What’s In a Name?: How Bloggers Chose Their Blog Names Part 2

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Back in 2018, I had a post titled How Bloggers Chose Their Blog Name. I asked a bunch of different bloggers this question and created a fun post. Then, I got a lot of comments with other bloggers sharing how they came up with their name and I saved all of those for future posts! It’s been almost two years now, but I’m finally sharing part 2. You can expect part 3 next month!

What’s In a Name? How Bloggers Chose Their Blog Names Part 2

You know what, my blog name was always supposed to reflect that I was going to do a variety — movies, books, tv reviews — but I never could reflect that as much as I would’ve liked. But the name has stuck and I am still trying to decide what’s a good name!

Mine has been through several incarnations, but I settled on Coffee Until Cocktails because I think it perfectly describes my working mom life!

I came up with mine because I was a review blog and I planned to do a weekly “roundup list” so The Trish List was born. I haven’t done a single round up list, but the name stuck and I think it works for all topics!

My IRL nickname is La La and my username and RP name, on a Harry Potter social site I was a member of, was La La Toadstone. Most bookish people and Goodreads members who knew me when I started the blog were from that site, so I used it for name recognition. The “in the Library” is because I used to do literacy tutoring in our public library. The “Accidental Blogger” comes from the fact that I was trying to set up a Googke+ account to get an entry for a book giveaway, and instead I accidentally registered a Blogger blog.

My blog name came to me fairly easily. I am never without a book… ever. I always leave the house with a physical book, my Kindle, at at the very least, the Kindle app on my phone. So Girl Plus Books summed me up pretty well!

Mine began as Kimba the Caffeinated Book Reviewer and evolved into the Caffeinated Reviewer as I added audios etc. (Kimba by the way was a white lion in the golden book of the same name. My Dad used to call me Kimba as a childhood nickname)

My blog name is because I moved from NJ to KS and in the Wizard of Oz they are not in Kansas anymore, so I’m not in Jersey!

I personally came up with my blog name kind of… randomly, but not so randomly, either. I was thinking about my favorite John Green quote, and one of my favorites of all times, “If people were rain, I was drizzle and she was a hurricane.” and… it kind of came from here. It also made me realize that books, too, can be like that. Either silent drizzles or massive hurricanes.

My blog is named after my farm and orchards. We named our farm/orchards Orison Orchards because Orison means prayer, and we knew we needed a lot of prayers to become successful!

Mine is a play on the phrase “a kernel of truth” meant to reflect my often facetious personality.

My original blog name was Dirt and Noise because my brother-in-law sent me a quote about being a “boy” mom. But, someone else had the domain and a similar blog name, so I went with my first and middle name, since I know no one else would have that!


If you never gave me your answer in the original post, feel free to share how you came up with your blog name in the comments. Who knows? I might just add a Part 4 to this series!

35 responses to “What’s In a Name?: How Bloggers Chose Their Blog Names Part 2

  1. It’s fascinating to learn how people chose their blog titles, there’s been a few I’ve come across over the years and have been left scratching my head quite often to why and looking at someone’s about me page usually doesn’t provide any details.

    I chose mine on a whim really. My email and gaming tags were Diva in Pyjamas so it was taken from that and originally it was Ramblings of a Diva Booknerd. It was too much of a mouthful so I shortened it when I registered a domain. Quite a dull story actually ?

    Kelly recently posted: The Omte Origins
  2. I chose mine when I didn’t even really know what a blog was or what I would use it for – there was a Calvin and Hobbes book (The Lazy Sunday Book) on the computer desk and since it was actually a Sunday that I was ‘creating’ it and had a million other things I should have been doing, it morphed to nolazydays.blogspot.com
    Then I thought – even lazy days have their purpose (rest, mainly) so lazy days are necessary and active in rest, therefore not technically lazy. Justification 🙂
    I haven’t updated it in months – or rather, I haven’t posted to public in months – mainly because I don’t find it interesting and am 99.9% certain that no one else would think it interesting as well.

  3. Okay this is a really fun topic! My blog name A Book A Week, really just stemmed from me setting a goal to read at least one book each week. I started my blog at a time when I was reading maybe one book every few months or so, and I really made it as a way to hold myself accountable to this new goal. Eight years in I’m still holding myself to that same concept!

      • Thanks! Yeah, I actually started blogging on another blog: The Readers Den with Jasprit. She kind of went off blogging and I was mostly on Waves when all the others just kind of just stopped. I still keep in touch with Arlene and Jasprit, though. I’ve met up with Arlene lots of times for book signings, movies, and we’ve gone to the ALA three times together. I met up with Jasprit when I went to England several years ago.

  4. Fun read. I had kind of figured out Dara’s blog name. I can relate to Beth’s blog title as a former working mom. I chose mine because I am a retired librarian, wanted to share books/fairy tales on my blog…but also because I wanted to talk about my life once upon a time and my happily ever after.

    Leslie Susan Clingan recently posted: Friday Favorites 09.2020
  5. Meg

    Oh, this is cool! I like seeing how others came up with their names!

    I picked The Fiction Addiction when I was in grad school and trying to squeeze my fun reading around my required reading. I like how it’s clear and memorable, but unfortunately, it’s too long for a username on most sites.

  6. Oh how fun! It’s always great to put a little background to all the cool blog names out there… 🙂

    My own was simply because when I started blogging I wasn’t sure WHAT entirely I wanted to blog about other than books, and… well, it stayed mostly books haha s a bookish haven seemed appropriate. 🙂

    Have a nice week!

  7. RO

    I didn’t respond, but I remember when you did this post, and it’s so brilliant! It lets us know more about our favorite bloggers, makes us smiles AND provides a list of new bloggers to visit. A great way to start off the week and so fun! Hugs, RO

  8. Jen

    I liked reading those “creation” stories. I think the blogging name is the first and hardest thing you do as a blogger and then sometimes you even do renaming and rebranding, right?!

  9. I always wondered about LalLa’s lol so good to know!

    I was always opinionated so I was thinking …here’s my opinion – for what it’s worth. I didn’t originally plan on being a book blog so I probably would come up with something different if I started out now. And I would definitely pick a 2-3 word title because it’s SO much easier to do pretty headers than with 4 words lol

    Karen @ For What It’s Worth

  10. Mine was a huge fail. I thought “thirsty daddy” was a clever name and that I’d be writing snarky “why my kids make me drink” type things. Very little of what I write is actually like that and it turns out “thirsty” has a very different meaning than I knew that it did. oops #happynow

    jeremy-thirstydaddy recently posted: Defending The Boob Tube
  11. I love reading blog origin stories! I put approximately 2.343 seconds of thought into my blog’s name because I never expected anyone to read it. I didn’t think the name was important. When I started my blog, I had never heard the phrase “TBR.” I had a massive stack of unread books and literary journals next to my bed that I called “All The Things.” As in, “There are all the things I need to read.” My goal was to read all the things in the stack, so that’s where the name originated.

  12. Oh this is fun! All of us have an interesting story! Mine is easily explained on my blog home page. I fostered a little (really reeealllly tiny) from a shelter last year and they brought the baby to me at school as I still had an afternoon class. She is pure white and all the kids wanted to call her something like Snowdrop or Snowy or SnowWhite, things with white and snow. I actually speak Afrikaans and the Afrikaans words are “sneeu” and “wit”.
    I was going through a rough patch, I had a miscarriaged a couple of months before and my last embryo transfer was unsuccessful. So I needed to “let go” of a couple of things. Hence Elza’s name! Elsa from Frozen, yes. For my snow queen kitten and the “let it go” part. So the blog name is easy – Elza Reads!

  13. Danielle Hammelef

    Just like choosing a child’s name or pet’s name, I’m always curious to the story behind the name. I enjoyed this post!

  14. Oooooh this is such a fun post and I love seeing how everyone came up with their blog names!

    I spent a few weeks coming up with my blog name since I struggle with good names – it took me about two weeks before I came across a character in a game (which I had a blog for before my current) that I felt fit my love for books and dragons perfectly. I definitely knew at the time I didn’t want to include my name considering that I used an alias in addition to the possibility of cobloggers down the line (which ended up happening after all). Over the years I did have a blogging crisis where I thought about changing my blog name multiple times, but ended up keeping it because at the core of who I am, I’m a book nerd and I have thoughts, regardless of how the blog evolves over the years. So really young me probably had some good sense when it came to names, haha, and knowing this fact has definitely lessened the whole, “I want to change my blog name.”

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