2019 Spring Bucket List

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Spring Bucket List

I’m a day late – but I’m here! Thank you to the lovely Leslie for doing these seasonal bucket lists, and for creating the above image.

Before I move on to the Spring bucket list, I have one final Winter Bucket List update. Let’s see how I did!

2019 Winter Bucket List Update

Print out London/Harry Potter pictures and figure out if I’m doing one scrapbook or two. I’m only doing one scrapbook and I ordered some fun supplies, so once the rest gets here, I’ll be ready to start. I STILL need to print off actual photos though, so that part will be moved over until the Spring.

Go to a Cincinnati Cyclones game. Yes! I went on their Wizarding World night, and I got a cool Cyclones themed wand. My sister bought us tickets as part of my Christmas gift and it was a lot of fun. Plus – we won!

Read 2-3 Christmas/Winter books. Christmas might be over, but that doesn’t mean I can’t still enjoy these Christmas/Winter themed books. I’m pretty sure the only book I read that fit this description was Hark the Herald Angels Slay by Vicki Delany, so that’s about half a point for this one!

Watch Bird Box on Netflix. Yes! You can see what I thought on my Book Vs. Movie post.

Start Losing Weight Again. The last time I updated you all I was about to see my weight loss doctor. I had only gained a tiny bit, which is great since that was through the holidays. I’m not sure where I’m at right now – I go back in about a month, but I’m working on it! I’m doing the gluten-free thing and I’ve been dancing. Hopefully the weather will cooperate so I can get outside and moving more too!

That’s about 3/5 if I count half points for things, so not terrible! But let’s move on to the new season!

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2019 Spring Bucket List

One: Print London photos for my scrapbook

This is back on the list since I should have all my supplies soon; I just need to get photos printed so I can finally get started.

Two: Write at least 15k words in my WIP

It’s not a ton – about 5k words each month of Spring – but I want to start somewhere when it comes to getting back into my writing. I have the WIP started, so I just need to develop a routine for writing again.

Three: Visit The Root Beer Stand

This is a restaurant in Cincinnati that I’ve been to once. It’s open now so I’d really like to visit – I love a good Root Beer float!

Four: Go the Drive-In Movies

My local drive-in movie opens tonight, so once the weather gets a bit warmer, I really want to visit! I’m sure this will be on my summer bucket list too because I love going!

Five: Plan My Birthday Party

I’m turning 29 at the end of May so I’ve decided to do a (2) 9 3/4 birthday party AKA Harry Potter themed. I’ve done HP themed parties in the past, but I really want to make this one fun so I need to start planning it this season (and even hosting it this season if all works out in early June).

Six: Write/Schedule all my London and New York trip posts

I went to London over two years ago and while I’ve done some posts, I have a lot more that I need to write and get scheduled. I also need to write a few posts about my trip to New York this past Fall. I might not have all the posts published by the end of Spring, but I want them all written out and scheduled at the very least so I don’t have to worry about it!

I think I’m going to stop it at 6 so it’s not too overwhelming, though I’m sure I’ll find all sorts of other Spring related things I want to do! 

What’s on your Spring Bucket list?


38 responses to “2019 Spring Bucket List

  1. Sounds like a do-able list. I have a lot of great photos on my phone that I need to print out. It’s nice having them on my phone but there’s just something about flipping through a stack of pictures.

  2. RO

    Yay to the Harry Potter Scrapbook. That sounds really cool. I really enjoyed Bird Box, the movie a lot. My goodness, the last time I went to a drive in movie was literally years, and year, and years ago!(lol) I hope you take pics of the one that’s open near you. Too bad I don’t live close enough to enjoy that birthday party. I know it will be a blast! Hugs…RO

  3. OOO a root beer stand! I absolutely love root beer floats! I haven’t had one since the summer. I’ve only ever had one at A&W which is a fast food chain. Oh and the ones we make at our house.
    I love Harry Potter. I really love that you’re making your party theme that! How fun! We just started watching the Fantastic Beasts which I find are OK. Not as good as Harry Potter. Can’t wait to see what you come up with for your party!

  4. Kim

    I used to do bucket lists with the boys. Before they were too grown up to do all that fun stuff with me. But now I guess its time to make one for myself. Creating an outdoor space I can relax in would make that list. As would losing some inches. That would be nice 🙂 I’ve never been to a drive in…yet! Happy Spring!

    Kim recently posted: Menu Plan: 3•25•19
  5. Great list and goals and good luck with all of them! Exercising and losing weight is always hard and always seems like something I am constantly doing and changing and doing again LOL!

  6. I like your list, I think six items is do-able, especially when Spring seems to be one of the shortest seasons! The Harry Potter theme party sounds so much fun! And I can’t wait to read all your fun travel posts!

  7. Hey, so glad you joined us!! Good work on your winter list…you can always bump things to the next season, well almost everything…maybe not ice skating from winter to spring or swimming from summer to fall. But scrapbooking for sure! Get your photos printed and you will be ready when the fun supplies arrive.

    Take advantage of that drive-in because it has to be one of the only ones left in the country! Ours turned into a swap meet. I have fond memories of going as a child.

    I had to bump losing weight to spring but at least I didn’t give up on it all together, right? Somehow knowing that swimming season is around the corner, it feels more imperative that I get in better shape!

    What is WIP, work in progress? I have started making Mondays my book writing days. It works pretty well when I am home. Just need to stay my butt at home!!

    Leslie Susan Clingan recently posted: My 2019 Spring Bucket List
  8. Jen

    My husband and son still haven’t watched Bird Box, but I loved it! I hope you like it. I am getting over a wicked cold right now and then onto planning Spring time activities. Good luck with your list 🙂

  9. I love drive in theatres! My hometown has one and I feel like I’ll need to make a trip back home once they open up and give them some support! It’s such a fun thing!

  10. Best of luck for your writing! I feel like, when it comes to it all, personally once I settle a small writing routine, it feels easier to write somehow 🙂 I hope you’ll get to write a lot! AND YAY for a great, themed birthday party, this sounds so exciting! 😀

  11. I love love love your list, and that you are planning a Harry Potter themed party! How fun! Uhm, ROOT BEER RESTAURANT? I haven’t had a good float in YEARS and it always reminds me of my childhood because I think it’s one of those things my dad introduced me to and it always makes me think of him. When my bestie and I traveled to Jefferson, TX (the cutest little antique village in the middle of nothing) we had the most delicious root beer float for $1. I’ll never forget it!

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