Blog All About It: Red Hair…And a Hand Me Down Robe?

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Blog All About It is a blog challenge where there is a prompt every month that you write about…you can take the prompt in whatever direction you want. I completely forgot to do January’s prompt, so I’m sliding in today with my post for February.

The theme? RED!

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Since I’ve been celebrating all things Harry Potter this month (#FebruHARRY2018), I had to do one last HP post and using the prompt, it’s all about the Weasley’s!


That’s right…the Weasley family, full of gingers (or you know, red-haired folk). The Weasley’s are probably one of the best families in the whole Harry Potter series. Yes, they are one of the few we really get to know, but even so, they are amazing.

Mr. Weasley with his hilarious love of all things muggles – including making a car fly (allowing three of his sons to sneak out and ‘kidnap’ Harry in the second book).


Then there is Mrs. Weasley, who is fierce and loving. And so hilarious! You have to remember her iconic line in the seventh book – and if you haven’t read it yet, DO SO NOW!


Of course, you also have Bill, Charlie, and Percy – the three eldest brothers. But we’ll just move along to some of my favorite characters – the twins, Fred and George!

You want funny? Lightheartedness? A brotherhood that also means friends forever?

Fred and George, ladies and gentlemen.



Now, normally Ron would be next – in order of the oldest to youngest – and then Ginny, but I’m leaving Ron for last. Ginny is the youngest Weasley, and the only girl, and honestly, she was never one of my favorite characters…at least not for Harry. It was weird how she went from fangirl to possible love interest. Anyway, she’s pretty wicked in her own right, so I have to honor her; she’s her mother’s daughter, after all.


And now…RON WEASLEY! The epitome of red haired awesome-ness. Yes, Ron is easily jealous of Harry, but with the huge family he’s grown up in, it makes sense. He doesn’t get the attention Harry gets, or the money Harry has, and while Harry would happily have grown up a Weasley instead of the way he did, it still makes sense that Ron would get upset and jealous. He’s a good friend though, and he’s funny!!



So that wraps up #FebruHARRY2018. You have one more day to enter a couple giveaways, and there are some other posts you’re welcome to check out here.

48 responses to “Blog All About It: Red Hair…And a Hand Me Down Robe?

  1. A Weasley fan post, I love it! Especially I’m rereading the series right now and really loving the Weasley’s as well. Ron’s not perfect, but he’s definitely an amazing friend. Even in the 3rd book, he told S that if he wanted to kill Harry, he’d have to kill him too, and I mean, come on, that’s like the epitome of loyalty right there!

  2. Love this post, Lauren. In honor of the Gingers, the Weasley family is the perfect choice. This also makes me want to watch the movies again. They are classics that bring back good memories of sharing these books with my daughter. Ya, I didn’t see the Harry and Ginny connection coming. That said, I still have not read the fifth and last book in the series. I think when the movies began, I decided to wait and watch b/c the films were so amazing.

    lisa thomson recently posted: Diary of a Workout Fail
  3. The Weasleys are one of my favorite literary families. There is something really special about a family that didn’t have have much, but was still able to welcome someone like Harry into their fold. And Ron is amazing. Book Ron deserved a better portrayal than the one we got in the movies.

  4. LOVE THE WEASLEYS!!! “Red hair, hand-me-down robes, must be a Weasley”, gets said in our house at least once a week. 😀
    My eldest daughter LOVES Fred and George and me, I’ve always been a Ron fan. 🙂

  5. I need to watch these movies because clearly I’ll never get through the books. They sound so good and everyone seems to love them. I know I’m missing out.

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