The Print vs. Digital Book Debate: Are Books or Ebooks Better?

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The Print vs. Digital Book Debate: Are Books or Ebooks Better?

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With the rise of technology, there’s been much debate on print and digital books. Many thought that ebooks would replace physical books, but the latter remains one of the most popular ways to read even with the growth of digital reading. Statistics from WordsRated note that roughly four print books sell for every ebook that sells. Of course, there are some advantages each type of book has over the other, and people will have will have their own preferences. But if you’d like to figure out which side of the debate you’re on, here is an overview of the perks and drawbacks of books vs. ebooks so you can decide which is better for you:


For many, ebooks present a more convenient and often accessible way to read. You can read on your phone or an e-reader wherever you are. They don’t take up as much space as physical books, and you can access thousands of titles on just one device. Online platforms also offer a wide and varied selection of ebooks, so everything you might want to read is all in one place. You can view ebooks on Everand from various genres and subjects and even access original and exclusive works from celebrated authors like Stephen King, Margaret Atwood, and Roxane Gay. The subscription-based payment allows you access to the app’s library, which can be a cost-effective option, but ebooks generally tend to be cheaper than physical books since there are printing costs. For some, ebooks may be the most accessible, convenient, and affordable option.

Print books

Despite the growth of ebooks and digital libraries, many readers still prefer the real thing. Rather than practicality, many prefer the experience of reading a printed book. The feel of holding it, flipping through it, and even smelling the pages is something that a device cannot replicate. Insights from Business Insider note that many Gen Z members—who have often been stereotyped as phone-obsessed and tech-savvy—love to read and prefer printed books. Other than the personal and “real” feel of them, much of the enjoyment comes from going to bookstores or visiting the libraries and browsing their selections. It feels rewarding and satisfying to do so, which is why they still have a massive appeal to people. Reading a physical book may also improve focus, as reading on a device may be distracting with all its buttons and notifications.

Which is better?

Despite being a polarizing debate, there really is no clear-cut answer for what the better option is—it’s up to the reader’s preference. Someone may prefer the convenience and cost-effectiveness of ebooks, especially if they’re on the go and don’t have much time to visit bookstores or libraries. Reading on a phone or e-reader may be the best option for easy access to titles they love, and the advanced tech may even recommend their next read. Print books may be the preferred option for those who value the experience of reading one. Some feel a personal connection to physical books and love the feeling of holding them, displaying them, and maintaining them.

Whether you’re on Team Ebook or Team Print Book, the idea of having more ways to read and access books is an exciting idea. Check out the “Top Ten: Most Anticipated Books Releasing During the Second Half of 2023” list to inspire your next read, whether you buy a physical copy or a digital one.

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10 responses to “The Print vs. Digital Book Debate: Are Books or Ebooks Better?

  1. I like both! Ebooks definitely are more convenient and space-saving so I like em’ for on-the-go reading (e.g. when I’m traveling), but when I’m at home + especially if it’s a cookbook, I definitely prefer the real thing. :]

  2. I only buy eBooks when there’s no print version available. I’ve always had jobs that involve a lot of computer work, so reading on screens is stressful for me. I’d rather put the screens away and look at a real book.

  3. I read more books on my Kindle than in their physical version, but given the choice, I prefer a print version. Except at night when I’m reading in bed…nothing beats an e-reader for the convenience of that. 🙂

  4. If I could only choose one, it would be ebooks (and audiobooks). If I had to go to the library to get physical books, I would miss out on so many books. Being able to borrow online has been a game changer. They’re also more accessible to me because I can listen to them with a screen reader without getting a headache. But it’s a definitely a question that has a different answer depending on each person.

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