Willie Garson Interview + White Collar Giveaway

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USA Network kicks off your Tuesday evening with the best looking night on television! Watch the return of White Collar at 9pm. One of the fall season’s most critically acclaimed dramas, stars Matt Bomer , Tim DeKay, Tiffani Thiessen, Willie Garson, Sharif Atkins and Marsha Thomason. Visit the official White Collar website for games, photos and weekly prizes. Visit USA Network’s Character Arcade to play games, challenge friends and for more chances to win prizes!

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Gift Bag includes:

–Modern Gentleman’s Guide

–White Collar Hat

–White Collar T-Shirt

–White Collar Season 1 DVD

To Enter-
– Open to residents of the U.S. and Canada

– Prize courtesy of USA Network. Prize pack value: $112
Mandatory Entry: If, in some alternate universe, you were a criminal sent to jail…why would you be there?
Ends: Saturday, August 7th.
Extra Entries:
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Now that you have all the details for the giveaway, please read the following questions I was given the chance to ask Willie Garson (Mozzie on White Collar). I hope you enjoy!

Lauren: I was wondering if your son ever watched the show and what he thinks about it all.

Willie: My son watches the show every week with me. He often explains it to me, what’s going on. He loves it. A lot of his friends watch it, too, at school. Yes, it’s great. He was very upset when I was the sick dog. That was not a good episode for Nathan.

Lauren: My other question, since you’ve been in the business for so long, I’m sure you’ve met many of your different fans, but do you have a crazy story or something where you’re like, “I can’t believe this just happened”?

Willie: Things happen all the time. So, that’s a hard thing. There’s nothing ever that’s really crazy when it comes to someone who likes what we do. It’s a great … that affects what you do. I have to say, certainly, from my other show, we got a lot of— You’ll be walking down the street. You see someone coming towards you. Certainly after 9/11, you could see it coming. You see a woman coming towards you, or a guy coming, mostly women, towards you, saying, “Every Sunday night, we watch Sex and the City, and I lost my husband in the towers.” You can see it, 50 feet away. You know the look on their face that they‘re coming up and what they’re going to say to you. That was very silver in terms of— It’s nice that what we do can have meaning other than just filling the time between dinner and bedtime. So, that’s really important to me.

57 responses to “Willie Garson Interview + White Collar Giveaway

  1. I'd probably be in jail for some crazy stunt pulled by me and some friends, like bungee jumping off a building for fun hahaha.


  2. In a alternate universe, I would be in jail because my high risk heist went a bit awry (Everyone agreed the monkey was good idea at the time) *Shakes head in shame*. ^_^

    hauntingorchid (at) aol (dot) com

  3. In this alternate universe, I'd be imprisoned because I went along with some of my friends' stupid ideas involving cars and private property instead of talking them out of it.

    bookworm1858 AT hotmail DOT com

  4. I would prob. go to jail in an alternate universe for tax evasion. At lest that is what my Hubby said. LOL!
    savingmomssanity at gmail dot com

  5. If I was put in jail somewhere, it'd be for theft of highly sensitive information, such as a ledger out of a CEO's office. Or someone's (someone important) bank records.

  6. Christina

    In an alternate universe, I would be a criminal sent to jail because I would steal something with little to no real monetary value but that had sentimental value, and be caught while on a high speed chase through the city involving police cars, helicopters, good samaritans, and the coast gaurd because I would try to use a getaway boat, lol 🙂

  7. I'd be in jail for jay walking or trying to cross the line to say HI to a celebrity at an event. (actually I got a dirty look from a celebrity's body guard (and the celebrity) once when I was 15 and tried to get their autograph.) She would not have been worth going to jail for trying to get her autograph. 😛

  8. If I went to jail it probably be for stealing something because I love it or someone I knew needed something or they would die without it for health reasons not vanity…and hopefully neil would be in the cell next to me.

  9. In an alternate universe, I would definitely be sent to jail for climbing into the koala inclosure at the zoo and trying to bring one home… They are just so cute, darn it!

  10. Nicole S.

    I would probably go to jail for something driving related — like having too many speeding tickets!

    nssoufi at yahoo dot com

  11. I would probably be in jail for being a crazy stalker of the White Collar or Supernatural actors. Yep that's me…or at least

  12. slacker1307

    I'd probably be there for stealing music or books. Basically anything inside a B&N haha.

    slacker1307 (at) yahoo (dot) com

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