Glossies Made Me: Let’s Talk About Anxiety

Posted April 5, 2019 by shooting in Discussion, Personal / 40 Comments

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Glossies Made Me Do It: April 2019

This month, I’m reading the April 2019 issue of Family Circle. Does anyone else read this magazine? I’ve been subscribing for a few years now!

Let’s Talk About Anxiety

There’s an article called Talking About Teen Angst? and it’s all about anxiety in teenagers – and when to worry! While I’m not a parent, I really loved this article because I think it’s important to talk about mental health and that starts when you are younger – even younger than teens too.

I’ve always dealt with anxiety, even as a kid. It wasn’t until I was in high school that I was officially diagnosed with social anxiety though. If you have a nervous or anxious child, this is a great article to read because it talks about how to talk about the things your child is anxious about, as well as when you should worry that it’s more than simple nerves. Everyone gets anxious, but it doesn’t mean you have an anxiety disorder.

Social Anxiety

I wanted to share a passage that really stood out to me:

While anxiety is usually a normal and healthy emotional response, it sometimes gets out of hand. Your kid’s nervous reactions might consistently seem way too big for what triggered them, or your teen might always seem anxious for no clear reason. If, say, for months on end your child refuses to visit with friendly relatives or, out of embarrassment, order his or her own food at a restaurant, the behavior may have crossed the line into social anxiety disorder.

The reason I wanted to share the above excerpt is that these things mirror my own experiences. Growing up, I was nervous around most people – even family like aunts, uncles, and grandparents. Also, I didn’t do well with ordering my own food at restaurants; I’d even get teary eyed sometimes. Obviously none of this is “normal” and it eventually led me to realizing that I might have social anxiety disorder. Don’t worry – I’m doing a lot better these days when it comes to social situations, but the anxiety in general is still there sometimes. It’s a lifelong journey, if you will.

Anyway, I thought this was a great article, and while it’s about a parent looking at their teen (and aimed toward parents), I think it’s important for everyone. Who knows? Maybe some of this will resonate with you and you’ll realize you’ve been dealing with social anxiety.

Please share your thoughts in the comments! Do you suffer from anxiety? Does someone you know? What do you think about this article? Discuss discuss!

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40 responses to “Glossies Made Me: Let’s Talk About Anxiety

  1. Sounds like a great article. Both myself and my daughter have a bit of anxiety. We watched a documentary called Angst which talks about the difference between every day anxiety and an actual disorder. Sounds similar to the article too!

  2. Anxiety can simply not be described in a few words or even in just a paragraph. It is so much more than that. But that passage is so beautiful and well written. 🙂 Thanks a lot for sharing it!

  3. When I was a teen I struggled often with anxiety and depression. In my adult years, I still have pretty high anxiety, but the depression has been mostly under control since college. I was fortunate to not necessarily struggle with social anxiety, just general anxiety. (I hate phone calls and small talk and new groups of people, though.) I hope that when we have kids they don’t feel these things and, if they do, they’re comfortable talking to us about it.

  4. jen

    Yes, I’ve had anxiety for a long time. I don’t remember ever not having it really. I think I have GAD but I do have social anxiety and I was terribly shy as a child. I quit my first job at 14 due to anxiety and that’s something I’ve never admitted to. I never really learnt though. I had panic attacks and the doctors didn’t seem to have a clue. I’m glad that there’s more awareness now because the specialist I had to see about my symptoms just said it was “stress”. I think when you’re young they used to just discriminatory and not realise that you can have anxiety at any age.
    Saying that it has gone the other way now and people seem to think if they have anxiety it’s a problem when mostly it’s normal. And it’s only when it’s regularly affecting you it’s an issue. When it’s making you ill. Sorry, I could talk about it for days online but offline I can’t utter a peep. Much

  5. I haven’t had it, but I know my kids have felt some of the effects. It’s a bit foreign to me, but the only way I’ve known to handle it is to listen to them, make it apparent that I’m here whenever they need. I’d love to read this because I feel like that isn’t enough!

  6. I used to read Family Circle and I always thought it was a well-rounded magazine, covering a variety of topics. I think it’s good to be aware of potential issues, ones that maybe teens suffer through without help. Wonderful post, Lauren! 🙂

  7. Thank you for sharing this Lauren! I might need to go find a copy and read this myself. I have GAD and I worry that my kiddo has some signs of it also, so I want to start helping him cope with it now before it gets worse when he’s older. And we need to talk about it more so I’m so glad you shared!

  8. San

    My husband suffers from anxiety. It’s seems like anybody could benefit from this article to understand the people around you better.

  9. I’ve just about got a handle on my anxiety now I am well i to my 40s, but it’s taken years and wasn’t helped by being forced into social situations as a child and teen. Suddenly being expected to chat away with random relatives – strangers to me – would reduce me to tears and usually lead to a tantrum later on my father’s part because I was ’embarrassing him’.
    Nowadays I know how to prepare in advance for social events. What have I done recently I could talk about? What might the people I’m going to meet like to talk to me about? However, if the conversation starts to flag, I still feel myself tensing up because I’m expecting to get yelled at later and that starts a vicious circle of stilted communication.

    Stephanie Jane (Literary Flits) recently posted: Book Blogger Hop - Which fictional character would you like to be?
  10. Anxiety is so difficult. I struggle with it a lot. I can go long periods absolutely fine and then it just attacks like “hello old friend! I missed you” and squeezes the air outta my lungs until I feel like I’m dying. 🙁

  11. Awww thanks so much for sharing this, Lauren ❤️ While I haven’t always lived with anxiety the past few years have been so difficult to make sense of. It comes and goes, and I hate talking about it because it feels STILL so taboo to me. But you’re right; it’s not, so many of us suffer in silence, and there’s no reason we shouldn’t open the discussion. Looks like an incredible article that I’d like to read myself ❤️

  12. This sounds like a really good article! Anxiety is such an important topic to discuss.
    I’ve never actually been diagnosed with social anxiety (ironically going to the doctors makes me anxious!), but I can definitely relate to things like finding ordering food difficult (I get all flustered and forget what I’m saying), and I hate things like talking on the phone and I get really anxious for ages before I have to attend social events or meet new people. It has gradually gotten a little better as I’ve got older and been forced to do these things more, but I can never imagine being entirely comfortable with them. It’s definitely a lifelong journey, as you say!
    I’m glad you’re doing better with social situations these days, and thanks for sharing this! It’s always surprising to see how many people suffer anxiety, so it’s definitely something we should all be discussing more often. Great post! 🙂

  13. This is awesome! I wish stuff like this existed when I was growing up too. Back then it was just “get over it” or whatever. Now there are so many resources! My anxiety manifested a little differently, less social anxiety and more GAD, but still, a fabulous article to start a conversation between parents and kids! Thanks for sharing it!

    Shannon @ It Starts at Midnight recently posted: The 100 Book One (Seasons 1-5) Wrap Up
  14. This sounds like a fantastic article! My daughter definitely suffers from anxiety in some situations (she can order in a restaurant, but she has a much harder time with “unknown” type circumstances like asking a stranger a question). But she’s gotten a lot better. I’ve been amazed at how well she’s adapted to public school, and I’m SO thankful for that!

  15. This sounds like a great article. I was an anxious child and later teen and it was something that wasn’t talked about in my family. I often wish my parents had read articles on it or being more aware that it wasn’t something I did on purpose. I didn’t wake up one day “wanting” to worry excessively or be painfully shy in some situations.
    Thank you for sharing this post.

    Anthea recently posted: Friday happiness
  16. I think that people didn’t realize I had anxiety when I was a teenager, and that it just got worse as I got older, and it finally took me going to find a therapist on my own to get helps as an adult. This is a great article for parents, and I hope more parents are thinking about these things these days. Great post!

    Lisa Mandina (Lisa Loves Literature) recently posted: Cleaning Up My TBR With a Giveaway (US Only) - Down the TBR Hole #16
  17. Mine anxiety actually came later in life – I remember having an attack one day at work while everyone was at lunch & it was scary. Then when I met my husband, he had two girls that were 12 & 8, so helping raise them gave me much more anxiety. I have since gotten medication & life has been a lil easier. 🙂

  18. Jen

    I love that we are all talking about this more these days and thanks for sharing your experience.

    I went to a concert recently (Julia Michaels) and she openly shared her experience while singing. There was a room full of teens and it was great!

  19. I’ve has issues with anxiety for as long as I can remember. I’ve come a LONG way… but I wish as a kid it has been handled differently. I mean, I almost had to stay back in 4th grade because I would have panic attacks before school. It took quite a scare for me to FINALLY get on medication in high school, which helped for a time. I’ve been off my meds since college, and there are definitely highs and lows, but it’s mostly under control.

    This is a topic that my husband and I talk about quite a bit. He’s never experienced it for himself, so he doesn’t understand. But he’s definitely learning my triggers and signs. <3

  20. Thank you for sharing this article and your own experience about it all, too <3 I think it's so important to talk about mental health and anxiety more to shatter all of the stigmas surrounding it, too. I've dealt with anxiety for most of my life and it's so important to talk about these topics. <3 Thank you for sharing!

  21. My daughter suffers from anxiety too from time to time and we discovered that rubbing a mix of Lavender, Bergamot, and Ylang-Ylang essential oils on her palms just before sleep helps to soothe her.

  22. Brittany Limberakis

    Yes!!! Mental health needs to be a topic discussed so much more! I love that you are sharing this article even though you aren’t a parent because I know so many moms and dads that should read this.

  23. Thanks for writing about this. I’ve struggled with anxiety much of my life and unfortunately my kids live with it too. It needs to be discussed!

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