Behind the Bookstagram: Snowy Photos With Myself and The Maritime Reader

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Happy Friday! I normally have a Glossies Made Me Do It post today, but I will be doing that next week. I wanted to share a Behind the Bookstagram post today. This is another how to take photos in the snow edition. I know a lot of us might not get snow again for awhile, but for those that do…here are some fun bookstagram tips and behind the scenes information! You can use some in different types of weather too. Just adjust to make it suit your needs!

Behind the Bookstagram with The Maritime Reader 

Heather of the The Maritime Reader had a couple snowy photos to share with us today. The above is the fun Frozen inspired one in honor of the book Conceal, Don’t Feel. You can find this photo on Instagram already.

Heather Says: I’d been talking to my 6 year old about taking this picture for a few weeks – I’d gathered all of our Frozen “things” and she decided to wear an Elsa costume. The morning of this snowstorm ended up being a perfect day to try out the picture but what you don’t see is the hot chocolate bribe required for her to stay outside for more than one photo, the book that blew off the railing and needed to be retrieved, and a barking puppy in the background 😉 All in all, I love how it turned out!!! 

We do what we must to get a good shot! 




Heather Says: I took many pictures of this snow stack and couldn’t decide AT ALL which one I liked the most! When working with the snow, a few bookstagrammers have recommended wrapping the bottom book in cling wrap but I find it easier to just work quickly and brush off the bottom book right after! In this batch, the first picture I took ended up being the winner but I always try to take at least 3 and edit on the computer.

Which one do you think Heather ended up using on her Instagram? You can find the answer here! 


Thanks to Heather for sharing her snowy photos. I have a few of my own photos/bookstagram tips to share too!

Behind the Bookstagram with Shooting Stars Mag (aka ME!)

It snowed earlier this year and I really wanted to take some book photos in it but I wasn’t sure how to go about doing that without ruining all my books. I eventually came up with a really fun trick that I think would work for any type of weather! The final shot is above and you can see it on Instagram here.

I took another photo from a different angle so you can see how I got this shot to work.

Voila! I used a cup, turning it upside down so the book could lay on top. You have to be careful not to knock your book off into the snow, but beyond that, this is a really easy photography trick if you want to take a photo and the ground is snowy or just wet. Has anyone else done this for photos before?

I have two bookstagram tips in one for this photo of The Cheerleaders by Kara Thomas. I used a cup to keep the book above the ground, and to help recreate the cover a bit, I also used food coloring to make blood droplets in the snow. This photo is edited to look a bit darker, but I think it turned out really well.


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Lauren Becker (@laurenashleybecker)

Finally, I wanted to share this yellow book stack that I posted on Instagram earlier this year. Instead of a cup, I actually used an upside down bowl to hold the books. You can actually see a bit of the bowl at the bottom of the photo, but I don’t think it’s too noticeable to be weird. I took a lot of shots to try and get a good angle with the sun and not revealing too much of the bowl and this ended up being the best option. And I have to give a shout out again to Mouse Inspired Shoes for this hand painted wallet.


There you have it – another edition of Behind the Bookstagram. If you have your own Bookstagram Tips and Tricks you’d like to share, please reach out to me on Instagram or via email: laurenbecker1215 at gmail dot com. I would love to feature you.

Share your thoughts in the comments: have you ever tried taking bookish photos in the snow? Have you used any of these ideas before, or will you now? 

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17 responses to “Behind the Bookstagram: Snowy Photos With Myself and The Maritime Reader

  1. Oh, I love the tip of putting it on top of a cup!! I’m definitely going to be using that one! But in the sand instead of snow! #westcoastlife

  2. I did one once because the book was set in the Arctic. Lol. But, man. I was scared that it would get wet the whole time I was shooting it. Great idea to have something protecting your book from the elements.

    Great shot!

  3. Jen

    Frozen! Love it. Brr… Super cute 🙂 Plus Thumper!!!

    Sorry, I missed visiting this week, it was whack-a-doodle!

    A new week is starting though and hopefully, it is less crazy 🙂

  4. Oh I love that Cheerleaders one! nicely done! Good book too. 🙂 But I do love a good snowy pic. I always laugh when I see IG’s with a book by a stream or something and I’m like don’t fall in!!

  5. Good tips on bookstagraming in the snow. I love the red food coloring for blood drops! I don’t have snow much here in Southern California, but I love the ingenuity. I just now finally started a Waves of Fiction Bookstagram so I’ll follow you, Lauren!

    Rachel recently posted: Sunday Post #116
  6. I tried the cup trick but it was windy and the book fell in the snow anyway! The next time I did it I put a wider base underneath with a plate.

  7. OH! Brilliant idea to use a cup! That photo of The Cheerleaders is amazing! I never thought to use food coloring… that’s such a good idea! I may have to borrow that next year <3

  8. As someone who does not get snow, and has never seen snow, I loved this post! I would probably be too scared to put my books onto the snow because what if they got wet? So I love your idea of using a cup. The photo of The Cheerleaders looks so cool! Thanks for the tips, even though I can’t use them XD

    • shooting

      You could use some of them for sand – like putting books on a cup or bowl to keep sand off them, or even just wet grass, etc.

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