{Show Us Your Books July 2021}: Fleabag, This Poison Heart, and More

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I’m posting later in the day than normal, but I couldn’t miss Show Us Your Books with Jana and Steph! Any purchase links are affiliate links; I get a small % of any sale at no extra cost to you. Thanks for the support!

Show Us Your Books: July 2021

Long Way Down by Jason Reynolds

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Layla and the Bots: Early Chapter Series

You can read my full review 

The Conjurers #1: Rise of the Shadow by Brian Anderson

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And now some quick book reviews I haven’t shared yet! 

Violet Ghosts by Leah Thomas

copy for review; all opinions are my own

I really loved this YA novel about Dani and their best friend, Sarah, who is actually a ghost. For years, Sarah is a comfort to Dani – and I really loved that the book took place in the late 90’s/early aughts. Dani has always known that Sarah was murdered, but they don’t ask questions, just like Sarah doesn’t ask about Dani’s father. They’ve discovered that they can hide Sarah’s spirit in an old Gameboy, so Dani can take Sarah out of the house and wherever Dani goes. However, once Dani is in their teens, things begin to shift.

  • Dani knows they are trans – a boy born in a girl’s body, but he can’t tell Sarah because she hates men
  • Dani and Sarah rescue another ghost while out running who Dani ends up feeling like he can be more open with
  • Sarah becomes more determined about saving other spirits and Dani and her start to butt heads.

This is a very emotional read. There are definitely some intense, dark moments, and it features various forms of abuse, coming to terms with being LGBT+, and of course, murder. I would definitely recommend to all interested though. It’s YA but it felt perfect for adults too because of the heavier topics addressed. I loved the ghost angle and Dani’s ability to see them and ultimately, help them.

Up in Smoke by Annabeth Albert

copy from Netgalley; all opinions are my own 

This is part of the Hotshots series – but you can definitely read them in whatever order you want. Previous couples from earlier books are often featured though. Up in Smoke is all about musician Shane Travis and smoke jumper Brandt Wilder. During a one-night stand with Brandt, Shane’s sister ends up pregnant and gives birth to a little girl. Only a few months old, she leaves the baby on Shane’s doorstep, and unsure what else to do, Shane tracks down Brandt.

I really loved that while freaked out, Brandt is willing to get a paternity test and steps up when it comes back positive. Shane sticks around while the test happens, and then to get his niece settled, but of course, things change when the two men start falling for each other.

Shane and Brandt are really cute together, and I liked how well they worked taking care of the baby. I will say that there’s a lot of detail about getting settled and the baby before anything happens between the two guys, and I kind of wished that would have been cut down a bit. Also, besides the two learning to take care of a baby, there’s not a ton that happens plot-wise. It’s not a bad book, and I love the overall series, but this wasn’t my favorite of the series.


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Killer Content by Olivia Blacke

Killer Content is the first in a new cozy mystery series called the Brooklyn Murder Mystery series. I love cozies, and I’m so excited that I read this one because it was really good. The main character is Odessa Dean, who is from Louisiana, and living in Brooklyn for the summer watching her aunt’s apartment and cat sitting. To make money, she takes a job at a cafe/bookstore and one of her co-workers end up dying in a nearby park. While it looks like an accident to most – even the police – Odessa is certain that things don’t add up and she’s worried that someone could have murdered this young lady. She does her best to investigate when and where she can.

I really liked Odessa; it was fun seeing Brooklyn through her eyes since she’s not originally from there but she’s growing to love it. I also love that she works in a cafe/bookstore because how awesome does that sound? If only one of her bosses wouldn’t be so disgruntled all the time! As for the mystery, I was hooked! I had no idea “who done it” until Odessa did. I think Blacke did a great job weaving an intriguing mystery. During Odessa’s investigations, she does one thing that’s pretty stupid and dangerous, but for the most part, she doesn’t put herself into too much danger, which is always appreciated by the reader when reading a cozy!

You can purchase a copy of Killer Content here. The second book in the series comes out this Fall. 

How To Tell If Your Cat is Plotting To Kill You by The Oatmeal/Matthew Inman

This was a fun read. I finished it in one afternoon. It’s full of various comics and other amusing anecdotes portraying cats in all of their random, hilarious glory. ⁣Definitely something you just have to pick up and flip through to really get a feel of the book. And it’s easy to read a little at a time, if you want!


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Fleabag: The Special Edition by Phoebe Waller-Bridge

Fleabag is a show on Amazon Prime, which I adore. This book is the original playscript – because did you know that Fleabag was originally a play? Yes, it was, a one-woman play starring Phoebe Waller-Bridge, who also plays Fleabag in the show. It was really cool seeing how the playscript is so similar to the beginning of the show. I liked the extra interviews and behind-the-scenes information too. It really shows how much work and time went into creating this play and how it became the success it is – both as a play and a TV show. I’d recommend for Fleabag fans!


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This Poison Heart by Kalynn Bayron

copy for review; all opinions are my own

I read Cinderella is Dead by Bayron last year and really enjoyed it…⁣

but this book? This Poison Heart is so much better! I don’t mean that in a bad way; it just shows that the author is getting better and better. ⁣

I read this one pretty quick and I enjoyed every aspect of it. It’s diverse and magical and despite all the fantastic elements, the heart of the story felt real. Briseis has a connection to plants, poisonous and otherwise.  But she also read like a realistic teenager and I LOVED both of her moms. ⁣

Also- did everyone else know this was only the first book? I don’t know if it’s a duology or a longer series, but I didn’t realize there would be more until near the end of the book. I’m not complaining! I am so ready for more!


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And that’s it from me today!! 

Have you read any of these?

Do you want to? 

26 responses to “{Show Us Your Books July 2021}: Fleabag, This Poison Heart, and More

  1. Long Way Down has been on my to read list. I enjoyed watching Fleabag but don’t think I could read the play. How To Tell If Your Cat is Plotting to Kill you sounds like such a fun read. I have to see if my library has it!

  2. So many great book recommendations! I still haven’t finished the two you recommended in a previous post that I downloaded, but bookmarking this post to come back to when I’m through with those!

  3. I had no idea fleabag was a play!! I love that show so much and was genuinely sad when it ended. May have to pick that up to read! And also that book about cats for my bestie, lololol. She’d get such a kick out of it! I always have the best book reviews and I love to see what you are reading next’

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