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Man, this month is flying by and the third Thursday kind of came out of nowhere! If you don’t know, Keep It Together is a monthly link-up I do with Alexandra where we share anything and everything about scrapbooks, planners, Project Life, and more!

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I’m actually out of town today because my sister is having surgery. She has Cushing’s Disease which means she has a benign tumor on her pituitary gland – it needs to be removed because it’s releasing too much of the stress hormone cortisol so her body feels like it’s under stress all the time. This is not good because in time, it can lead to a lot things like a stroke or heart attack. Also – just FYI – the pituitary gland is in the brain, but luckily, they are going through the nose and not her actual skull.

Again, the tumor isn’t cancerous so once it’s gone, she’ll start to get better. However, we had to go to Lexington, KY for the surgery and she’ll be in the ICU for a few days to make sure it’s all gone and everything is okay. Therefore, I don’t have much of a post for you today – and I won’t have one tomorrow. I will try and comment on blogs when I can because you all make me happy and I’ll be back next week with some new posts (and hopefully scheduling ahead a lot more with the mini blog ahead).

I don’t want to leave you all hanging though, so I’m going to share some fun scrapbook/planner supplies that I would personally love! *all affiliate links; clicks and/or purchases give me a small percent at no extra cost to you*

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40 responses to “Keep It Together & Personal Update

  1. I am falling into the hole of planning, and you’re not helping! I have the heidi swann pack of stickers and I LOVE them. And the bag, too btw. That way I can have my stickers with me all the time!

  2. I’m sorry to hear about your sister; I’m sure you’re both looking forward to the stress relief once she’s recovering from the surgery.

    I had a friend who tried to get me into scrap-booking, but I vehemently refused. I did not need another expensive hobby. LOL

    Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  3. I hope your sister’s surgery went well! I need help with planning, I am not doing well at being organized with this blog stuff.

  4. Best of luck to your sister! I’m glad you get to be with her while she’s in surgery. Please keep us updated.
    As for the scrapbook…I love, love, love that storage. I’ve been wanting to get one like that for a while. So colorful and pretty!

  5. I hope your sister’s surgery went well. Thanks for sharing those scrapbooking resources. I would love the colourful chest of drawers.

  6. RO

    Glad that you were able to be there for your sister. There’s nothing like family! I’m always on board for new Planner Stuff, and can easily go over budget. (lol) Sending some healing hugs your way for your sister and family. RO

  7. All the best with your sisters operation – hope it goes smoothly and she feels better soon. Sending lots of positive thoughts.

  8. Lauren, I hope all went well with your sister’s surgery. I’m sending well wishes her way and hopes for a speedy recovery!

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