How Bloggers Chose Their Blog Names

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What's in a name?

What’s In a Name?

I’m always fascinated by how bloggers come up with their blog names. For me, Shooting Stars was because we wanted to focus on authors and artists that we believed in and who were up and coming – aka Shooting Stars. The Mag part is actually short for magazine, because the original goal was to have monthly “issues” like a magazine, but that was dropped right away, but we still kept the Mag. I like it!
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Today, I’m sharing the stories behind some other blogger’s names! Share yours in the comments! 

Originally I had named my blog by my first name, which luckily is an unusual spelling so I was able to purchase my domain. But, then I started interviewing my friends about the topics I was planning to write about, and I started saying this phrase to them repeatedly. It just came to me, and I couldn’t stop saying it. It was the answer to almost everything. So, It’s All You Boo was born.
-Nadalie Bardo,


I am a teacher and a mom and will be writing about both so I combined the two.


My name is Esther Regaillard. My blog name is brownmomrising. I chose this name because I recently became a mother and I’m on a “journey” to rise above all the obstacles that come my way. Whether it through motherhood, my career, health and so forth.


I brainstormed a list of several pages long over a several day period. Then, I showed that list to people in real life. I’m still kind of surprised that I ended up with the prosaic “Joy’s Book Blog,” but there was a general consensus among the people I consulted that cutesy names were just confusing. The clever ones went over their head or were already in use by other book bloggers (proving that I’m no more clever than the average book blogger). In the end, I decided that “Joy’s Book Blog” was clear and would work well with search engines, so I stuck with that. It’s been 7 years; I can’t imagine changing it now. I even make it work for posts that aren’t about books.


I’ve switched blog names too many times to count. It’s sad really. But, I finally came up with something that matches who I am and my life, which is amazing. It was difficult though. How I came up with the name was through a LOT of brainstorming about how to get puppies involved in my blog that has mostly book reviews. I’ve changed from a gaming blog to a book review blog, to a life blog that focuses mostly on book reviews but now I don’t feel bad posting pictures of my dogs! <3 Finally wound up with the blog name: Ruff Day Reviews.


My blog was originally called Creative Therapy because I used to share my artwork and writing. But over the years it developed more into a book blog and earlier this year I decided to change the name to Dusting the Soul.The name comes from the quote ” art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life” by Pablo Picasso.


My blog name went through a couple changes in the beginning before I settled on Wonderland’s Reader! I’ve been thinking of changing it again to reflect the broader topics I plan to blog about.


I was trying to think of something bookish and had a song lyric ‘blades in a line’ stuck in my head! I like the name so I wouldn’t want to change.


My blog name is Absolute Shannonigans because it’s a pun on my name. It’s also not book specific so if I wanted to “expand” I’m not stuck with a book name.


It’s a reading thing was the name of my old message board on yuku. I kept the name when I created the blog.

Tell Me: If you’re a blogger, how did you come up with your blog name? I might use your story for a future post! Also, be sure to check out the blogs in this post! Make new friends!

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51 responses to “How Bloggers Chose Their Blog Names

  1. You know what, my blog name was always supposed to reflect that I was going to do a variety — movies, books, tv reviews — but I never could reflect that as much as I would’ve liked. But the name has stuck and I am still trying to decide what’s a good name!

  2. candy

    When I see some of the names it is interesting to find out how it came to be. Totally enjoying reading how some blog names arrived.

  3. Many years ago I made a purchase that a woman I didn’t know was paying me back for half of in exchange for me giving her copies. Our joint friend who was the go-between apparently didn’t give her the spelling of my name so the check she wrote was to “Miss H”. I’ve used “missh” as part of my handle for various things for years. Another friend said every time she saw “missh” her first thought was always “misshapen”, which always amused me. When I decided to start my blog I knew I wanted to use this, I then added “journey” because my blog is supposed to be about navigating life. Thus Misshapen Journey was born.

  4. Such a fun post! It’s really neat hearing the stories behind different blogs and their names – including yours! Mine has been through several incarnations, but I settled on Coffee Until Cocktails because I think it perfectly describes my working mom life!

  5. RO

    I always wonder about that too, and this is a great way to get the scoop, Lovely Lauren! I really enjoyed these a lot, and look forward to seeing more. Hugs…and happy Wednesday! RO

  6. I love finding out the meanings behind the name for blogs. I came up with mine because I was a review blog and I planned to do a weekly “roundup list” so The Trish List was born. I haven’t done a single round up list, but the name stuck and I think it works for all topics!

    Trish @ The Trish List recently posted: The Power of Bravery
  7. My IRL nickname is La La and my username and RP name, on a Harry Potter social site I was a member of, was La La Toadstone. Most bookish people and Goodreads members who knew me when I started the blog were from that site, so I used it for name recognition. The “in the Library” is because I used to do literacy tutoring in our public library. The “Accidental Blogger” comes from the fact that I was trying to set up a Googke+ account to get an entry for a book giveaway, and instead I accidentally registered a Blogger blog. ?

  8. Ah it was a complicated thing. First we were three and we tried to create a blog and a friend of mine gave me one and a few months later when I wanted to do English reviews and they didn’t, we splet. FInally I created a new one with a new friend and we kept her old name lol so well it was easy this time.

  9. I love how people come up with their blog names. It’s funny I see a lot of blogs called something and something or from something to something. My blog name is because I moved from NJ to KS and in the Wizard of Oz they are not in Kansas anymore, so I’m not in Jersey!

  10. Oh what a great idea for a post! I love reading how people come up with their blog names, such great stories 🙂
    I personally came up with my blog name kind of… randomly, but not so randomly, either. I was thinking about my favorite John Green quote, and one of my favorites of all times, “If people were rain, I was drizzle and she was a hurricane.” and… it kind of came from here. It also made me realize that books,t too, can be like that. Either silent drizzles or massive hurricanes 😀

  11. I always wondered about your blog name. This was a really fun read! My blog is named after my farm and orchards. We named our farm/orchards Orison Orchards because Orison means prayer, and we knew we needed a lot of prayers to become successful!

  12. So cool! My original blog name was Dirt and Noise because my brother-in-law sent me a quote about being a “boy” mom. But, someone else had the domain and a similar blog name, so I went with my first and middle name, since I know no one else would have that!

  13. This is awesome!! I love reading these stories!

    My blog name is rather simple… it’s my name and then I just tacked on “Reads” to the end. I spent hours and hours trying to brainstorm something a bit more creative, but this is the one I kept coming back to. I really like my first and middle name, so it worked out. The funny part is, I have another hobby, photography, and my name for that is “Erica Robyn Photography.” So I haven’t been the most creative… but it does help with personal branding! I just loop everything in and keep the focus on my name. 😀

  14. What a fun post! I wish I had a good story. When I started my blog, I wanted to post on a variety of topics. I planned to talk about my mom’s cancer battle, books, and gluten-free cooking. All of the names that I thought of were taken so I settled on Carole’s Random Life. I ended up only posting about books so my blog has always been a book blog. My daughter suggested I add in Books to my blog name so it is now Carole’s Random Life in Books.

  15. Such a fun post! Mine’s not super original in that I’m a Libra who likes all things Bookish, therefore my blog is The Bookish Libra. Since I like to write fair and balanced reviews, I liked the idea of using my zodiac sign since Libras are supposed to like all things balanced.

  16. Mine originally was Deanna Writes, but has I started doing more book reviews I switched it to Deanna Reads Books, although I do write about non-bookish things now.

  17. This is interesting. I always wonder how people come up with a name for their own personal corner of the internet. I’d have never guessed how some of these names came about! I originally wanted mine to be “Life by Louise” (which is my middle name), but that was taken so I switched to “as” instead. It works because occasionally I’ll shorten it to LaL. I also originally signed off on posts as Louise but I use my actual name now 🙂 Although some people still call me Louise in the blog world 🙂 It makes me grin.

  18. I loved reading this post! So interesting! I blog with my four sisters and my sister-in-law, and we named our blog This Blue Dress. We wanted a symbol of something we all shared together, and we settled on a beautiful blue dress that most of us wore to prom. My sister-in-law and one of my sisters also shared a blue dress! It also fit our tagline “A Closet Full of Inspiration”

  19. Oh my last Sunday post was about my blog name 🙂 ! Even though I have only had three (or is that many?? lol) I always feel I’m agonizing over it! My first blog name was like super unoriginal “Daniela Ark’s Blog for readers, Writers and Bloggers” LOL LOL LOL Then I think I did a better job with “Nocturnal Devices” but I really like the last one. BOOKIVERSE. I ask people to comment on how they came up with their blog names on that post so you may find more stories you like 🙂

  20. This was so fun to read about, I love hearing how bloggers come up with their blog names! Your blog name is great too–I love the “rising stars” idea.

    When I first started my blog I called it Bon Chic Bon Gastronomique as a play on the French phrase Bon Chic Bon Genre which refers to kind of a preppy style. I studied French in college and used to be a French teacher. I wanted to combine my loves of style and food. I realized quickly that it was really hard to spell and super impractical. So a few years ago I changed it to my first and middle names, Shea Lennon. I figure my name won’t change and it doesn’t lock me into any specific niche, so I’m sticking with it!

  21. Awe I love how you decided your blog name! My husband and I decided on ours because of our matching tattoos – No Compass Necessary – I know it might be a little odd and hard to spell but it makes sense for us!

  22. Aw this is such a fun post! So. I had a terrible time coming up with a name. I tried all the generic ones “Shannon Loves Books” and other such nonsense) but finally came up with this one- it’s a quote from Catching Fire, which is perfect (when Plutarch is dancing with Katniss, and he tell her he has a gamemaker meeting, shows her his Mockingjay watch and says “It starts at midnight” pointedly- this also comes back around later of course. Anyway, plus the fact that the only I time I was ever blogging was quite literally at midnight… it just kind of worked!

    Shannon @ It Starts at Midnight recently posted: Broken Things by Lauren Oliver
  23. Aww, I love seeing how others come up with their blog name as well! Frequently I’ve thought about changing my blog name because I felt it was WAY too long – and honestly, it IS long. At 15, I didn’t THINK about specifics and just wanted a name. Funny enough, I was opening a gift in Wizard101 and got a bobblehead named Milos Bookwyrm, who is a side character. He’s in a world called Dragonspyre, so that’s kind of how I imagined the blog to be? ? I know I started with an owl, but I FINALLY got a dragon, which I think fits the name MUCH better. I didn’t want to use my name either, in the case I wanted to add other people or be too centered on books in case I went beyond. My core IS books, so while I’ve branched beyond (and now feel like I’m in a niche crisis), Bookwyrming Thoughts still fits? ?

  24. So fun to read all these different reasons and stories, hah! I remember when I wanted to start my blog, that I kept thinking of things I wanted to do with it. Books, without a doubt but.. I wanted something more than that? Some other “part” of me to incorporate as well. Which is how I came upon food but.. that sounded so lame – and everything else I came up with as well, until I started looking for something more fun than “food”. Aaaand then Books & Munches was born, hah. 🙂 Haven’t regretted it once since!

  25. I really enjoy hearing about how bloggers devise a name as well! I have always wondered about the Mag part of your name. I agree that it does sound great and it definitely fits with your blog. My name came from a desire to be candid and something that went along with books. 🙂

  26. It’s always so fun to see how everyone came up with their blog names.
    My blog’s name is a mash-up of two book club name ideas that were bounced around with me and my friends (Book Sniffers & Bibliophiles Anonymous). However, when our book club idea fell through, I started my blog. Both of those names were taken on Blogspot at the time, so I wound up combining the two to get Book Sniffers Anonymous… and the rest is history. 🙂

    Kristin (Book Sniffers Anonymous) recently posted: Review: Breath of Fire by Amanda Bouchet
  27. I always wondered how you came up with your blog’s name. Thank you for sharing that because I had no idea. It’s always fun to hear the why behind a blog name. 🙂

  28. I love hearing the stories about how bloggers came up with their blog names–so thank you for this! There are so many creative titles out there!

    Mine is rather simple. I was always a dog person and so my nicknames and user names tended to reflect that more often than not. When I adopted my cat Parker, I wanted to show some love to my cat as well. And frankly, Musings of a Bookish Kitty has a nicer ring to it than Musings of a Bookish Puppy or dog–or even Canine. At least to my ears. 🙂 Combining books with my love for animals was a good fit for me.

  29. I love this idea for a post! It’s always interesting to me learning the reasoning behind someone’s blog name. For mine, I wanted something to do with reading and something to do with the night (since I love both those things), and I really like alliteration, so “Metaphors and Moonlight” is what I came up with and what stuck.

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