3 Reasons to Read the Jasper Dent Trilogy by Barry Lyga

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3 Reasons to Read the Jasper Dent Trilogy by Barry Lyga

Serial Killer Parent: The main premise in the Jasper Dent trilogy is that Jazz has been conditioned by his father to become a serial killer. While Billy Dent has been caught when I Hunt Killers begins (the first book in the series), a lot of the damage has already been done. I found it fascinating throughout the series how Jazz kind of walked the line of being his own self – and a good person – and living with Billy Dent’s words in his head. Jazz knows he has the skills to be like his dad, but he’s determined not to turn into the person Billy raised him to be. It’s a really fascinating character study in a way!

Jazz’s Best Friend: Howie has hemophilia (which means a simple shoulder punch can really injure him), and this makes him an interesting best friend for a serial killer’s son. I love Howie though. He knew Billy a bit before he was captured, but he obviously never realized he was a serial killer until after the fact. Regardless, he is loyal to Jazz and he knows that Jazz is not like his father, even if Jazz isn’t always so sure. Plus, Howie is just really funny and these type of books always benefit from some humor.

The Books Build: I felt like each book was really great all on its own (honestly, I gave the first 4 stars and the last two 5 stars on Goodreads). This is always a great thing when it comes to series because sometimes it can feel like one of the books is more of a filler than the others – usually the second book in trilogies- and I didn’t think the Jasper Dent series had that problem. Yes, there are overarching mysteries and story lines to keep you reading, but each individual book had its own little mystery to sort out too.

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11 responses to “3 Reasons to Read the Jasper Dent Trilogy by Barry Lyga

  1. I read the first two books years ago. I should finish the series. I’d probably have to read re-read the first two again to get anything out of it. Glad to hear you loved the series! 🙂

  2. Laurie Nykaza

    I would love to read this trilogy all 3 books sound amazing. I love these types of books so interesting,

  3. Dorothy Boucher

    I have been wanting to get to this but I am still backed up from other book. I hope to this Spring have a chance on reading these.

  4. Felicia Santos

    I’ve actually been meaning to read the first book, didn’t know there are follow ups. Gonna bump it up it my to-read pile now, exciting stuff 🙂

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