I usually take a couple longer vacations depending on what’s going on, but I take mini-vacations a lot … like little day or overnight trips. I went to Big Sur for a week and plan to AZ and CO the end of August. Cruises can be fun, but yeah, being out in the middle of the ocean is really sobering. We are so tiny. lol.

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  2. A beach house sounds fun! Especially somewhere like S. Carolina. πŸ™‚ And London would definitely be fantastic to visit! I haven’t been on a cruise but I’d like to at some point.

  3. Mother of 3

    We love scouting out local restaurants and things to eat that can only be found near where we’re vacationing too.

  4. London is awesome!! It’s such a great place to visit!! I think a stay at a beach house would be super fun. We stayed down on Cape Cod a few years ago in August and it was super fun but really hot! haha I hate the heat.

  5. Bri

    I have never been to New York but would love to see it sometime! Going in the winter seems like it would be so much fun because I bet they have Christmas lights and displays up then!!!

  6. I’m jealous of your New York trip! I have never been there! I bet it will be nice in November! I have also never been to London, I bet that was absolutely amazing!

  7. Ooh a trip to NY sounds so exciting! I’ve never been but have always wanted to go. I agree about London. I went when I was in high school and I loved it and have always wanted to go back. One of these days hopefully!

  8. Beach house, condo, cabin, hotel for the win!! We have stayed in houses and condos on Galveston with the whole fam (3 fams, actually) snuggled up under one roof. Great fun.

    Your trip to NY counts as a belated summer vacation. Know you will have the best time. Thought we were going to NY and Boston and DC in September but that trip has dissolved before my eyes. Maybe next year.

    Leslie Clingan recently posted: 10 Questions about Vacation: TBB Asks
  9. We take a week of R&R each year at a favorite resort and the whole point is to *not* do a lot. It’s our time to relax and recharge. And we always try to go before it gets too hot – which here in FL means we got in April/May. And we always try to eat at restaurants that we don’t have at home.

  10. My favorite vacation was going to Disney World for the first time with my husband and sons. I think a trip to London would be so fun.

  11. I, personally, dislike traveling in the summer but often must simply due to time constraints (I work in a school and am off during the summer). New York in November is nice; I went several years ago to see the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. I don’t really have a favorite vacation spot, rather I like to visit different locations.

  12. I don’t really have any trips planned for the summer either, but like you, I’ll be visiting NYC in the fall so that’s exciting enough to make up for my lack of summer plans.

    I haven’t been on a cruise yet either. I like the idea of a cruise but I also think, for me, it would have to be a short one. I’m not sure how I would do being stuck on a boat, no matter how big it is, for an extended period of time.

  13. I love vacationing at the beach and in the mountains. Both are relaxing, but still have a variety of fun activities to do. I’d love to cross Italy off of my bucket list soon.

  14. I have lived for this moment. I am no longer obligated to take my vacation during the summer, and it’s the best thing ever!!! Summer is hot and it’s peak season, which means they jack the prices up. November in NY is so much nicer than any time during the summer.

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  15. Fun link up. Loved learning your summer plans and what you like to do for vacation. I don’t like the heat or crowds so that makes it easy for me to narrow down vacation plans, but I think I’d make the exception for London. πŸ™‚ Fun that you got to go.

  16. Your upcoming trip will be awesome! I have been on two cruises. I don’t think I would do it again. I have tried Air BnB’s and they are a good deal but cleaning is an issue for some. Big savings though, compared to hotels. I like short get aways more frequently than big trips. Fun questionnaire.

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  17. I have never been to London, but would love to go someday! My husband has been there I think 3-4 times with work and one time in h.s.! Lucky duck! I was nervous about my first cruise, but the ship is SO big that you really don’t even know you’re on it! Plus, it docks fairly often and you get off for a day and then back on! You’d love it! Ohh, I’d love to go back to NYC! I bet you’re looking forward to that!


  18. I cannot believe it is July… I’ll be taking a vacation in September for my wedding! It’s more of a stay-cation, but I’m so excited about it! I need a break! πŸ™‚

    I can’t wait to see your photos from New York! πŸ™‚

  19. OH these questions are fun, I loved reading your answers and it’s such a fun tradition to look out for magnets of every place you visit! πŸ™‚
    I get your feeling about London, I love it there and always want to go back haha πŸ™‚

  20. Ooh New York! That sounds like an amazing trip and looking forward to hearing all about it. It’s been so long since we’ve taken a real holiday, with a mortgage it’s a little hard to get away as we’re always needing something new or to put money into the house somewhere. Funnily enough, I used to buy snow globes whenever we went away, which is odd for Australia as it only snows in the snow fields during winter. It started as a bit of a joke, buying one in a tropical area and went from there. I still have them stores in my wardrobe actually. Hopefully it wont be too much longer until we can get away and I can add another weird snow globe to the collection β™₯β™₯β™₯

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  21. This is so fun! I agree with a lot of these- like I don’t like every vacation to be the same so I wouldn’t have any set answer? Like- my parents went to Germany and Switzerland in the winter, but not because they like snow, just cause it was cool? I do love cruises though! You can see so many different things without having to unpack all the time hahah.

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  22. I lived your answers to this!! I haven’t taken a cruise in ages, but I love them so much. I know a lot of people are either indifferent or just plain disinterested in them πŸ™‚

    London would be an amazing trip… I hope you get to return! Xoxo

  23. I’m so not a fan of the ocean either but agree that the idea of a cruise sounds fun but I’d never actually go on one. London sounds amazing! I’ve always wanted to go there except, well, flying over the ocean. LOL

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